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Where can I get plastic carry-out containers

I order containers from

Need DC'ers who may be familiar with nightclubs about 15yrs back????

I wonder if you're referring to Capital Ballroom / Nation? (To be somewhat on topic,--I can't remember the food (if any)). It's gone.

Solo dining in NOVA or DC

For a tasting menu and kitchen counter, you could try Suna in Eastern Market. I had a very nice solo meal there. You can make a reservation for their kitchen counter (though I'm not sure whether they currently require the 8 course at the counter or if you can get the 4 course. When I made the reservation, they said you need to get the 8 course at the counter. But then when I was there, they seemed to give me the choice. I got the 8 course anyway.)

Where can I get cheap disposable plastic food containers?

I order sauce, deli, salad, etc. disposable containers from They have a $25 minimum to order, so may be more than you want, but they don't have a minimum quantity.

Jan 13, 2013
cheesepowder in Cookware

Looks promising: Chettinad cuisine in Lottes Plaza area (Chantilly)

I saw this report, and I happened to be going to the Sugarloaf crafts festival in Chantilly today so thought I'd include a stop at Karaikudi for their lunch buffet (and the Lotte grocery store).

Overall, I liked the buffet, especially trying some new Indian dishes I hadn't had before. I'd go to Karaikudi again if I'm in the area, though next time, I'd be interested in ordering off their menu. The buffet had a few new-to-me dishes like a rice dish that looked like an Indian version of congee. I liked that one so much I got a second helping. Another of my favorites was the chicken 65, which was fried chicken nuggets coated with spices and red inside like tandoori chicken. I got the chicken 65 right after they put it out so that might have helped in terms of the toughness mentioned above.

The buffet also had a green salad, a green bean dish, cut fruit, condiments, sambar, a soup, lentil donuts, vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, okra, eggplant, mutton, fish, chicken chettinad, poori, white rice, and a few Indian desserts (which I didn't try). The meats were small pieces that were still on the bone.

Eating expensive tasting menus solo?

I'll be trying Suna solo. Suna has a kitchen counter which sounds good for solo dining- we'll see! note they said you have to get the 8 course menu at the counter.

Tanpopo in Annadale - ramen/sushi menu now on line

Are they now open?

Menu items that have "jumped the shark" in DC

I see alot of tuna tartar and/or seared rare tuna steak on salad on menus around DC.

What's your favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie?

I miss the Zurich cookies, which used to be my favorite. They were like jam thumbprints with chocolate drizzled on top.

Jun 19, 2012
cheesepowder in General Topics

Discontinued at Trader Joe's - January thru June 2012 [OLD]

The Everything Crackers are "out of stock" at my Trader Joe's. I went to two other Trader Joe's tonight looking for them but no luck.

Jun 13, 2012
cheesepowder in Chains

New England Style Hot Dog Buns

Pepperidge Farm makes a top sliced hot dog bun that I've gotten i think at Harris Teeter or Giant. I'm in Arlington.

Dupont circle with 8 y.o.

I'm not sure what combination at Shophouse wouldn't be spicy.
You might consider the Kabob House for lunch instead of dinner. It's more casual than the other places you listed for dinner and doesn't have much atmosphere.

Dupont circle with 8 y.o.

Fyi Shophouse is mouth burning spicy - not sure how your son handles spice. For example, the steak is coated with spices so it is spicy even without adding sauce.

The cupcake place is Hello Cupcake on Connecticut Ave just below Dupont circle.

Chocolate Class?

maybe took a class from Jason Andelman?

Non-grape wines in or near DC

A few months ago, I sampled some of these fruit wines at the Whole Foods in Clarendon. .

Where might I find chocolate bread in the MD/DC area?

Do you mean chocolate babka?

Something unusual you put on food

Sugar on tomatoes.

Aug 08, 2010
cheesepowder in General Topics

[DC Metro] Vietnamese Iced Coffee (or ca phe sua da)

the rebel heroes truck in arlington has it.

Aperol in DC proper?

I bought Aperol a year or two ago from Macarthur Beverages:
I would suggest calling them before going to see if they still carry it.

Looking for CHIFA in DC.

Inti has fried rice on their menu (haven't been).

Geoduck Clams

I'd call to make sure they actually have it, but geoduck is listed on the menu for Kushi in DC (see Mirugai)

May 15, 2010
cheesepowder in General Topics

your favorite burgers and beef ribs in washington, DC area ...including Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Tysons Corner, etc

The place you saw in the Mirage would have been something different. BGR Burger Joint is only local and has various locations in the area. Here's their website:

The Burger Joint
106 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Searching for favorites from defunct Indian restaurants

Spinach with corn - if you mean palak makai, the websites for Heritage India in Georgetown and Passage to India in Bethesda have that dish listed.

Heritage India
2400 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste A, Washington, DC 20007

Passage to India
4931 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Sushi Rock opening in Arlington (Courthouse-Rosslyn)

here's a link to a Tim Carman article last week

Frozen Yogurt By The Ounce

Fruity Yogurt in Tyson's Corner (second floor on a wing) has a variety of flavors of self serve frozen yogurt and toppings sold by the ounce. It was 48 cents an ounce when I was there in December

Store Brands that are Just as Good as their Brand Name Cousins

I use Costco Kirkland unsalted butter for baking. It's much cheaper than Land O Lakes, and I haven't noticed a difference.

Dec 06, 2009
cheesepowder in General Topics

Restaurant to splurge a little

Unfortunately the Source is closed on Sunday...Maybe move Zaytina to lunch on Sunday?

Restaurant to splurge a little

You should call CityZen and check. They may be closed also for their annual vacation when you're in town.

Taco Cart in Rosslyn

Sounds interesting. Here's their website.

Help pls! Pay-what-you-will brunch in DC?

I think this is what you're remembering:
Karma Kitchen at Polo India Club in Dupont.