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Oyster bay and cold spring harbor

I preside over a dining group and our group went to Wild Honey three weeks ago. Everyone loved the mussels appetizer.Absolutely delicious and the portion is actually entree-sized. The members also loved the fish dishes (salmom & catfish). The restaurant features a sub-thirty dollar three course price fixed menu on Sundays which is one of the best deals on Long Island.

Looking for a memorable meal in Westbury or thereabouts

Giulio Cesare on Ellison near Old Country Road, I believe. Unsurpassed old school Italian.

Gastropubs - Nassau

And thank you for your recommendation of Pier 95, Gastronomos. I enjoy reading your posts.

Any Good Freeport Nautical Mile Options?

I have always regarded the Freeport Nautical Mile dining situation as mediocre.Since the Restaurant Week there is coming up in April, Can anyone cite a restaurant that can change my opinion? Thank you in advance.

Gastropubs - Nassau

The Oak Room Tavern in Sea Cliff has gotten good mention on Yelp, for the food and brew, not the service. The menu looks yummy. The chef did a Food Network challenge according to the website. I'm going to post it as an event for my dining group because it looks promising.

Damascus Bakery Breads on Long Island

This is a "Hail Mary". Recently, my local supermarket in Massapequa Park, NY stopped carrying the amazing and healthy Flax Rollups from the incredibly good bakery on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. Have any chowhounds seen these breads in their local Long Island markets? Thank you for your help.

Cafe Sport (Portuguese in Williston Park, Long Island)

Thank you, Erica. I think I will try Heart of Portugal again. FYI....I loved your article on the origin of Grandma Pizza since I'm a big King Umberto fan and knew of some of those mentioned.

Cafe Sport (Portuguese in Williston Park, Long Island)

Thank you for your response, Stuartlafonda. It would take me too long to list the places the group has gone and would be inappropriate for me to promote another website here because I have so much affection for this community and appreciation for what Chowhound does.The group does 4-5 dinners a month in a wide variety of local cuisines and I carefully research my own selections.The concept is "meetup" and information about it is widely available on the Web.

Cafe Sport (Portuguese in Williston Park, Long Island)

I'm thinking of scheduling Cafe Sport for my dining group Great Restaurants but would really like an update. As Mr. Leff says, I can confirm that it was a go to place back in the day(always thought it was better than Lareira or Heart of Portugal)but I have not been there for years. Does anyone have an update on Cafe Sport or another suggestion for Portuguese food(besides Taberna)? Thank you.

Fuller's London Pride

Pound and Pence in the Financial District has it.Their burgers are great too.

Jun 13, 2014
sagetom in Manhattan

Nassau County

For what it is worth, I was there yesterday and I can say that you can get excellent brick oven pizzas at Red Tomato in East Norwich.

Good Bar Food / Pub Grub?

Having worked in the area for more than twelve years, I can say that Mulligans Pub on Madison & 39th makes a superb burger, has a large selection of beers and is very close to where you are staying. Rare in the thirties on Lexington Avenue would also be a good and more upscale option.

Apr 11, 2014
sagetom in Manhattan

King Umberto featured on Neighborhood eats ch. 7 Elmont, LI

I have been going to King Umberto since the 70s. The make a great mixed seafood fra diavlo and stuffed veal chop. FYI Grandma Pizza was invented there(at least outside of Grandma's kitchen).

Rye Bread Long Island

Steinbergs in Oceanside has great Rye.

Duck on Long Island?

Where can you find a restaurant that serves an great duck entree? Looking more for the Continental-type preparation but it would be great to find a new Peking Duck spot beyond the obvious(Orient or Fortune Wheel). Thank You!

Used Pizza

Am I the only one who, from time to time, orders a regular neopolitan pie to go, arrives at the pizza place in ten minutes and is given a pizza which was cold, old looking, obviously sitting in the pizzeria for a while and obviously intended for another party who never picked it up. Is this an accepted and/or prevalent practice in pizzerias? Are workers instructed to do this? And,,,,,,how do such pizzerias stay in business? And....finally have any of you confronted the pizzeria owners and/or workers about this practice instead of just not going there anymore?

Oct 25, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

Am I the only one who doesn't like...?

Cilantro, scallions, cucumbers, KALE(YUCK)

Oct 07, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

What's your favorite sauce for pasta?

Would you please supply your recipe, Sharuf. Sounds interesting and yummy.

Sep 28, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

What dishes / foods do you NEVER get at restaurants?

Beef in Chinese the prices generally charged it must be crud. Meatloaf.......only trust my own.Pasta is an interesting subject. The common perception regarding the markup is spot on. I generally do not order a pasta dish or sauce I can make better but as I'm intimidated by shellfish, I favor those mixed shellfish pasta dishes in "Italian joints"(with plenty of crushed red pepper).

Sep 28, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

i know you're not supposed to ________, but i do it any way.

Drink red wine with practically anything and ALWAYS pair cheese with clam, shrimp or any seafood based pasta sauce. IMO......whoever devised the rule re cheese and seafood was a moron.

Sep 28, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

Dark Leafy Greens Question(s)

Broccoli Rabe is my absolute favorite, cooked in EVO, mucho garlic, crushed red pepper on Italian Bread(from Arthur Avenue if I can get it). Bliss! I absolutely ABHOR kale but regret missing out on its alleged health benefits. Is there a palatable way to prepare this vegetable besides throwing it in a smoothie to mask it?

Sep 28, 2013
sagetom in General Topics

Osso Buco on LI?

Absolutely love this dish but generally cannot get it since my "go to" Italian restaurants only serve it as a sporadic special. Does anyone know where to find a good version of this dish as a menu staple on Long Island?

Best roast duck and pork in Chinatown

I have been to many of the places referenced on this post but I think the best roast pork is at Ah-Wah on Catherine Street.

Sep 06, 2013
sagetom in Manhattan

Dinner near Albany/Latham

I agree about D' Raymonds. They do Italian right and are priced very reasonably. They are also very close to I-787.

Capital Region Jewish Delis

He's obviously not the foodie, Roger K. but I still think he must explain. I'm visiting him next week so I will get to the bottom of whether Hembolds/Old World sells deli meats at retail and report back. FYI...They sell miniature hot dogs which are outstanding, particularly with their own hot "zippy sauce".

Capital Region Jewish Delis

Thank you so much for your posts,. Who would have thought that Price Chopper is a player in this. Wow!. And the scariest and most incredible fact is that my brother lives on Colleen Road in Troy.......The same block as Old World Provisions!!!!!

Capital Region Jewish Delis

Is there any place in Albany and/or the surrounding suburbs to get great pastrami, corned beef, brisket & tongue?

Help me with my (Asian heavy) food itinerary

You did not specifically request a Chinese option but Yunnan Garden on Schiff Drive, to this native NYer, is as good and authentic as the best Chinatown and Flushing Queens Chinese restaurants.

Jun 08, 2013
sagetom in Las Vegas

where to get the best pastrami sandwich

In the risk of proclaiming that the emperor has no clothes, I had a pastrami sandwich at Goodmans Restaurant & Deli at 400 Springfield Avenue in Berkely Heights, New Jersey today that was as good or better than the last one I had at Katz's(at $9.50).

Jun 07, 2013
sagetom in Manhattan

Best Chinese Options

Thank you, QAW and everyone else. I'm set and intend to indulge in at least two of those choices.

Feb 17, 2013
sagetom in Las Vegas