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New Orleans style food in the Perimeter area?

Hi Lance. My husband and I are also from NOLA and have been living in Atlanta for over 12 years now. We have yet to find some really good New Orleans food in Atlanta. There is a new place that just opened in Roswell called North of NOLA. They have real New Orleans (Leidenheimer) french bread and they do have a Roast Beef Po Boy on their menu. We have not been there as of yet so I can't speak to the quality of the food. Tried to go this past Sunday but they were serving breakfast only. Good luck!!

659 Atlanta St.
Roswell, GA, 30075

Sep 01, 2010
Nola Girl in Atlanta

ISO cupcake shop that delivers

Try Lenox Cupcakes. We were gifted some a few weeks ago and they were the best cupcakes we have ever had.

May 19, 2010
Nola Girl in Atlanta

New Sushi Restaurant in Park Place Shopping Center [Atlanta]

I heard that a new Sushi restaurant opened up in the Park Place Shopping center off Ashford Dunwoody Road. It is supposed to be near Eclipse de Luna. Anyone know the name? I want to look them up.

Oct 26, 2009
Nola Girl in Atlanta

Greenville [SC]- Business Dinner

Can anyone suggest a nice place to go for a good business dinner? I am looking for a relatively quiet place to be able to have a good conversation without yelling and also have a good dinner at the same time. Any suggestions?

Genki in Buckhead

Does anyone know what happend to Genki in Buckhead? DH tried to go there for lunch today and it is shutdown. Hopefully, they are just remodeling.

What happened to Huey's in ATL?

My husband and I are from New Orleans and we go to get out fix at the Logan Farms Ham place on Windward Parkway. The owners are from LA as well. The do not take on the traditional shape of Beignets, but the flavor is definately there. The owners are very friendly as well.

Japanese Restaurants in Atlanta/Alpharetta

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Japanese restaurant in the Atlanta/Alpharetta area. My nephew is coming to town and we want to take him to a Japanese restaurant and let him experience the cooking tables. I have tried a few in the area and have been disappointed.