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Party of 20, $40ish per person

Bucca di Beppo is the perfect place for that group specifically because they serve huge portions. Best bet is to plan the meal before you get there with someone from Bucca and order wisely. Huge portions and lots of bread and wine - all will be well. All you really have to do is tell them your per person preference on price and see what they can do for you.

SPQR - Perceptor's Report

I've only been to SPQR once but it was worth it. I sat at the bar talking to another post work drinker. The bartender, her name escapes me, she had very short dark hair, lovely woman - well she took perfect care of me. She recommended terrific wines to go with my three dishes; she rolled with my indecision and post work burnout. It was absolutely what I needed that day. A post work cool off with some tasty bits and a little wine. I had scallops, sausage, and broccoli - and they were each perfect. The sausage was especially delicious.

6 Bay Area Classics - have u been to them all?

What an odd assortment to lump together. That's Bauer for ya. Swan's Oyster Depot is such a classic place - it's such an unique experience to sit at the bar during the holiday season having a cup of chowder, a beer, some lobster and prawn cocktails....and just enjoy the bustle. It's also the best place to order a pound or two of prawns to serve at a party; don't forget the cocktail sauce.

Pizzeria Delfina in Pacific Heights

I stopped by for a menu and it was nice to see the sparkling new interior. The staff had that awesome friendly feeling that goes with just opening...this place will be packed all the time, I'm sure, much like SPQR especially in the early evening...I'm thinking it's a perfect place for mid afternoon late lunches with plenty of wine and no place to be except with the person i'm with..

Best steak at a non-steakhouse restaurant in SF

I agree with Florio and the ribeye at Fifth Floor was great.

LUNCH near California Academy of Sciences

Chow is definitely a great choice...perfect for a casual lunch and dependable for quality. You might also try Cha Cha Cha just off the park on Haight St - great food, unique atmosphere and killer sangria..

Fifth Floor one more time.

I just had a meal there about two weeks ago, on a Wednesday night with a work associate from out of town. We sat in the lounge area and were blown away by the food. Can you say "duck fat fries?" They came with the ribeye which was expensive but it was perfect for two people and we pretty much fought over the duck fat fries - they were amazing. The crab bisque was intense but somehow still light. I was ambivalent about ordering salmon but it was four star - granted the beets that came with were ideal for me. I had the St. Jacques et Tomatoes to start and would absolutely order it again - fresh clean flavors, heirlooms done right. My revelation was that the next time I dine there, I really need to try sitting in the dining room. I've been to the lounge twice now, but both times were casual business. The dining room looked good for a third date - when it's time to seal the deal in a classy non stuffy environment...guess I need to get those first two dates out of the way first...anyway, my summary is that the food has clearly achieved a higher level. It's really memorable. Oh, and the margarita(s) rocked. I don't know if the bartender was a certified "mixologist" or not, but she sure knew how to work that tequila...

Meatball Sandwich Hunt

Dino's on Fillmore and California has a basic meatball sandwich that works for me...garlic and onions and's solid.

Foreign Cinema or Delfina?

Foreign Cinema. Delfina's too crowded and often with an older 'let's eat early' crowd...Foreign Cinema's food is great and you can skip around to Bruno's for drinks after and continue getting that happening crowd you're looking for...

Ame or Slanted Door?

Ame's lovely but Slanted Door rocks. Eating at the bar at Slanted Door is a great experience but I don't love every table there. Ame's gorgeous inside but again, a few tables aren't desirable in my book. Both have great food though Slanted Door wins out for me because over and over again they deliver the same great stuff...whether that's spring rolls, ribs i live to chew on, or time tested reliables like claypot chicken or shaking the bartenders make perfect cocktails - EVERY TIME!

Cheap eats in San Francisco

I'm with ya on Cav...especially because there are so many choices with the wine: tastes, glasses, flights and many are very reasonably priced...and the cheese selection kills me - they slay me, I love them!

03/08 B-44 : Super Spanish Tapas and Paella

I recommend B44 all the's a great experience, terrific service...and i'm a diehard fan of the's really great for a mid size group: 6-8 people...the food is good enough to return repeatedly but the staff really makes it all jell...

Recent Visit to Fifth Floor?

Do people still react to Bauer's reviews? I was chuckling with some Southern California friends about Bauer's reviews in the past when it was clear that the restaurant hadn't properly fluffed him, or perhaps that was his boyfriend's fault?

Anyway, I find Fifth Floor far more comfortable than it used to be when I felt out of place without a broomstick shoved in a not so visible place. It's more accessible, tastier, and though I rarely ever wear a jacket anyway, perfectly fine without dressing way up. A nice shirt/sweater, whatever...don't look like you just woke up and you'll have a great time, whiner. I really wonder what Bauer was talking about when he dissed the new chairs there; I was trying to figure out how to slip or roll one out with me...

I'm trying Orson tonight...wish me luck, folks...