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What to do with Halloumi Cheese?

Very popular in Australia, available in most regular grocery stores.

It is the vegetarians BBQ friend.

Also pan fried makes a great accompaniment to a chickpea vegetable stew (particularly a dish with harrisa.)

A squeeze of lemon is a must!

Aug 08, 2008
picnicpicnic in Cheese

Mint and Lime Iced Tea

It's time to toss those industrial bags of tea away and use the real thing. Tea is made from the leaves of a plant-- It's really not that difficult to strain the leaves from the water and the rewards are flavour, increased health benefits and less waste. (Good quality leaves can be steeped 5 or 6 times with each steeping revealing different qualities in the tea. I used them as mulch for potted plants after.) Be warned: Some green teas can get bitter if steeped too long.

I think this recipe would be great with an oolong tea as well. And surely any sort of mint would do.

It would be extra cool to make tea ice cubes to float in the drinks.

Aug 05, 2008
picnicpicnic in Recipes