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party place needed to accommodate 150 people

Thanks for the info. Went to check them out.and was pleased. They do indeed
have a room ready to accommodate up to 180 guests and they have several
party options to stay on budget. They are located on McClean Avenue in

party place needed to accommodate 150 people

We are planning a christening party in late October and need suggestions. Need
something in the westchester are that will accommodate approx. 150 guests.
Trying to stay in budget $30-40/person. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Valhalla Lunch

If you're looking for great Italian food in Valhalla, there are 2 good places to eat...
right across from the train station in the village is Esposito's--casual and very good
If you're looking for something a little nicer just go a little north on the BxRiver Pkwy
and there's Spadafino's where they serve excellent food.