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I need DOUGHNUTS in SF!!

Dear Fellow Foodophiles,
A few weeks ago, we posted and asked for recommendations on where to have our wedding in SF (we live in NYC). We appreciated all of your responses & LOVED your recs although we didn't have enough time for all of them. Fast forward: we found a fabulous place (Boulettes Larder) and now are in need of your recommendations for...doughnuts!
Let me start by saying that in NYC, the doughnut (not to mention the carne asada burrito) is NON EXISTENT!! I am from San Diego where the doughnut is a given. Like pizza in NYC, even if its bad, its pretty darn good. I grew up on doughnuts. The varieties in texture, density & flavor are the Saturday morning memories that my brother and I will always relate to our childhood of the 70's. From old fashioned buttermilk (glazed & chocolate) to apple fritters to bear claws to french crullers to maple bars, I am a monster when it comes to doughnuts!
So, now that we've found the perfect place for our reception, we now have details to consider. We will be back in SF in a few weeks and are on a mission. Among other details, we need a great wedding cake. We've had lousy wedding cake and decent wedding cake. What would be better than a DOUGHNUT WEDDING CAKE???
Problem is, I'm from San Diego. We need recs for doughnuts in SF! I know they are out there, but where?? Given the info on us and my rather demanding criteria, can you help?
Thanks in advance.

NYC Food Lovers Visiting SF for!

Dear SF Foodophiles,
The man I am going to marry (sorry, I hate the French word for it) and I are visiting SF the weekend of the 20th. We are going with the excuse of going to look for possible places to get married and have our "reception" at (there are going to be 20 people tops). Almost as exciting as the pending nuptials is the fact that we LOVE food & wine (we own a little retail wine shop in the East Village and recently opened a cheese shop 2 doors away) and are looking so forward to our weekend away. The problem is that I personally haven't been to SF since I was 14 yrs old and my guy hasn't been since the mid 90's.

Here's where you come in: We want to eat memorably on our weekend there. We don't mind spending the dough on a meal that will transcend us but we also find few things more satisfying than having delicious food anywhere that doesn't require sitting at a "normal" restaurant. We NEED your help. If you were us, knowing what you know about food, us, and our situation, where would you go??? We plan on having 3 dinners, 2 lunches, and 3 breakfasts on our long weekend there (in addition to looking for the perfect spot to exchange our vows so any suggestions that you have for that would be much appreciated too). What do you say??

Thanks in advance,
B & D

PS We've been given everything including Tartine, Papalotes, Blue Bottle, Wierd Fish, & Ubunto just so you know the direction. Thanks!