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Real Gyros in FailfieldCounty, CT?

Any "real" Gyro can't be made with those grilled frozen gyro strips. It has to come from a rotating spit.

In Milford, Goodies on Cherry Street has gryos that are cut from a rotating spit.To me, that makes it "real'.

Any update on Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford?

I thought it was great. The ribs were cooked perfectly. If you like your meat to fall off the bone (overcooked, mush), these are not. They still have some bite to them.
The brisket was the best I ever ate in a restaurant. Juicy and flavorful and really tender.
The pulled pork was only ok. Maybe the plate sat in the window a minute or 2 too long. It was a little limp and dry.
Our sides were mac and cheese and beans. Both had a slight spice kick to them which I liked too.
Over all, I thought it was the best BBQ in CT.

New BBQ/Tex-Mex in Milford, CT

I agree about the ribs. As a matter of fact, I thought they were the worst ribs I ever ate. The rub was kinda matted on. I scraped it off with my knife and the rub came off like coffee grounds. The meat itself was flavorless mush. Really bad. My wife had a turkey wrap which was good. She also had the chili which was good too.
The inside is really cool. In the back they had a Clint Eastwood movie playing on the wall. Great atmosphere. Too bad about the ribs.I saw someone else order a GIANT Burrito that looked like something I would want to get so I may go back one more time to try something else. So far, for BBQ I still go to Smoke and Bones in Derby.

Ok New Haven Hounds, tell me about the good pizza in New Haven that is NOT Sally's, Pepe's, Modern or Bar...

Our go to place is Mike's Apizza in West Haven. My wife can't get enough of the white pie with Broccoli Rabe.

Most Overrated in New Haven, Most Mediocre, Flat-out Nastiest

Overrated doesn't mean bad. It just means that the rating is OVER what is should be.The problem is that some places have developed such a high reputation that the expectation in eating such a place will be something really special....and its not.

In my opinion, places like Pepe's, Modern and Louis Lunch are all good. Nothing wrong with them. But due to their reputation, I think they are OVER-rated. When out of towners ask about those places, I tell them that those places are good but manage your expectations.

Chef Vola's: Dinner With "Frank" and George, too!

We just were at Chef Vola's on Tues 2/16. When we made reservations the week earlier, they answered the phone the 1st time. We got the same "Ever been here before" and "How did you find out about us?' questions.

Once we got there and were seated, we quickly saw that the place oozed with shtick. From the long list of "specials" recited to the Goodfellas soundtrack playing, to the older Momma's working the room, it seemed that a lot of the appeal was just "being there".

For appetizers, we split a linguini with clams (white). The waiter proudly stated that the clams were freshly shucked from the shell and "chopped up". Now why would a chef do that? Maybe because by saying that the chef chopped up the clams, they could hide the fact that the clams were clearly canned? The sauce was very bland.

For entrees, based on the recommendations from fellow chowhounders, I ordered the Veal Parm on the bone. It was a nice size. The sauce however, tasted like it was cooking all day, slightly burned. The meat was a good piece of meat. Overall, the disk was nothing spectacular. Just a $37 veal parm. Ouch!
My wife ordered the Chilean Sea Bass. It was just ok. She thought the sauce was way too sweet.
For dessert, I had the frozen Banana cream pie. Again, nothing I haven't had in a diner.

The service was 5 star. The owner walked around the room. He knew what everyone had ordered. The rest of the staff was very attentive and nice.

Overall, I get the whole ambiance/history of the place. However, the food was below average. Being that I would rather eat great food in a wood hut vs below avg food in a place that oozes charm, I would choose the good food every time. This is an overpriced run of the mill red-sauce place.

Huge thumbs down for Chef Vola.

Feb 18, 2010
johnpops1 in New Jersey

Sushi X - All You can Eat - West Haven

My Wife and I checked out "Sushi X" restaurant in West Haven. Its all you can eat for 20.99 on the weekends.

At first glance you may think that this may be the same owners as the Sushi Palace in Hamden. The menu layout will look almost identical, however, once the food starts coming out, you can see the recipes are different.

You are given 2 sheets of paper, one to choose items from the kitchen and another sheet to choose sushi items. You can order as much as you want. That night they were giving away free hot Sake. Also, they had 3 specials that were not on the menu that you can order. 1. Short Rib, 2. Crab Rangoon, 3. Tuna Tartar.

