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Great new Shanghai Juicy Bun Joint-Bellmore Long Island!

I respectfully disagree. This place is the pits. One would think that they would have put at least a few bucks into redecorating the place. It is as drab, dark and dank as it was when it was Engs. The service was horrendous. The receptionist was cold and robotic. I did not feel as if our business was appreciated at all. The hot and sour soup was terrible. The Mo Po To Fu with minced pork was like eating sponge. The dumplings were gummy and cold. Everything else I had was as (bad) good as a local take out joint. This place will be out of business within the year. You want great Chinese food? Go to Shun Lee or Tse Yang in New York City. All the rest is swill. Caveat emptor.

Asian Market near Oceanside/Baldwin?

Take the loop pkwy to the wantagh north and get out at merrick road and go east about 3 miles to where pathmark is. i was there yesterday and on second thought while it definitely has bok choy and a selection of asian packaged foods, you might want to go to the place in hempstead first. that sounds like it will have more complete offerings. take care.

New BBQ in Wantagh - Tennessee Jed's

Check out Big Daddy's Cajun and BBQ restaurant off of Sunrise Highway in Massapequa. Authentic, slow cooked bbq of all sorts and fire cajun food. Not a bad local place to satisfy a BBQ craving. Don't miss the Hurricanes. Pretty darn close to Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans. Designated driver a must....

Asian Market near Oceanside/Baldwin?

Also check out the Asian market/fruit store on Merrick Road in Seaford adjacent to the Dunkin Doughnuts and Pathmark store. They have high quality produce (a lot of the "asian" variety) as well as Asian packaged foods and spices/ingredients No cooking equipment though.

Eng's restaurant bellmore li

I agree. Kwong Ming in Wantagh has the same drab, dark, dank decor that made Eng's shine so brightly. Kwong Ming also has the same type of throwback 70s style Cantonese as Engs. Their take out is good but make sure you check your order before you leave. The last time I took out from Kwong Ming they left out a dish that we had ordered and I had to schlepp back to get it!!!!

Greek in Nassau

Go to Athens for Greek food. The stuff around here is glorified diner cuisine. A bad imitation of the real mccoy. Sad but true