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Non Hotel Dining for 6 in Downtown Toronto.

Canoe and Buca are great pics. Also, Nota Bene at Queen & University has amazing food, a classy and refined atomosphere, and a great wine list.

For nearby drinks, the King St West neighborhood where Lee and Buca are located have lots of drink options... I would check out Lee lounge or the rooftop at the Thompson hotel for drinks.

Have fun !

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

Lobster Poutine @ Bymark
Softshell Crab Sandwich @ Porchetta & Co. *seasonally available
MezzaLuna pasta with Lemon-Maple-Butter @ Entoeca Sociale
Burrata Pizza @ Buca
...... and... drumroll......
the Coconut Cream Pie @ Scaramouche (can't believe this hasn't been mentioned?!?!)

Help me decide.....someplace new and exciting

Hey MG,
Was at Enoteca recently - absolutely loved it. Although agree with other posts, may be a bit too casual for a special occaission.... Same with Woodlot.

Loire and Boehmer are both just okay -- food is just alright, and atomosphere is pretty standard. I wouldn't say they're 'special-occaision-worthy.

Went to Ici Bistro just before Christmas.. it was fabulous. And the mood / ambience is bit more refined and more romantic. I would say definitely go to Ici (if you can snag a rez!)

Have heard great great things about Campagnolo, but haven't been yet.
How about Auberge de Pomier?
or Bymark? -- I know, usually thought of as a Bay St type of place, but the subterrainian room, and warm interior are really nice. And their Lobster Poutine is to die for.

Happy Anniversary!


Best Cocktails for Friday Night Birthday Celebration in the City!

How about Lee Lounge on King St? Or a bar inside the Thompson hotel? Good cocktails, cool vibe, and option to eat as well. Also, you'd be within walking distance to all the other bars and clubs. Happy Birthday!

Lee Lounge
601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, CA

Looking for a cool spot to host a 40th b-day party in Toronto

May not be a cool neighborhood, but I hosted a party @ Bar Italia in little italy last year. Had the whole upper floor (which made for a private room type of space), plenty of room for a dancefloor plus a small stage with AV equipment already in place. We just brought an iPod and they hooked it up quick and easy. A separate bar upstairs made it easy, and the food is pretty good too!

Bar Italia
582 College St., Toronto, ON M6G 1B3, CA

A few ideas on rounding out dining in paris late june

LOL I never said it was the tops of Spain & France... I just said it was the tops of my most recent trip. I thought I'd add my two cents, since antoniac wanted a suggestion near her hotel.

p.s. I would never have thought to eat chinese in spain.... besides, being chinese myself, I think I would save my chinese food for asia... or my mom's house LOL

May 25, 2011
juneplum in France

A few ideas on rounding out dining in paris late june

I was just in Paris 2 weeks ago.. had my favourite meal, out of 2 weeks in Spain & France, at Les Papilles. I got the recommendation off David Lebovitz's blog; and it did not disappoint! We had an amazing 4-course meal for 33e, paired with a fabulous bottle of wine; the most awesome part, there is no menu... chef and owner write the daily menu on the chalkboard outside. And this cozy, warm bistro had a packed house every night we walked by. We too, stayed near Luxembourg gardens; Les Papilles is located about 3 blocks from the gardens on rue Gay Lussac. I say you fill your Friday night dinner spot with this lovely, lovely gem. Oh, and check out David Lebovitz's blog for more ideas!

May 24, 2011
juneplum in France

Madrid in two weeks, three 20 something females

Thanks for the recommendations! Will be in Madrid for only two days (a Monday/Tuesday) in early May. Since only there for two nights, planning on devoting one night to tapas bar crawl starting @ Casa Lucas for night #1 and need one more suggestion for night #2.... want something inexpensive (we are heading to expensive Paris after Madrid) and ideally lively on a tuesday night. Not too huge on Paella or Seafood (as we will be coming from Majorca/BCN) -- so a 'must-go-when-in-Madrid' spot would be fabulous!

We are two 30somethings, and will be staying @ Viena Suites @ Calle de Juan Alvarez... Mendizabal

Apr 05, 2011
juneplum in Spain/Portugal

Brunch recommendation - for a group?

