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The Raw Deal

Raw food diets sound just like any other diet fad out there. Atkins, South Beach, whatever the diet of the week is. Are they effective? Sure, to an extent. But as I see it, why bother? You severely compromise your food selection for the health benefits of a specific group of foods while completely neglecting the benefits of other groups of foods.

The occasional raw food experience would be just fine. Like going out for sushi or Italian, you can go out for some raw cuisine. But limiting yourself to a seemingly bland and, frankly, not very appealing diet like that? No thank you.

Nov 29, 2008
Yeagerbomb in Features

Easy Pie Crust

It's called a 3-2-1 crust but the ratio in the actual recipe is way off. 1 1/2 C. flour should lead to 1 C. (2 sticks) butter and 1/2 C. water, not the 1 stick butter and 4 T. water it calls for.

At first this messed me up, but once I figured out that the ratios in the recipe were off it worked out rather well. 3-2-1 is easy to remember!

Nov 26, 2008
Yeagerbomb in Recipes

Triple Malt Chocolate Cake

I used Carnation's powder and I think the cake came out quite good. I imagine high quality stuff would make a difference, but I'm not complaining at all about the outcome I had. I highly recommend this cake, my friends all loved it.

Aug 05, 2008
Yeagerbomb in Recipes