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Saturday SF Ferry Farmer's Market - What not to miss?

We just got back and here is what we enjoyed:

- Pork sandwich at Roli Roti. Yummy sandwich! The line was long and the the guy behind the counter was painfully slow. Then again you can't hurry and artist at his work. I wouldn't recommend the potatoes.

- Figaro cheese at Andante - The cheese was too fragrant for my taste. The fig leaf give off a sweet smell that over powers the cheese.

- Levain at Acme

- The best figs ever!

- Some great blackberries and heirloom tomatoes.

- The coffee lines every where are ridiculous.

- FYI - Hog Island happy hour is only on Monday and Thursday. We got there too early on Monday for happy hour and spent $30 on a dozen oysters! At happy hour only the Kumos are $1.25. The rest are reg price.

Thanks everyone for your help. Tomorrow I go on a diet!

FYI: Liguria Closed until 8-28

Just got back from SF and went by Liguria. There was a note posted that they were on vacation until 8-28.

Saturday SF Ferry Farmer's Market - What not to miss?

What/Where is the Alameny Market?

Saturday SF Ferry Farmer's Market - What not to miss?

I am going on Saturday to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building hopefully by 11:00 am. Can any one recommend shops/stalls that should not be missed and what item(s) should be purchased at each?

We will be hungry so items to be eaten right away along with stuff to take with us. We are renting an apartment for 3 days so we have a kitchen. Not planning to do much cooking but some good in season fruits that are only locally available would be great. We are from So Cal so we do get stone fruit and grapes at our local farmer's market (not too great though).

I want to hit Acme and Cowgirl. What should I try to purchase at each?

Thanks again for your help!

Good Eats, Great Atmosphere & 2 Kids

Thank you everyone for your recommendations. I have them listed and ready for our trip this weekend.

It's funny that I would call my 2 boys (4&6) foodies but they don't eat much other than all things white (chicken, fries & bread). But they love to watch Top Chef, Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmerman & Alton Brown. Also they enjoy to going to the farmer's market and cook with me. I hoping their taste for food will develop in time.

Keep the feedback coming!

Good take out pizza in North Beach

Our family is renting an apt in North Beach. I would like recommendations for a good take out pizza place in the area. My kids love Costco cheese. The adults are looking for something more refined - good crust (not Chicago, deep dish style) and fresh toppings.

Thanks for the input!

Good Eats, Great Atmosphere & 2 Kids

I have searched under family and actually saw someone recommending Rainforest! Also lots of recs for Boudins which I love but have 3 within 10 miles of where we live.

I have searched under areas/locals but never really sure if the places fits my requirements esp the kids factor.

Price doesn't matter but entrees up to $35 ok.

Good Eats, Great Atmosphere & 2 Kids

I am looking for a restaurant for dinner. I have the following criteria:

1. Good food - Pls no recommendations for Rainforest or any other chain restaurants! I am in SF and want something that shows off regional cuisine. Seafood is good. I live in OC so have been exposed to Asian.
2. Good atmosphere - Something with a view or patio with great people watching since we are in the city - something that will keep the kids occupied too.
3. I have two young boys. They have done well with fine dining but something a bit casual probably would be better.
4. If they take reservations that would be great.
5. North beach/Embarcardo/Union Sq area is preferred

So far we have planned:
Sotto Mare
Hog Island
Golden Gate Bakery
Liguira Bakery

Thanks for your help!!