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Looking for a dessert bar or great bakery in NY

I would like to get recommendations on a bakery or dessert bar where I can have lunch and sit around sipping coffee and eating eclairs. Any suggestions? Location is not an issue (as long as I stay in Manhattan ).

Sep 23, 2008
kbgray in Manhattan

Help us choose - Butter, Elizabeth, The Harrison or The Red Cat

Any advice on which is better for food and atmosphere, Thank you!

Sep 19, 2008
kbgray in Manhattan

Sea Salt (MSP)

Why make excuses for bad food? Even if something has to be flown in "2000 miles", if you are serving seafood, why not try to serve it fresh and make it the best possible? Why shouldn't a restaurant serve something "the same [if not better} as buying them and shucking them yourself at the oyster farm". That is what restaurant are for! I am constantly amazed that doing a "decent job" keeps restaurants here a float.
I couldn't agree more with the posters who thought the food was bad. We waited 40 minutes and all the fish was fishy.