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Nduja in Boston??

I need to plan a time to go to Coppa and have the nduja pizza. One of my favorite dining memories from Rome was eating at Acchiappifantasmi (Ghost Busters) and having a pizza with nduja and calabrian salami.

Seafood Dim Sum recs

China Star is also our go-to place even though it is a 30 minute drive. (We were just there on Sunday, too.) We always focus on the seafood items. This time we had shrimp har gau, scallop har gau, shrimp chow fun, shrimp with taro, shrimp with tofu and celery, shrimp ball with crab claw, and shrimp toast. Everything was fresh and hot. We got there around noon and it was packed, which slowed service down a bit. We usually go around 11 and have no problems.

First trip to Wegmans: What should I get? [moved from Boston board]

We had really good pretzel bagels this morning that I picked up yesterday in Burlington. They also have Screamin' Sicilian frozen pizzas; we liked it, and we are not ordinarily fans of frozen pizza.

Nov 06, 2014
maestrette in Chains

Catfish & Hushpuppies in the French Quarter?

I lived in New Orleans for six years back in the 90's and fell in love with the thin fried catfish at Middendorf's. I'm coming back to N.O. for a wedding in December and wondered if there is anywhere in the French Quarter that prepares catfish in a similar fashion. (I'll have limited transportation, or I'd be going to Middendorf's.) Great hushpuppies would also be a huge perk. I live in Boston now, and while you can get lots of seafood, I really miss the catfish and hushpuppies I had living in the South.

Thanks in advance!

Oct 29, 2014
maestrette in New Orleans

Where to Buy Rennet?

Beer & Wine Hobby in Woburn teaches cheesemaking classes, so I would think they would have the supplies.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

Exactly how I feel about the new Fugakyu in Lynnfield. Bleh.

ISO north-of-Boston stores with extensive wine selections

You might try Wine Connextion in North Andover. We've gotten some interesting wines there.

We get most of our wine now from Pamplemousse in Reading; their wine section is not huge, but it is definitely more diverse than your typical liquor store selection.

Heinz 57 Sauce

I've been able to find the regular Heinz 57 at Market Basket, but haven't found the steak sauce version with Lea & Perrins added anywhere here.

Best Seafood North End

We enjoyed Mare when we ate there a couple of years ago.

Easy question: Any good *dinner* buffets in Boston area?

Mandarin in Reading does a good Sunday dinner buffet. We've been a couple of times and have found their stir-fry dishes to be a little more interesting than their normal lunch buffet.

Concert at Fenway

Has anyone been to a concert at Fenway? Will the food vendors be operating? We have tickets for Billy Joel next week and just wondered if we can eat there or if we need to plan to eat somewhere nearby prior to going to the concert. Any suggestions for casual dining in the area around Fenway? (Something other than ICOB where we had dinner tonight.)

Elegant Woburn-area lunch?

I haven't tried it yet, but I've read good reviews of Strega Prime. If you don't mind a chain, Capital Grille is another option.

I am a Victim of Their Success

We were in line at Neptune one day, and a lady in front of us was throwing a fit because there was an hour wait. Her exact words, "This place is never going to last if everyone has to wait like this." Huh??

ISO N'duja Sausage

Thanks so much. I can't wait to make a Calabrian pizza like the one we love at Acchiappafantasmi in Rome.

Airport dining

We had a good lunch recently at Vino Volo Wine Bar in Terminal A (and maybe Terminal E?). Lots of interesting wines and the food was good. I had a cheese plate, and hubby had a chicken sandwich. (Sorry, I'm not a Legal Seafood fan.)

Breakfast near Woburn

We like Blue Moon Grill in Wakefield. They make excellent pancakes, and I love their veggie omelets.

New Half Sour Pickles at my local Market Basket.

Middleton was as well.

North of Boston Special Birthday Party

I'm pretty sure the new Portland Pie in Reading has a private room. The menu would definitely appeal to a broad age range.

sea urchin?

I'm not as much a fan as my hubby is, but the best that I've had was at Neptune Oyster, served right in the test (shell). I'm not sure if they have it all the time or not, though.

