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Best Taco Stands in LA

Tito's Tacos is possibly the worst taco stand I've ever been to. Long line, and about as good as Taco Bell (but three times the price). Can someone explain the hype?

The best is easily El Atacor in Highland Park, just off the Figueroa exit from the 110. They have excellent carne asada, cabeza, al pastor, and carnitas (that's what I've tried so far). They also have a surprizing number of mexican beers, for $2.50. It's right next to Footsie's, a cool bar with cheap PBR. Since Atacor is open 24/7, you can go after a long night of beverage indulgence.

On the westside, skip Tito's and try Gallego's on Venice near Centinela. Their meat is great and they have a lot of good, homemade salsas.

Jun 07, 2009
chem cook in Los Angeles Area

Food Network "Food Detectives"

Honestly, the worst Food Network show I've ever seen. I just watched the finale of Next Food Network Star, and he did nowhere near as well as the finalists. Clearly awkward, from asking the questions to trying to look interested during the explanation.

Is this guy even qualified to have a show about science? Do his degrees in journalism and psychology make him an expert on microbiology or even simple chemistry? During the only, well, almost scientific part, they told him the candy (with the hard outer shell) didn't absorb as much bacteria as the wet shrimp or the highly porous french fry, and Ted was surprised! "So bacteria don't like candy like we do, huh?" WOW! And FN gave him a show!

As a scientist/engineer/teacher, this was a mockery of the scientific method. To begin with, they start by saying, "We're gonna use REAL SCIENCE". Uhh, did you decide it was better than fake science? None of their methods were conclusive.

Wow, someone stuck their head in the fridge; let's see how long it takes for him to realize it smells bad. No measurements of ppm of one given compound? No initial and final concentrations? No checking the same substances in different temperatures (say, fridge versus freezer)? They did nothings truly scientific; there was no evidence that was objective, non-refutable, and/or numerical.

And the only time they bring in some sort of measurements, there are no conclusions. Their unitless graph of bacteria levels showed us that every time they ran the "experiment", the shrimp and fry had more junk on it. But they never showed us a comparison of surfaces. Good idea to have multiple tests and a control, but in the end we never saw a comparison of each individual substance's control versus tests. Argh!

Their presentation was so insulting to the average Food Network viewer. "The food releases 'organic compounds'". Okay, that doesn't narrow down what is being released. He talks about negative calories, but for as low level this show is, they don't even explain what calories are (isn't this a science show), or why there are so few in celery.

For such a great concept, FN should have got a real scientist chef. Otherwise, why bother making such a show. On The Next Food Network Star, they said the audience has to believe you're an authority in food. Ted Allen just got bumped down to guy who knows what good food tastes like, but doesn't really know anything beyond that. Please cancel this show ASAP, and leave the whole idea to it's old show name, "Good Eats" with Alton Brown.

Jul 31, 2008
chem cook in Food Media & News