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HELP! Passover Brisket techniques

Thanks everyone. But has anyone used a slow-cooker to cook their brisket? Has it gotten dried out? For how long do you cook? If i'm putting potatoes and carrots and onions in there and then want to serve the next day do you suggest that when reheating, I reheat separately? Thanks again!

Mar 26, 2010
tbradin in Home Cooking

HELP! Passover Brisket techniques

Ok, so i'm making my FIRST EVER brisket for passover and am reading WAY too much and getting WAY too confused.

I'm definitely going to cook my brisket in a slow-cooker, but how long do you suggest? Some recipes say 4 hours, where others say 11 hours. i would think the lower the temp and the longer the better, right?

Also, I'm thinking I should cook it the night before since that it what most people say is better to do. If I do this, then Monday, how should I reheat? In a pan in the oven? I'll be cooking carrots and potatoes with it, should i put that all in a pan together in the oven? Or separate?

Thanks for all and any help!! I really need it! :)

Mar 25, 2010
tbradin in Home Cooking