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Jancis Robinson On Wine Shops In Paris

I second the endorsement. Interesting selection there, and priced lower than said selection (and location) would lead you to expect.

Sep 29, 2014
thebenc in France

Alternate iconic dishes

I'd argue that Romados/Portugalia piri-piri chicken is as uniquely Montreal as anything else on that list. Uniquely Montreal mind you, and uniquely different than any other kind of roast chicken style.

It may exist in other places, but then, so do most of those 'iconic dishes'. Nor is it a specifically 'indigenous' dish, but then, none of her 12 selections are, and that's her very point. What it has has done, once here, is stake its own claim in our food conversation. It may exist in other places (though I've never actually seen it anywhere else), where is that kind of chicken such a shared cultural touchstone? You say 'Portugese chicken' to any Montrealer, and they'll know exactly what you're talking about. Their eyes might even light up.

I think by the standard that Chesterman applies - what do people living elsewhere dream of/where do they head to, when dreaming of/coming back to Montreal - piri piri most definitely applies. More than even the Eastern European sandwich.

2005 1er Cru Chassagne-Montrachet - How long to cellar?

Done, and done :)

Oct 27, 2011
thebenc in Wine

2005 1er Cru Chassagne-Montrachet - How long to cellar?

In the end, I decided to leave him alone for a few more years. Back to the cellar he went, visions of 2018 dancing in his mind.

And now, to find some young Burgundy...

Oct 25, 2011
thebenc in Wine

2005 1er Cru Chassagne-Montrachet - How long to cellar?

Thanks Brad.

To your question 'how you like to drink Red Burgundies' I suppose I have two answer: 'A lot' & 'As often as possible'!

Still, I think most of my experience with RB have been with fairly recent vintages. What does age impart on these wines? I mean, it seems to me they're already fairly soft and well-rounded. Does aging make that even more so?

Oct 08, 2011
thebenc in Wine

2005 1er Cru Chassagne-Montrachet - How long to cellar?

I've been holding onto a 2005 pinot - this wine - for a few years now.

Frankly, I don't know that much about the aging potential of red burgundies, but I enough that what I have here isn't exactly a long-hauling Barolo, but then, it's not exactly a Bojo Nouveau either. Though I'm itching to pop the cork, would I be better served by waiting a few more years?

Oct 08, 2011
thebenc in Wine

Alas, No Space at Au Pied de Cochon....Now What?!

Les Trois Petits Bouchons, Le P'tit Plateau and Le Filet - also three in the area - would also fit that bill.

They're all pretty casual (with Le Filet definitely the most 'upscale' out of the three, but even then...), great food, and manifestly local experiences.

-edit - maybe consider Kitchen Galerie as well.

Le P'tit Plateau
330 Rue Marie-Anne E, Montreal, QC H2W1B1, CA

Best Martini in Montreal?

The bar Plan B makes a mean martini (among many other fantastic cocktails), has a very cool backyard terrasse and is just a block away from P'tit Plateau.

And with that... case closed, time for happy hour? ;P

new location of Les Heritiers

The old space is now a bakery called Patisserie Rhubarbe.

Haven't been yet... but it does come highly, highly recommended.

Election night drinking

So, not having the benefit of a television, I was hoping to keep abreast of all electoral news at one of our esteemed local watering holes.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Rotisserie Laurier

Who's to say it'll still be on Laurier?

Banh Mi in Chinatown 2/Concordia University

Restaurant Caravelle (1175A Crescent) does a decent one too.

Restaurant Caravelle
2020 Rue University, Montreal, QC H3A2A5, CA

A pairing challenge...

I'm preparing this fun-looking recipe I found in an old Time-Life 'Cuisine of Italy' book, Manzo alla Sarda, or Sardinian style beef, and am trying to figure the perfect wine to serve it with.
But, in the hallowed words of American poet J.M. Jay – it's tricky.
The beef is marinating overnight in white wine, nutmeg and allspice, which it will later braise in, with some more white (an Argentinian sauvignon), some stock, a bay leaf and some parsley thrown in for good measure.
Later, I'll finish the sauce with some lemon juice, a chopped anchovy and some more parsley.

Now for the pairing...

Obviously, the White Argentine wouldn't be able to hold his own, so no go there. The braising white will, on the hand, soften and enliven the meat somewhat, and the lemon + anchovy finale calls for something with enough of its own acidity to impart. Not to mention the earthy spiciness of nutmeg and allspice that should hopefully linger.

So I ask, what acidic, spice-complimentary red should I be seeking out? A Chianti? An Amarone (ppfff... I wish!) or maybe even something Spanish? Or would it benefit from something with maybe a lighter body?

