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Two Weeks in Cincinnati

Now that you are staying in Florence, KY, check out Chung Gi Wha (A.K.A. Chung Ki Wha) It's a Korean Barbeque that is all you can eat for around $27. The buffet is L-shaped with the panchan, or side dishes, on the short side, and all kinds of marinated meat, seafood and vegetables on the long side. There are also usually some california rolls on the corner. Unlike most Korean BBQ places that use gas or electric grills, the staff brings out a small pot of charcoal, places it inside your table, puts a grate over it and you start grilling away. The place is never too crowded, and a lot of times its customers are made up of Korean families and Japanese people from Toyota. The restaurant is located right off I-71/75 at exit 181, probably very close to where you are staying:

7800 Commerce Dr
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 525-9978