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Quick and Healthy Fast Food in the bay area?

Here's a few that are doing something along those lines

Sajj in Mountain View
Sushirito (multiple locations)
Asian Box

Himalayan Kitchen in Mtn View

I popped by today - they offer a buffet during the week for lunch - $9.95 - no momos or samosas on the buffet but I saw lots of people ordering them from the menu. Pretty crowded with several large groups (10 or more) at noon.

A lot of chicken choices - the butter chicken was tender and flavorful. Some of the other meat dishes seemed a bit dry to me. The Marsala tea (tastes like chai to me but that's what the server told me) was hot and soothing.

Naan is brought to the table - no other gluten free choice like dosa or idly offered as part of the buffet.

It was ok but I wouldn't make a special trip to eat here.

Fatted Calf no longer at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market [San Francisco]

Yes I can but it's not nearly as convenient as going to the Ferry Building when I make it to SF. I'm down in the SF driving makes me a little nervous...that said I did make the trek over there today and they had some fabulous things - we got a slice of the most amazing Truffled Duck Liver Mousse. Almost on par with a good Foie Gras for a lot less $$.

Downside of going to the Fatted Calf store is that there is so much to choose from that it becomes a much more costly visit ;)

Fatted Calf no longer at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market [San Francisco]

when did this happen? I'm so bummed, I was hoping to hit the market and one of my favorite places to stock up is the Fatted Calf.

Fatted Calf no longer at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market [San Francisco]

Can anyone confirm that the Fatted Calf no longer comes to the Saturday market?

Where to buy duck fat on Peninsula?

Spotted at the milk pail on 11/19/14

Where to buy duck fat on Peninsula?

whole foods often has it - I've also seen it at Ditmers in Mountain View on El Camino Real
Also at the Milk Pail down the street from Ditmers on San Antonio

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season


Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

7.99/lb at Whole Foods - 1.5 to 2.5 pound range - got one - couldn't resist even at that price - was sweet and delicious.

5.99/lb at Safeway - saw in ad mailer

Where to buy fresh lard?

Prather Ranch in the SF ferry building also sells it

thanks Robert for the info on lardo versus lardo butter - interesting!

Where to buy fresh lard?

Belcampo (multiple locations - I know SF has one and so does Palo Alto) has both plain and something called lardo

Lardo is our favorite - it's seasoned with some herbs and spreadable delishiness.

Uni in Santa Barbara

Yes - I ended up at the Hungry Cat by accident = they had live uni on the menu that night - I was in town for the SB Fermentation Festival and didn't have a chance to get to a market to get a tray....Thanks for all tips!

Jul 27, 2014
takuhead in California

Gluten-free fish and chips?

not officially tested yet
She seems ok with trace amounts once in a while - strict adherence to contamination issues is not required at this her immune response is tricky to figure out...

Gluten-free fish and chips?

great tip = thanks!

$1 Oysters on the half shell (Palo Alto)

Sam's Chowder house has $1 oysters on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 to 7pm....they had blue points last week and few weeks before that they had Hama Hama

Quite tasty - several other good deals on the happy hour appetizers as well. Polenta fries were a bit disappointing...more like Polenta wedges - they are at least 1 inch long rectangles - not very crispy at all.

Gluten-free fish and chips?

I've got a friend with a huge hankering for fish and chips or clams and chips - is there any place in the South Bay that offers this?

Uni in Santa Barbara

One of my all time favorite foods to eat is Uni and I know Santa Barbara is the source of some of the best around...
I"m heading down this weekend from the bay area to SB and would love to score a tray or two of this amazing delicacy.
Advice on where to find some is greatly appreciated.

Jul 17, 2014
takuhead in California

Homemade Frozen Dumpling close to Palo Alto?

They sell some at the Mountain View Farmer's market on Sundays

Edible Bugs?

thanks - how were the wax larva tacos?

Edible Bugs?

I'm intrigued from reading the book EDIBLE: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet

Any chowhounds know where to find insects being served locally in the bay area?

Hunan Garden as Mandarin Roots (Palo Alto)

There was this article in the Palo Alto Weekly last week

Hunan Garden as Mandarin Roots (Palo Alto)

Has anyone have a report on the rebirth of Hunan Garden as Mandarin Roots - They officially opened last Saturday. Supposedly a fusion of Chinese, Japanese and more?

Cooking Papa (Mountain View)

I took my two kids today for an early lunch - they love dim sum - there are no carts - you pick out what you want to eat on a menu with check boxes. We ordered the shrimp dumplings, BBQ Pork Buns and Pan Fried Shrimp and Chive dumplings.

It was fairly busy - most tables were full except for about 4 large round tables. Our order took over 20 minutes to arrive for the first dumplings...the last set of dumplings took over 40 minutes to arrive

The Shrimp Dumplings and BBQ Pork Buns were mediocre at best. The Shrimp and Chive pan fried - one of our favorites were not at all good - they were green for some reason on the wrapper - not much chives inside or shrimp - mostly chopped up meat - pork? I've never seen these made that way - I tasted one - awful - we asked to be sure we got the right order....they assured us that they did.
We also tried the rice noodle soup with shrimp dumplings - I highly doubt that broth was not from a can - very salty and no flavor - a very flat dish.
Pretty pricey too compared to Fu La Lum in Mountain View.
Kids didn't want to go back and try anything else...

Currywurst Mountain View Area

Perhaps check at Ditmers in Los Altos?

FRESH chicken in Palo Alto

Fiesta farms has a chicken CSA and they have a drop point in Palo Alto. They also sell at the Sunnyvale farmer's market on Saturday.

Ham for Easter

I saw a couple listed on Good Eggs - their website is

They had three different places listed for Easter ham
Fallon Hills, Fatted Calf and one from Prather Ranch
Price ranges from $33 to $75
I ordered the Fallon Hills Smoked boneless ham to try next week...

Kansui Ramen in San Jose [Goat Pastrami, Pumpernickel Noodles, Willow Glen]

Great report - did they offer a gluten free ramen?

Gambrel & Co [Redwood City]

I popped in today for a peek - not a huge range to choose from but a cow and a pig are coming in midweek - so there should be more in the case on Thursday. I saw three types of pork sausage - one spicy, one plain and one beerwurst - I think that was what Steven said...

I saw a several Bear Valley Meat logos with some of the cuts. Looks fresh and nicely marbled.

He also commented that they plain on add BN Ranch in a few months - once that whole fiasco with the processing place gets sorted.
I'm planning on coming back after the new meat is ready.

White-Anchovies-Boquerones-Vinegar-Packed Locally?

Not very good IMO - texture was odd - I ended up tossing them after eating a few....

But I did discover pretty good ones at the Draegers in San Mateo - in the cheese/meat deli area - and they are quite reasonable in price - $17.95 a pound.
Been back there twice now...need to restock again lol

Supermarket to buy shishamo (Japanese smelt fish) in San Jose area?

no -they were already cleaned with the head off...but under $8 a pound - I sauteed some with ghee, garlic for breakfast - delish!