If you've already chosen Le Select it is fab -- I'm going there later today LOL!
I was going to suggest Mildred Temple Kitchen .. a bit out of the way, in Liberty Village at King and Dufferin, but the food is great, they have a nice and spacious dining room (+ wheelchair friendly), and there is free parking :)

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Best place for Chef's Table/Tasting Menu

I agree with others: in my books, its a tie between Colborne Lane and Splendido -- easily 2 of the best restaurants in the city. Colborne Lane is tops for innovation, trendy atmosphere, a blow-your-mind tasting menu (albeit, no Alinea) and actually, I think a pretty great wine list. Splendido is more subdued, less trendy, but still, standout food and service. [Bymark, Nota Bene and Canoe round out my personal top 5 restaurants]

Maybe it'll come down to where you can get a reservation?!

88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

Colborne Lane
45 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1P8, CA

Nota Bene
180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

Lunch near Ryerson this weekend

KENZO Ramen ! Pretty near-authentic japanese ramen (noodle-soup) just at Bay and Dundas. Great for a chilly winter day :)

SukhoThai ! Probably the best thai food in the city. Very authentic -- the sukhothai pad thai and the green curry are amazing. Located at Dundas and Parliament, its a bit east of Ryerson, but I say, its worth the trek. Don't expect anything fancy, its just a teeny little spot, but the food is just soooo good.

Boneless Beef Short Rib Recipes

I also bought some boneless short ribs and was at a loss of what to do with them ! I'd like to try braising it but a few questions - hoping somebody can give me some advice :) I think I'll try to go the savoury (carrot / celery / onion / bayleaf) route and not the salsa route.

- braise in oven or stovetop? my challenge is finding a cooking vessel with lid to go into oven for the slow braise... might have to settle for stovetop
- If I were to braise in beer ... how much should I use? Should I use a mixture of beer + beef broth?
- there seems to be a layer of tougher connective tissue attached .. I am guessing I should remove that as best I can before the browning/braising process?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Feb 22, 2011
juneplum in Home Cooking

Is there better Thai than Sukhothai in Toronto?

No, I agree with all the posts, there is no better Thai in Toronto. Sukhothai is the tops. After having been to Thailand, I've been disappointed in all the thai i've ever had in Toronto. The Pad Thai is usually so ketchup-y. I was elated to find Sukhothai and have been having it oh, every 2-4 weeks since I've discovered them. I'm SO HAPPY to hear that they are opening a second location (confused about the owners/jeff & nuit running both locations vs new partnerships/owners?) -- but it doesn't really matter either way.. just hope the food remains authentically thai!

Congrats, Jeff & Nuit on your success and see you at Khao San Road

274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Terroni: neagative review of place suggested by some critics:

I absolutely agree. I am a huge fan of Terroni ... I could eat the pasta there every week (and for a stretch, I did!) The pasta is sooo perfectly cooked, the ingredients are fresh and simple and all round, I just love that it's a casual and easy breezy place to go for dinner. I think what I like about the pasta dishes is that the combinations and sauces taste light and 'real' ... as opposed to pastas drowning in salty or over-flavoured sauce. I like the pasta over their pizza (I'd pick Libretto for pizza over Terroni). I just wish the line-ups weren't so insane!

BTW I hear that they are opening a new flagship location near Summerhill with a huge and fabulous patio ... can anybody confirm this?

Restaurants I love, you hate

Good post !!
-Terroni (Balmoral)
-McD's sausage & egg mcmuffin - the Timmy's breakfast sandwich just doesn't compare
-Shanghai Cowgirl -- especially the grilled cheese with avacado & jalapeno
-Rol San on Spadina
-Cafe Diplomatico - my go-to patio for pizza and sangria!

-Spring Rolls
-Salad King
-Firkin pubs --> there are so many better pubs out there ! Rebel House and Queen and Beaver to name a few!

But when its all said and done, for those of us who love food .....I still think we live in a pretty darn good city =)

Rebel House
1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA

Single best dish you've had in Toronto?

Great topic! Here are my thoughts:
Lobster Poutine @ Bymark (picture: lobster, crispy fries, drizzed in Bernaise saucce)
Hard to pick a main but I'd say Kobe Beef Burgers at Trevor or
any pasta at Terroni (low-end) / anything at Celestin
Coconut Cream Pie @ Scaramouche .. it's legendary.

Wines (not available at LCBO): Hamelin Bay Rampant Red 2006 @ Bymark or Bogle Phantom 2004 @ Trevor


Cafe/Bakery in toronto,ontario

Frangipane is a lovely bakery with wonderful desserts - at Dupont & Spadina. It's a bit small for a sit-down type of snack, but well worth a visit!