All the portions are small so you can sample many different items from the menu. We ordered a variety from the kitchen.., shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, spring roll, shrimp tempura, seaweed salad, Kani Salad, red snapper terryaki. plus all the above mentioned specials. Each plate came with one or two pieces of whatever you ordered. The seaweed salad and Kani salad were just ok. The Kani salad was much more spicy than we had at other places. The other kitchen items were fine.

For sushi, we ordered sashimi and some rolls which came out on a nicely illuminated platter. Some of the rolls had "crunchy tempura flakes" which we normally like. However, these tasted like they just put in panko breadcrumbs. It detracted from the rolls. The other rolls (sans crunch) were just ok.

The interior is nice. They are really trying in there. It wasn't busy or rushed (like the sushi palace). It was a nice atmosphere.

Final thought - If we are in the mood for all you can eat sushi, we'd rather take the extra 15 min and drive up to the Sushi Palace in Hamden. If you make reservations at the Sushi Palace, the wait isn't that bad and the food is better. I guess you are in a bind and don't want to drive to Hamden, the Sushi X can satisfy your cravings. Its not bad, its just a tier below the real deal in Hamden. Why settle for imitators?

Incas Peruvian Restaurant - Milford CT anyone been??

I was there a month ago. Check my post from Aug 22.

I didn't like it.

Ola - Orange CT finally has website (with pics)

We were just there Aug 11. The downstairs definitely is nicer than upstairs. It has a hip urban feel to it now. The food is still tastes fantastic and it is presented beautifully.

Within 2 weeks of each other (due to Birthday celebrations), we went to both Bistro Basque and Ole. Though Bistro is very good and we will go back, Ole is our favorite place in the Milford area right now. Unfortunately with our budget, Ole (and Bistro) is a little expensive for us to go frequently. We save it for birthdays, anniversarys and other special occasions.

Our favorite top 5 in the Milford area (within 15-20 min) currently are:
1. Ole - Orange
2. Bistro Basque - Milford
3. Sushi Palace - Hamden
4. Lao Szechuan - Milford
5. Roseland Appiza - Derby

Incas Peruvian Restaurant - Milford CT anyone been??

Wife and me had a second visit tonight. 8pm on a saturday, we were the only ones there. No one else in the restaurant. Bad omen? Later, two more tables were seated. First thing we noticed was the new menu with higher prices. Entrees went up about $3. Now most things are $13-$14.

My wife ordered the Parihuela- "Peruvian's best seafood soup". I had the Sopa de Pescado which was a "Homemade fish soup". Both soups had the same broth. A watery tomato flavorless broth. The seafood in the Parihuela had no taste or seasoning. The quality looked like the cheap frozen seafood you would see in a Chinese buffet. We were both disappointed with soups.
For Entree's, my wife (like the first trip) got the Lomo Saltado which was just ok. I ordered the Picante de Mariscos - Mixed seafood "in a creamy homemade sauce flavored with a slightly spicy Peruvian Pepper" . After tasting the seafood in the soups, I was regretting ordering seafood for the entree. And it turns out, for good reason. When the dish came out, I thought it was the same soup my wife had ordered! Same color broth, same seafood. The only difference was they added a touch of cream to the soup. Otherwise it was the same flavorless seafood, complete with minuscule shrimp that you would get in the 50/60 count bag at stop and shop. Really, really bad.The place looks like they are cutting corners with the food.

Like I mentioned before, for $10, it was good. Now, bad quality with higher prices, sorry to say we will never go there again. By the emptiness of the place, I am not the only one.

Outriggers, Stratford, CT

We went there during the spring when they had a 3 course meal for 2 with wine for $40 (price? maybe? I forget). We thought the food was below average. Super boring American continental cuisine. Bob's "Meh" is a great adjective to the food.

It was too cold to sit outside when we weer there but I guess when the weather is fine, you can sit outside, order something safe like a burger or sandwich, have a drink and enjoy the view. But stay away from the dinner entree's.

Incas Peruvian Restaurant - Milford CT anyone been??

Lomo Saltado is a pretty common Peruvian Dish, admittedly, simple and tasty but not gourmet.

Incas Peruvian Restaurant - Milford CT anyone been??

Just went tonight. Very nice inside. All the chicken and beef dishes are $10. Most of the seafood dishes are $13.

