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Seeking Breakfast Joint in Bedford - Billerica - Burlington area

Thanks to all for the replies. Now I have some options.

Seeking Breakfast Joint in Bedford - Billerica - Burlington area

I frequently have to come to Boston for work, out on Middlesex Turnpike in the Bedford - Billerica - Burlington area. Most of the time I just grab some free continental breakfast from the hotel, but one of these mornings I'd like to get up early and head out for some eggs.

I'm equally fond of authentic greasy spoon diners, trendy cafes, and stylized, fusion cuisine, hipster joints--so long as they can fill my plate with lots of eggs and grease. Can anybody recommend a spot out in this area?

good thai food in cbus?

It is pricier than the typical Thai or Chinese joint, but with good reason. It's a mildly upscale restaurant--a place you could go on a date. The decorating is a little tacky, I'll grant, but the dim lighting is inviting, the service is consistently outstanding, and they even have a tiny "bar" near the entrance with a piano player on weekend nights.

More importantly, though, the quality of the dishes and the ingredients is a cut above. The vegetables are always fresh, the meat isn't at all suspect, and nothing is too greasy, salty, or slimy. The Phad Thai, in particular, is outstanding (and addictive). The spring rolls are dynamite, and they have a delicious Pla Sarm Rote (Three Flavor Fish) dish. If you want some heat, check out their Holy Basil Chicken.

Thai Orchid is located on Sawmill Rd in Dublin, approximately one mile north of the I-270 outerbelt.