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good steak with the wee one

I'm a looking to eat a good steak, humanly raised, and bring along my toddler, somewhere in Brooklyn. Any thoughts?

Aug 22, 2010
clementine_ in Outer Boroughs

Need advice on beer in Brooklyn

There is also 4th Avenue Pub. They have a great selection. I too recommend checking out the Six Points while you are here. You could do a Beer Table/The Gate/4th Ave Pub Pub Crawl even. Although that is a pretty good hike between each spot.

Aug 21, 2008
clementine_ in Outer Boroughs

Park Slope late lunch/early dinner?

Does anyone have and suggestions for a 4:30 meal? Most places I can think of all close for a few hours during that time slot. Any surrounding neighborhood would be fine. I am just looking for a sit down meal at 4:30 on a weekday.


Jul 31, 2008
clementine_ in Outer Boroughs