They start with hot rolls (homemade)?. Wife and son #1 got the Lomo. The beef, peppers and onions was served over fries and had a side of rice. I had the Beef Lomein Peruvian style. Son #2 had Chicken Milanesa which was simply a lightly breaded and fried chicken breast served with fries and rice. All of it tasted like home cooking. Nothing fancy but good home cooking. And for $10, it is a bargain.

I would say that the portions were not huge since we all finished every morsel and was looking for more. This is a great mid week $10 joint.

I would definitely go back.

Bear and Grill--Brunch--Orange, CT

I hate the be the " I hate everything guy" but we just went there for mothers day. All 8 of us thought the food was terrible. Nothing was good. I would compare it to like if your local diner had a Lunch buffet. They tried but failed.

The service was good and the Manager was extremely helpful and accommodating. it was too bad the food was disappointing. I would never go back.

We were supposed to go to La Luna but we messed up our reservations and wound up here. Seriously avoid if you like good food. If you like Hometown Buffet, then you will think this is fancy.

Any Good Buffets In CT?

My son won a raffle for a free meal at Hometown Buffet. In my opinion, even FREE was overpriced for what it was. Total garbage. Canned veggies, instant mashed, overcooked roasts, cheap pizza's, dry fried chicken. Yuck.

We went to the Pacific Grill in Hamden last week. The American food was forgettable. However the sushi was plentiful and the asian food was good. I would go back just for the sushi.

We have reservations for La Luna in Branford this weekend for mothers day brunch buffet. We have been there twice, both times it has been good.

If you really want to spend some dough, you can try Custys near Foxwoods for the all you can eat lobster buffet.

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

I was finally in Derby to try Roseland. FANTASTIC. Waited about 35 min to get in (on a friday night). We are big eaters. The 2 of us polished off an extra large Roseland Special which has mushrooms, homemade sausage, and Mozz. Cooked excellent and the flavors were great. Currently my top pick for New Haven Pizza.

Alternative New Haven Pizza

Wow, regarding the wait at Sally's, you hit it right on the head. Many years ago, I was of those dufuses who thought being 2nd online before they opened, meant I was getting in when the doors opened. Much to my dismay, At opening time, the line never moved. When I peeked in the window, the place was PACKED already. You already stated that the favoritism continues inside as well. And at the end of the meal, in our opinion, the pizza was fine but not great. I vowed never to go back and I try to convince everyone who asks (or cares) to NOT go there. They only care about their inner circle people and could not give a rats ass about anyone else. There always be enough suckers who will wait on line and be treated like crap. I was a sucker once, never again.

F Sallys!

Lao Sze Chuan - Could there be authentic Chinese sit-down in Milford CT?

Went there tonight (3/14/09) based on the recommendations of others on this board. And boy am I glad I did. This place is the best Chinese I've had in a long time.

We didn't get anything crazy like pork stomach. We got Orange Beef, Cumin Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, crispy chicken with chilis, Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, General Chao's, and Chicken with Broccoli. Everything is kinda spicy, but every dish tasted different. Just know that the food was delicious and the service was great. The waitress spoke English well and explained any questions we had about the menu. We got about 7 entrees, plus 2 fried rice (pork and Young Chow) and dumplings, no sodas and the bill came to $111 without the tip. There were seven of us.

This is easily our new favorite Chinese restaurant in CT and quickly makes our top 5 in all of Milford.

Thank you fellow chowhounders!

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

I didn't say I didn't like Franco's. I said they were not bad but tiny in size.

You seem to be "Anti-Slice". Nothing wrong with a whole pie but to say that the only way to get good pizza is to buy the whole pie? If you grew up in NYC (The Bronx) like I did, then you would know and appreciate that pizza by the slice is "real pizza" too. Maybe YOU never had the option to get good slices in CT except from "Domino's" , "Chucky Cheese" or "Pizza Hut" but there are 100's of places in NYC that make good slices.

I hope this doesn't turn into a whole pie vs slice snobish debate. They are both good.

I tried Modern Apizza (New Haven)

I went to Modern a couple of weeks ago. The pizza was just "good". Not great, not bad but "good". I remember it better. This time it was nothing special and certainly not worth a special trip or to go out of your way. If I am in New Haven already, i will go there.

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

Wasn't aware of the West Haven location (only the milford one). I'll have to try it.

