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Oysters, champagne...but not John's Grill prices?

thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Nope - this really is two old friends catching up, nothing Valentines about it!
We're settling for Hogs n Rocks - we'll be in the Mission and we're both curious. Although I wish I had thought of Zuppa before though -- next time!

564 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Oysters, champagne...but not John's Grill prices?

$2 or around there is fine...I didn't even think of Salt House or Zuni!
Anyone tried Hogs n Rocks in the Mission yet?

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Salt House
2 Shaw Aly, San Francisco, CA 94105

Oysters, champagne...but not John's Grill prices?

Looking to have an evening with an old friend...oysters, bubbly, some other nibbles. Can be Mission, SOMA, FidI...really anywhere BARTable. Not looking for 33$ a dozen. Any suggestions?

Oakland Restaurant Week Jan 23-29, 2011

I'm hoping to see some recc's too - a lot of places on the list, and I'm sad to say I haven't had much experience with most of them. Specifically any info on Wood Tavern's menu for the week, as I've wanted to try them for some time.

Ferry Building Thursday

Forgive me for not just searching previous threads...but current info is key here. I'm taking an out of town friend to the Ferry Building tomorrow (Thursday) for a 4505 patty melt. Of course, we can eat all day. Other than my of course I will trip to Boccalone, other can't miss for the out towner suggestions?

Point Arena dinner? [moved from CA]

Headed up to Point Arena for one night - a one year anniversary getaway.
Any suggestions for dinner?

May 21, 2010
rosetattoo76 in California

Driving from New Orleans to Houston

Zydego Brunch! yes! exactly something we're looking for. thank you.
Ok - one meal down. I can fit at least 4 into a day's drive.

Driving from New Orleans to Houston

Mid December.
Would love recommendation on the best stopping grounds for BBQ and whatever else is a must have on the route.

Goes without saying - nothing the locals don't eat


Piperade or Chez Papa?

Parents - true chowhounds - are spending the weekend, and these are the two we've wanted to check out. I've not been to either as of yet.

Taco Bar to come cater an event?

Not more than I am looking for AT ALL!
I'm going to contact Picante and see what they think my event will run. Do you have any idea what you friend paid?


Taco Bar to come cater an event?

Hoping someone out there has an idea!

We're looking for - essentially - the taco truck without the truck. Someone to come on site to our venue and grill up a full taco bar, using either the kitchen at the venue or their own equipment. Been to a few weddings and such where this happened, but the folks that did it are either out of business, or I can't find their information.

I plan on talking to my favorite taqueria later this week, but wondered if anyone has had this done?

Taco Bar/Fiesta catering?

Anyone know a good Taco Bar/Catering Service for the San Leandro area?

this is for a wedding next summer - we'd like someone who cooks on site, not a place where the food arrives already cooked.

Yes - we've thought about an actual taco truck, but there's got to be someone who comes with grills and does it on site!