Stone-Ground Grits (Where to Find)

We've been here a year, and I haven't found them yet. I'm going back to Atlanta in April and packing an extra suitcase to bring home real grits, White Lily flour, and Duke's mayo.

Hopefully someone will reply with a local source.

Anyone tried Sakura Organic in Wakefield yet? (where Sushi Island was)

We had dinner there tonight (Thursday). The renovation was extensive, and the space is now very modern - a large bar/sushi bar combination and a few tables in the back of the room. When we arrived at 6:15, there was a small group at one of the tables, and only one other couple came in while we were there. They did seem to be preparing a lot of orders for delivery.

From the menu regarding the "organic" aspect - "We only use premier grade wild caught seafood." "On the Japanese menu, most of ingredients are organic as available on the market."

We started with the shrimp tempura appetizer, which came with asparagus, sweet potato, red pepper, eggplant, and zucchini. It was a good execution and not overly greasy. For dinner we had 4 rolls - tuna maki, spider roll, lobster maki, and Christmas maki (avocado, shrimp, tuna). All were excellent. I do wish the tuna had been colder, but that is just a personal preference. We had all the rolls wrapped in soy paper instead of nori, and that was no problem at all. The rolls came out individually as they were ready, rather than being placed on a larger platter together.

The bar choices seemed to be fairly extensive, and I saw three types of sake even though I didn't see them on the drink menu that we were given.

We found out when we paid that they aren't taking Amex yet (even though the sign was on the door), but they are working on getting it set up.

We'll definitely be back to try the chirashi next time.

Falafel in Reading/Wakefield area

What else is good at Yella Grille? That's close to me, and I've been looking for a good Mediterranean place.

"Special Flavor Chicken"- Have You Seen in Boston?

I believe Mandarin in Reading had a dish on their New Years buffet that was called Special Flavor Chicken, but I don't see it on their regular menu. I thought it was an odd name for a dish, but it was tasty. Unfortunately, I don't remember what else was in it.

Are there any good lobster tails north of Boston?

Thanks for all the great recommendations. I'll have to do a taste test soon and report back.

Are there any good lobster tails north of Boston?

That's perfect - very convenient. I didn't realize they had a location other than the North End. Thanks!

Are there any good lobster tails north of Boston?

I've been craving one of the yummy lobster tails that I usually get from Mike's or Modern in the North End, but don't have time in my schedule for the next few days to go into the city. A guess an even better question would be - are there any good bakeries in the towns along the stretch of I-95 from Woburn to Peabody?

Chowhound new year resolutions

I replaced all my spices last year when we moved to Boston from Atlanta. I don't think you realize how much flavor they lose until you start cooking with the new ones. We are lucky to have a Penzeys location nearby.

Pubs with cool fireplaces

Maggie's Farm in Middleton has a nice fireplace in the back dining room. Not sure if it fits with your definition of pub, but they have great sandwiches, apps, drinks, etc. in addition to their mains.

Whether out or in, what did you eat on New Years Eve?

We had spent the week between Christmas and New Years in NYC and were tired of eating out, so I cooked at home. We had prime rib roast, scratch-made potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach, and southern style corn bread (no sugar!). Dessert was red velvet cake with a big scoop of Richardson's vanilla ice cream. We drank a ten-year-old cab from one of our favorite little vineyards in CA. Overall, a great night of relaxation - just what we needed.

Legal C Bar, Lynnfield Marketplace Mall

We decided to try Legal C Bar tonight and had a great experience. After looking at the menu, we couldn't decide on just one of the appetizer, so we decided to try several instead of ordering entrees. We ordered 1) oysters (merry, naked cowboy, kusshi), well-shucked and very fresh, 2) the sriracha popcorn shrimp, which was fried popcorn shrimp mixed with kettle corn with a sriracha dipping sauce - very creative, 3) the bang bang cauliflower that RoyRon described above, and 4) the crab and pepperoni pizza. We finished with the bananas foster for dessert and an espresso for hubby (which was bottomless, by the way). Everything we ate was very well prepared, the service was very attentive, and the vibe is really fun. We'll definitely be back.