Peter Pan's on the Green has slices but the time I went in there, the slices looked like they were cooked in the morning and were sitting there all day. Just not enough turnover to justfy fresh slices.

What about New Haven by Yale or the Hospital. Nobody has slices? (That is decent)

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

Quite aware of all the mentioned places. Been to all of them and all are good, however I don't think any of them sell by the slice. Looking to grab a quick slice (Like NY!).

Michaelangelo's does, but the turnover for slices are low (They mostly do whole pie's) and the slices do not look fresh. The regular pie at Michaelangelo's was delicious. We got a whole Sicilian pie there another timeand is wasn't very good. Not enough sauce or cheese.

Best Pizza Slice around Milford, CT?

Moved up from NY to Milford a few years ago. Still can't find a decent slice anywhere. Franco's by the train station is not bad but TINY! I don't even bother. If I am in Bridgeport, I will go to Pizza Time on Madison. That is good, but a little far for me to just "pop in".

Any place in Milford/Stratford/Orange/West Haven?

Lyon Park Deli Portchester

I work right down the street on US1 on the CT side of the state line. When we want sandwiches, nobody goes to Lyon Park. Just go to the Firehouse Deli 3 minutes away on Mill street in Byram CT. Everything is to go (there are no tables to sit at).

Vermont report

We were there Oct 6th. Great place. My wife and I each had the butternut squash soup. (good). Then we split a portabello mushroom pizza. (great). She had the quiche which she loved. I had the steak sandwich which had super tender slices of steak (not leathery). Overall, we loved it.

Greek Groceries - New Haven-Milford Area

Present tense. The place is right next door.

Greek Groceries - New Haven-Milford Area

Next door to #1 Fish in Hamden, there was a deli/grocery store that had "greek foods" on a sign. We went in and in the back they have an aisle with various greek products (Olive oil, grape leaves, etc). In the cold case they had different Feta Cheeses.

Not a bad selection however it got me asking.....

Is there any place in Southwestern CT that carries a big selection of Greek Specialties/Groceries? I know it won't be Astoria but I will take what I can get.

New restaurant in Orange, CT - Ole Martini. Anyone been... can't find it, but want to go

Ola Martini - What a find! Thanks to the recommendations on this board we went last night (a tuesday). The place was full. Based on how many people were there on tuesday, i would make reservations on the weekends. The 4 of us had a mix of frozen margaritas, Guacamole, empenadas, mussels and latin Chowder for starters. All good.

For the entrees, two of us had the skirt steak (very good), one had the shrimp dish (good) and one had the salmon (also good). The dessert menu didn't look that interesting so we got the check. The bill was $190 for the 4 of us before the tip.

Would defintetly go back. It's that good.

Churrascaria Braza Restaurant Review

Been on a Brazilian BBQ kick lately eating primarily at a little place in Port Chester, NY (The International Cafe). Me and some co-workers go for lunch. We are loving it for now. For my son's birthday I thought we should go to an all-you-can-eat Churrascaria. I live in Milford, CT. Both the Copacabana in Port Chetser and the Churrascaria Braza were both about 50 min away so we chose Churrascaria Braza. I work in Greenwich so I figured I can catch Copacabana for lunch when I can expense it.

We arrived on a thursday night about 7pm. No wait. There is no menu. The server takes your drink order and you help yourself to the salad bar. Nothing special except for the empanadas (sp?). They were good. The rest of the buffet was average. They did have peel and eat shrimp like you would get at a Chinese Buffet. On the table they brought out rice and beans, toasted bread and plantains.

The meats
Skirt Steak - Good. Had unnecessary sauce on it.
NY Strip - Good (better if you can get outside cut)
Tri-Tip (Garlic marinaded) - Good
Port Rib - Terrible. Just a Spare rib with BBQ sauce
Pork with Parmesan crust - Just Ok
Turkey wrapped with bacon - Not good. A little hamy
Chicken sausage - Just ok
Pork Sausage - Just ok
Chicken Wing - Did not eat
Leg of Lamb - Really good

The beef and lamb were just good. Nothing excellent. Some things below average. Everything could have used more seasoning. If you got outside pieces, that is where all the flavor was. As they cut more and more into the meat, it just became your everyday steak.

Overall, I wouldn't go back for just ok food. I would try the Copacabana in Port Chester, NY next. Maybe if I lived in the Hartford area I would try a place that sells meats by the pound.