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Brilliant Chinese Restaurant - CLOSED!!

anyone know where the Cook from Brilliant is working now??

Canned Smoked Chinese Herring in Black Bean - Missing in Action?

Just bought 6 cans fr. Oriental @ Kennedy/Denison.Used to cost around $.99 before but now cost $2.50 per can. They bring in very small shipment & it usually don't last long, the supply

Malaysian Curry at South Asia Malaysian Cuisine

I have been reading with interest with regard to SAM . When this restaurant first opened many years ago this was indeed one of the better authetic Malaysian rest. in the GTA. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice was equal to those in Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh & Peang in malaysia & in S'pore. Each &every component fr. the rice , chicken, soup & the chilli sauce were authetic & good. But sad to say original ownership changed & it has been downhill since.
Have not been there for sometime but went back last month just before they moved to the new location hoping that the food would be authetic but was disappointed again . Have to agreed with Wetnose review on SAM.
Food is very personalised esp. if one is trying a new one for the first time & that will be the taste that they will compare it with when they tried another rest. Funny eg. a friend of mine said he just tried malaysian food for the first time at Golden Elephant Rest.& he enjoyed & love the food.I then took him to Gourmet Garden & his opinion was that Gourmet Garden was not original & not as good as Golden Elephant. For those who know Malaysian food & have tried both rest. Golden is far far worse than SAM & Gourmet Garden is still one of the better malaysia rest. in the GTA

Malaysian Curry at South Asia Malaysian Cuisine

The stall in First Markham is in the food court & is call Malay Thai.My fav. dish there is the Law Mee. Most authetic in the GTA. :-)

Good Eat in/around Kensington Mkt

Thanks ASER, love taco.Do u 've the address as I am not 2 familiar with the area. Other than taco does she serve any other dishes.

Good Eat in/around Kensington Mkt

Would appreciate some good place/local fav. to eat in Kensington market

Good eat around Mercer/Grove City area

Hi all,
We will be going to above area in the new year for a few days.Would appreciate suggestion of 'good eat 'around the area.

Dec 30, 2008
jesroyal in Pennsylvania

Chinese lamp/mutton soup/hotpot

Would appreciate all your suggestion on some of the best restaurant that served good lamp/mutton soup/hotpot. There used to be a restaurant along Steeles bet. Brimley & Midland that specialise in lamp/mutton , but they have changed management .