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Best of the Cape

I've only been to the mid-Cape market so far but they had lots of good stuff from local people, including Pain D'avignon. For smoked salmon, there are reps from Nantucket Wild Gourmet. If I liked smoked salmon I know i'd have liked theirs. I almost liked it anyway! Here's a recent article about them:

I went to Bush Gardens today...they had local tomatoes for 3.50/lb and what they called "damaged" tomatoes for .99/lb. During checkout, one of my local tomatoes was pronounced damaged (minor bruise) ;-). The woman at checkout then asked me if she could put both types in the same bag! Nice place.

Tips and Tricks for Cooking Corn on the Cob?

Hadn't thought to microwave so I'll try that.
I've been scraping the kernels and milk off 4-5 ears into a pan with ~ 2T butter or mix butter and bacon fat. Pan is at med heat. Cover and cook 6-8 mins. Salt or otherwise season to taste. Very good and the mess is out of the way.
Also made a delicious corn chowder from the recipe out of Victory Garden Cookbook. Added a bit of bacon since am addicted to BLTs at the moment.

Aug 11, 2008
mimicri in Home Cooking

Best of the Cape

Second you on the "Edible" publication, and it's online too. I have to give thumbs up to a little place on 6A in the area of the Dennis/Brewser line..called TJs or JTs (not Finely JTs) - very cute, immaculate, and I had some of the sweetest scallops ever. This was in late Spring. It has outdoor seating and cute, vintage oilcloth tablecloths inside.
Also, these aren't restaurants, but local farmstands - Crow Farm in Sandwich - awesome corn and lots of other goodies that they grow. Kudos also to Sprout Farm in Mashpee (near Roche Bros and a wine shop for all the rest of the good stuff you'll need ;-). Lovely little potatoes, baby onions, greens, corn and tomatoes. And let's not forget the Farmer's markets...

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Worst of the Cape?

Beehive in Sandwich - hot meals taste like really gluey, processed food, which is a shame because it is really cute inside. Barbyanne's in Hyannis has very good burgers but seems to rely on processed prepared food for other things. Kreme N Kone I tried for first time because of all the recent publicity and was disappointed with it - greasy and bad value - won't go back. Clancy's in Dennis used to be very good (has beautiful views) but was disappointed with fried seafood platter this day - fish looked like Gorton's frozen meal (tasted fresh but crazy breading and a bit greasy) - have had good food there previously so will try again.

Jul 31, 2008
mimicri in Southern New England

The Riverway on Cape Cod

I had a meal at the Riverway last summer and it was some of the freshest fish I've ever tasted. Decor was old but service was excellent and old school. Wish it were more recent but I'm sure I'll go back.