Jan 23, 2011
thebenc in Wine

REALLY special restaurants in Mtl

Well, La Fabrique might suit your needs here. The place takes the open kitchen concept to a whole new level. The kitchen IS the restaurant, with tables set up around it, like a mix between a short-order lunch counter and a high end bistro.
And the food's damn good too.

Otherwise, although I haven't been there, what about Accords? That idea of accord/désaccord with the wine pairing has always striked me as interesting enough. I'll have to get there one of these days.
Anyone have experience?

BYOW seafood restaurant

Wow, I could have sworn I saw Anatolie written up there at some point.
I hope I'm not the one hallucinating!

First time in Montreal - late november

Don't forget to bring wine on Saturday!

BYOW seafood restaurant

Varka's Anatolian, not Albanian.
It's nice spot though, with very sweet owners, and I hope this ongoing Parc con/(de)struction won't be the death of it.

Apres-dinner cocktails?

Baldwin Barmacie on Laurier is... ok. Some swear by it by I can't say I've ever really warmed to it. Still, they have cocktails, a lounge-y atmosphere and loud music. So there's that.

If you're not travelling by foot, or don't mind around 15 minutes of walking, I'd really recommend Plan B on Mont-Royal and Drolet. Great, great cocktails, a cool environment and generally fun crowd. The place is stylish but in a low-key way. It doesn't intimidate and the drinks go down very easily.

Baldwin Barmacie
115 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

A tourist comes to Montreal..... Scenario

Who says he needs to go sit at a restaurant?

Grab some Romados chicken + fries and send him all the way up Rachel. Stop in at a dep, grab a 6-pack of St. Ambroise, and off to the parc he goes.

Provided, of course, he's here on a warm, Sunday afternoon... ;)

Casual Resto for Dinner, Good Beer

And the food really is great. But dammit if their beers aren't mediocre veering towards utterly boring.

Casual lunch to impress...but not overpriced.

That's a great call.

But I think the one on St. Denis is down some stairs, no? Maybe check out their offshoots on Van Horne or Lajoie instead.

Casual lunch to impress...but not overpriced.

How about Milos?

Their lunch special - 3 courses for $20 - is a great deal. The food is simple, fresh and incredibly well prepared, which strikes me as a winning trifecta for a getting-on-in-age foodie. The general atmosphere (if only at lunch - have yet to go for dinner) is elevated and refined without being especially pretentious, and the dining room is airy and uncramped, which is another boon for you.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

"King is dead - etc etc.." :P

Can we/should we improve on these plans?

Yeah, Globe's not really worth your while. Try Garde Manger instead. Just as cool on sat night and the difference in quality is like night and day.

Wedding Anniversary dinner recommendations? Romantic, not too fussy

I think reservations are probably a must at Le P'tit Plateau. It's not a huge place, and they operate with two strict seatings a night. Also, while LPP is BYOW (hey now!), the other two aren't, so in the long run it's probably better to know in advance and have time to pick up a great bottle.

That being said, all three places are within minutes walks from each other, so you could always play it by ear and see how you feel.

Wedding Anniversary dinner recommendations? Romantic, not too fussy

The food at DNA is of undeniable quality, but I would hardly call the place intimate or particularly romantic. I think you'd be better off at the oft-mentioned (on these boards) 5iem Peche or the hardly-ever-mentioned-but-still-damn-good Les Deux Singes de Montarvie. I don't know why that place gets a bum rap 'round yonder. Its prices may be a touch higher than some of its bistro brethren I suppose, but it has great ambiance and the food's delicious.

Otherwise, for a more 'Montreal' experience, why not pick up a great bottle (or two!) at an SAQ and hit one of the better BYOBs. Les Héritiers, L'entrepont and Les Infidèles are all charming and romantic, and Le P'tit Plateau will wow you with its rustic French cuisine.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

On St. Laurent corner Marie Anne, north-east side of the street: Omnivore.
Lebanese salads, sandwiches and grill. Five different kinds of kefta, chicken, fish and assorted meats. Tried some of their white beans and okra and their stuffed vine leaves, thumbs up all around. They should be open for dine-in and take-out come Monday.

I've seen a lot of shops open and close in that spot over the past couple years. Hopefully the restaurant can do better!

Need good resto near montreal west for hurried dinners with mentally ill adult male

Maybe some of the places along Somerled?

Antico Martini, B&M and Oregano's Grill all spring to mind.
They're all very family oriented, and I'm sure they can accomodate.

Antico Martini Restaurant
6450 Av Somerled, Montreal, QC H4V1S5, CA

Ethnic eating...outdoors?

Restaurant Bangkok on Monkland and Bangkok 2 on St. Catherine (oddly, unrelated) both have small decks in front.

And if you ask reeeeaaaaaal nicely and the place isn't too busy, they'll let you sit out on the piknic table in front of Tri Express.

Tri Express
1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA

Places to read

Depanneur is great, but don't they usually have some kind of live music going on inside?