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Linen Dish Towel Fabric

I've seen this fabric available in the past year in some of the fabric stores on Queen Street, on the couple blocks immediately west of Spadina. I can't remember exactly which store, but their numbers are dwindling, so spend 20 minutes wandering in and out of them and you'll find it. I'd start with the one with the orange and black sign, just west of the Second Cup (perhaps called Queen Textiles)? If none of those work, head over to King Textiles (immediately south, on King). Also, if you're friendly and you ask nicely, most of the shopkeepers will tell you who has it if they don't.

Also, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Fabricland also carries this type of fabric. Perhaps it's not 100% linen, as I'm sure you would've already checked there.

Can anyone tell me where in Toronto to get back bacon on a bun (not peameal)?

They sell back bacon on a bun at the Weston Farmer's Market every Saturday from May to October. I'm not an expert of back bacon vs. peameal but I believe this is the back bacon you are looking for. The Weston Farmer's Market is located in the GO parking lot north of John Street in Weston.

What happend to Thai Queen on the Kingsway?

I drove by there tonight and it was all boarded up and the sign was gone. The website's still live and the phone line is live but no one answers and there's no message. This is one of my favourite restaurants to go to and I'm a little shocked to see it just gone like that.

Thai Queen
3058 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1C4, CA

Looking for good take out in Etobicoke

This past spring Bert and Ernies served my husband and I the WORST meal we've had at a restaurant in a very long time. We shudder every time we go by there and will never return there willingly again. I can't remember exactly what I ordered but what stands out (still) in my mind is that the "vegetables" that came with my meal were so freezer burnt I thought the waitress at least would have been embarassed to bring them out to the table. Apparently she didn't bother to look at what she was carrying to the table (neither did the chef when s/he was cooking it, so no difference I guess...) because once I pointed them out to her she did, at least, have the decency to blush. I generally don't make a huge fuss over my meal in a restaurant but I actually did send my meal back there. Additionally, the room was freezing cold (most people were wearing their outdoor jackets, zipped up). We mentioned it to the waitress and she looked at us like we were crazy and said she was hot (she was the only waitress and was running around so that's understandable--however, when the diners are shivering in their seats one has to remember who the customer is...). Sorry, a little long, but I just really think Bert and Ernie's is a really bad restaurant.

Good Eats at Taste of the Kingsway this weekend?

I don't know exactly what's on offer for Taste of the Kingsway but I eat in that area quite a bit. Thai Queen is my favourite thai restaurant (I don't know if it's authentic thai, I just enjoy it. I usually have the Basil Beef and I love the cold rolls). Kingsway Fish and Chips is said by many of my friends to be the best fish and chips joint around (I don't eat fish so I can't really comment). It's a nice area. There are several coffee shops. The homes north of Bloor are quite lovely if you want to go for an after-dinner walk.

Best hot chocolate in Toronto?

Has anyone had hot chocolate at Juliet et Chocolat in Montreal? I keep hoping I'll find a place like that in Toronto, and I'm wondering if the hot chocolate at Ambience measures up to that standard?

The price point is very different (I think the hot chocolate at Juliet et Chocolate is around $5 [and up, if you go for the fancier blends], but it's absolutely worth it) so I'm a little doubtful that we're talking about the same kind of hot chocolate.

Calling all Windsorites

It's been a few years since I've eaten there, but I've always enjoyed Bubi's It's a burger joint specializing in "gourmet" burgers (i.e. greek burgers piled high with feta, etc.). They're not shy with the garlic, the portions are generous, and I've found the food to be delicious.

Riveria Maya

The El Dorado Royale has fantastic food. We went there on our honeymoon earlier this year and didn't have a bad meal the entire time (one or two weren't as fantastic as the others, but that had more to do with our food allergies and the accomodations they had to make, than them). They bill themselves as "gourmet inclusive" and really they live up to that.
We went there on the recommendation of friends, that have gone there for several years (and are going again next week).
There are about 8 restaurants on site, none of them buffet (except for breakfast), all featuring different cuisines. We highly recommend JoJo's--the little caribbean place by the beach--for lunches (their grilled pineapple with caramel and ice cream is something I wish I could have brought back with me--I have a craving right now). We also really enjoyed the fondue restaurant (about 8 different kinds to choose from, just a lovely evening) and the "international" restaurant.
Our only food-related disappointment was the wine that was "included" with the "all inclusive" package--we're not wine experts but even we could tell it wasn't great. But there was always the option of paying more for a premium wine if we chose to.
There were a few destination weddings happening at the resort each day we were there, and they all seemed to be done up very well. If I was considering a destination wedding this would definitely be a top choice. It is definitely a place we would like to go back to.

Aug 01, 2008
spicecat in Mexico

Manitoulin Island recommendations?

The best food thing about Manitoulin Island is that you can get Farquhar's ice cream there! It's fantastic stuff.

If you're going up this weekend you'll also want to get your fill of fresh wild blueberries, which are in season. Don't hesitate to buy from the folks you'll find parked at the side of the highway with baskets of berries on their trunks (well, check the berries and makes sure they're not wet and/or overripe). Blueberry pie, blueberry muffin, blueberries and ice cream, blueberry soup, blueberries on their own...