Le Pain Quotidien is another great bakery. More rustic, and larger and yummy yummy breads and sandwiches. It's just a block or so north of Bloor on Yonge St.

Bounjour Brioche is another great spot. Its has a great brunch, as well as amazing baked goods... I remember it to have more savoury items (brioche, croissant, baguette, quiches) than sweet items, but the aroma that fills this little spot is just heavenly. It's on Queen st East near Broadview.


Atlantis Pavilion for Chinese Banquet?

Pearl at Queens Quay is a great spot =) I have dimsum there almost every week.. it is one of my faves! And I've been to a few banquets there - also very very good. View is beautiful, and service is fantastic. Good luck!

Pie Delivery in Toronto?

You might have to figure out the delivery part of the equation, but hands down the best pie ever is the legendary Coconut Cream Pie at Scaramouche. I have ordered a pie ($36... not a bad price for a piece of heaven!) and they are ready for pick up after 4:30pm. It is on the top of Toronto Life's '100 things you must eat before you die' and it is TOTALLY deserving of this acclaim!!!! Good luck!

Dinner Easter Sunday (tonight)

In case you're still looking for a place, i was checking out myself for tonight ... this little place called Tati (which has availability tonight) is apparantly amazing and sublime. Its getting rave reviews....

Dear Toronto: I think I've done my homework & would like your input

Hey hey
What a lovely list of food spots you've compiled! I feel so lucky to live here, where we have such good food.. multicultural, gourmet, innovative, comfort.. you can find anything and everything here.

My suggestions....

-Dim Sum. Definitely PEARL at Harbourfront. Growing up having dimsum all my life, this one tops the list. Dynasty at Bloor/Avenue is good too. A less pricey and more 'authentic' experience would be Rol San on Spadina.

-Breafast / Bakeries. For breakfast, my favorite spots are 1) Brassaii on King St at Spadina and 2) le petit dejeuner (King St. East, around Jarvis St.) and 3) Bonjour Brioche - already mentioned. Clafouti is hands down one of my favorite bakeries .. get there early to snap up the croissants!

-Pho. If you can trek it out there, try Green Turtle on Ossington. Better than Pho Hung (which is still pretty good), but a bit far.

-Dumplings. A big NO to Mother Dumplings.. instead, try the soup-filled pork dumplings at Asian Legend. (you're right, the places in suburbia are better, but this is the best dumpling I have had downtown)

-Other Asian: my votes also go to Matahari Grill (sort of thai/malay/indian fusion), Japango for sushi.

-Markets: Yes to Peameal at Carosel at St.Lawrence!!! In Kensington, Jumbo Empanadas and Big Fat Burrito are both really good.

-Poutine. If you have a chance, try the Lobster Poutine at Bymark. It is just AMAZING. One of the best things I have ever eaten! (think crispy fries, juicy chunks of lobster, and creamy bernaise sause.. )

Bon Appetit! Have fun here in Toronto!

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

I moved from Toronto - Richmond Hill - back to Toronto recently. And I have to say, the food in R.Hill was not great. Here are the gems that I found:
-J-Grille @ Bayview/Major Mack. This is authentic japanese food... you must try the Miso Ramen and the donburi
-Old Mill bakery is great -- get their pizza dough for homemade pizza
-Kenny's Gourmet -- at Major Mack and Leslie has good casual chinese food
hope that gives you a few more options

Boston Hound seeks best of Toronto

Hello! I'll make it short and sweet:
-for an all-round best restaurant experience, I'd have to say Colborne Lane. Amazing, creative food -- you *really* must pay a visit. It also has a great, trendy atmosphere, and a great wine list.
-a must-have app is the Lobster Poutine at Bymark (although the Kobe Beef sliders @ Trevor Kitchen are a close second)
-dim sum: Pink Pearl at the Harbourfront Centre. A great view, and really good dim sum (from an asian girl, this says alot!)
-dessert: the coconut creme pie at Scaramouche
So much food in our city, So little time!
Enjoy =)

Dying for Thai

Thai Princess at King and BlueJays Way is surprisingly good -- and so is Bua Thai at Avenue and Davenport. I was also so upset when I came home to Toronto after a vacation in Thailand.. ketchup-y pad thai is just so wrong.

the BEST Granola. Ever.

Jul 30, 2008
juneplum in Recipes