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Providenciales (Turks & Caicos) recs?

We went to Coyoba last night for dinner. Our table was lovely, outside, with twinkling lights to set the mood. Our service was good, my husband thought excellent. We were very much anticipating this meal from the comments on this website. I ordered the petite lobster with crabmeat (the special of the evening) and it was, without a doubt, one of the worst meals I have had, ever. The lobster was grainy and very little meat at all, the crab meat was mostly bread crumbs, and the sweet potato risoto was oily and I could not even tast the sweet potato. My husband had the lobster thermador and it was o.k., not great, but better than mine. Our wine was good but it cost $75.00 and was one of the most inexpensive wines on the list. The complimentary pita bread with coconut yogurt sauce and cut up carrot slices and celery was good but seemed so out of character for such an expensive restaurant. Today we are going to go to the lobster plant and get our own and cook in. I would not go back to Coyoba again, ever. Oh, another thing. When I called to make our reservation early in the morning for that evening, I was told that they were completely booked, had space only very early or very late. When I said we would wait and come another night, she quickly said they could fit us in. While we were at the restaurant, it was only maybe half full the entire time. Upon leaving we remarked how strange that was, given their initial hesitance to give us a reservation. I know people cancel, but the restaurant was near empty. Anyway, these are my experiences, though I am no expert.

Providenciales (Turks & Caicos) recs?

I am on vacation here in Provo for 8 days. I have always found chowhounders to be great guides on restaurants and I always prefer this website to others for restuarant ideas. Before I comment, I am going to add that for a beach vacation my idea of heaven is St. Barts, for the combination of beautiful beaches and wonderful food. My husband, however, didn't share this same love of paradise, so this time we are trying a new place.
We have only been here two days, but we ate last night at Nikki Beach and our food was excellent. We both had the grouper and it was prepared just right. Our service was great, and the atmosphere was wonderful. We sat outside almost in the sand, the tables were lovely as well as the lighting, and everything was perfect. It is on the expensive side, but looks about average compared to other comparable places. But, I would like a place that has local character and so I will try the Blue Hills area. I'd love a beach bar kind of place that is low-key and serves fish sandwiches, preferably on a great beach. I see you also recommend the Turtle Cover area so we will try that, too. I like to feel the special character of an island and so far it is escaping me here. We are staying in a private villa, in the Leeward area, and we have a car. Thank you!