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What to do with fruit flavored salt?

Use it to rim a margarita or salty dog cocktail

Jun 02, 2011
cpeterson729 in Home Cooking

Cocoa Beans?

Anyone know where I can find whole, unprocessed cocoa beans in NYC? Thanks!

Jun 01, 2011
cpeterson729 in Manhattan

Drying homemade pasta?

I have successfully dried fresh linguini before....

My technique was to coil SMALL groupings of the pasta strands into little 'wreath-like' packages. If you take too many, they will stay too moist and mold. You also want to curl/twist them a bit so they stay compact.

Leaving them to dry overnight is the best bet.

Dec 18, 2009
cpeterson729 in Home Cooking

Best Christmas/Holiday Cookies

I've been looking around for some holiday cookie recipes that are a bit more fun than the staples like gingerbread and sugar cookies...I feel like the standard ones I've been finding will turn out stale and so unappetizing...any tried-and-true recommendations?

Dec 18, 2009
cpeterson729 in Home Cooking

Vodka Infusions

Try watermelon or just melon extract--you can find it online

Dec 18, 2009
cpeterson729 in Spirits

If you could only own one Italian Cookbook which one would it be?

Classic Italian by Hazan is my all-time favorite. Lacks pics but is irreplaceable when it comes to mastering staple Italian dishes. Hands-down, I consider this this the best choice. More recently I have been making dishes from Urban Italian -- the recipes are practical- which is key - well-written, and has a great bunch of photos.

Also, Lidia Bastianich has some amazing recipes both online and in her cookbooks.

Dec 09, 2009
cpeterson729 in Home Cooking

Hachiya Persimmons

I have a few very ripe Hachiya persimmons at home and want to play around with them. Any great flavor pairing note suggestions?


Dec 08, 2009
cpeterson729 in General Topics

Which of Bobby Flay's Manhattan Restaurants is better? Mesa or Bar Americain?

Mesa Grill has excellent drinks, but the food was not great....We shared the duo tartars and they were so spicy that we couldn't taste the difference! What really did it for me though was the black hair on my $30 seared tuna entree...inexcusable.

Bar Americain does doesn't have the amazing margaritas, but the food is really excellent. I think Mesa has a better vibe for a fun night out, but I'd pick Rosa Mexicano before Mesa...

They have such different vibes though, so they are quite hard to compare.

Bar Americain
152 W. 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019

Mesa Grill
102 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Nov 09, 2009
cpeterson729 in Manhattan

Cranberry Powder

Does anybody know where to buy cranberry powder in Westchester? I've found it online, but would rather just buy it in person and not have to deal with shipping....

Creole Shrubb in Westchester?

I am looking to purchase some Creole Shrubb liqueur...I think it's become more popular and widely available in recent years, but I was wondering if anybody had seen it....

I plan on checking Westchester Wine Warehouse in White Plains soon....


best buffalo wings in/near White Plains?

Deer Park in Katonah has great wings...though, it's certainly not a bar atmosphere and the food is a bit pricey

Best Burger

Red Rooster in Brewster is really great....very retro, classic burgers and ambiance with outdoor dining area