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Great Kid Friendly Restaurant in Toronto

if you are looking for a place near the distillery district, Gilead Bistro is definitely kid-friendly for lunch or brunch (not sure about high chairs, but we took our 4 and 6 year olds there on the weekend). Menu is focussed on local and seasonal ingredients. In the downtown area , Terroni (Italian) is definitely kid-friendly (but the restaurant itself is always subject to debate on the board due to their "no subsitutions", "no butter" and "no parmesan for seafood pasta policies" - if you search it on this board you wil find several threads on this issue) -however I've been a number of times with kids for lunch and dinner and we've always had a good experience. Le Select Bistro (traditional french bistro) on Wellington has also been quite welcoming to our kids at lunch.

We also had amazing service at Woodlot (another local, seasonal ingredient spot but with a woodburning oven..) with our kids (it's not too far from downtown near College/Little Italy) - we went at 5:30 pm, just as they opened, and sat at the hightable near the kitchen, and the kids were fascinated by the woodburning oven and the kitchen activity . The chef even came out to ask the kids how they enjoyed the meal (he didn't ask us!) and the bar concocted special fizzy drinks for the girls as well - however I have no idea if they have highchairs. I think quite a few restaurant are welcoming to kids provide you go for an early dinner or at lunch.

Are you looking for a particular type of food or neighbourhood? I think there have been a few threads on kid friendly restaurants in the past, so you may find other reccs from searching the board.

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Gilead Bistro
4 Gilead Place, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Sep 12, 2011
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ramps on the Danforth

The Big Carrot had ramps on Saturday.

May 05, 2011
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

lunch with a two-year old near First Canadian Place

Mercatto on Bay (just north of FCP) is kid friendly (have seen strollers there on numerous occasions). The bread basket served when you sit down would keep my kids happy until the food (italian) arrived. Gets crowded at lunch, so reservations or arriving prior to noon would be recommended. It also tends to be noisy (which I appreciate when I am out with my kids, as it's harder to notice if they misbehave :-) )

I suspect kids wouldn't be a problem at the various Duke pubs (FCP and TD) nor at the Greek restaurant in the FCP food court (can't remember the name), but can't say I'd recommend those places for their food...

15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

Feb 09, 2011
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto restaurant suggestions for a couple with a child

I agreed with recs for Queen Margarita, Libretto and Terroni. We've taken our 3 and 5 year old to both on several occasions and we've never had any issues. Lil Baci is also an excellent pizza/pasta with kids option.

We also took the girls to le select (french bistro) recently, and found them to be quite kid friendly as well. I believe they have a children's menu available during certain times as well. I find that most restaurants are pretty accomodating -and it's easiest to go slightly off hours (i.e. late lunch or early dinner). We've also been to the Wine Bar on Church and the Hoof Cafe (both "contemporary" - although the latter is meat/charcuterie focussed, so probably not the best bet for your wife :-) )with our kids (granted, the 3 year old didn't eat much at either place, but we loaded her up with snacks before hand and kept the bread coming :-) ) and both restaurants were very solicitous of the kids.
As for breakfast/brunch, kids are pretty much welcome anywhere. I'd second Mitzi's sister (get there early on a weekend to avoid line ups!). Le Petit Dejeuner is very kid friendly, but also very crowed on weekends. Globe Bistro has a high end brunch on Sundays and while I've never taken my kids, I have definitely seem them there. Alas, a couple of my fave "brunch with kids" places have closed over the past year or two (Toba, Verveine, Barrio), so I would also like to get some new recommendations in that area

Nov 19, 2010
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurants I love, you hate

Great thread!

I like the Mill Street Brew Pub, which has been pretty much universally panned on this board.. There is much worse pub food in town and there are some tasty items on the menu ( I am fan of their club sandwich) and it's child-friendly and the kids' menu actually has some decent stuff on it)
I like Terroni as well (am I the only one??) and I don't think that their "no substitutions policy is a sin against restaurant goers everywhere :-)

Mill Street Brew Pub
55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Jun 09, 2010
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Restaurant advice needed for niece's 16th birthday party: informal, subway line, $25/person, reservations

On the Danforth, if you're looking for other than greek, 7 Numbers might fit the bill - it's Italian, fun (and loud - but in a good way..), inexpensive and they take reservations (and have space in the back for large parties) and located near Chester station.

May 25, 2010
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

new coffee house on Broadview across from Riverdale park

I pass the location daily and have seen people in it almost every day last week - I assumed it was staff training or a try out for friends and family.

Dec 21, 2009
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO Maldon sea salt in GTA

I saw the regular Maldon salt at at Alex Farm on the Danforth on Saturday - I assume the other Alex Farm locations probably carry it as well.

Alex Farm
377 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

Nov 18, 2009
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best selection of non-cow milk cheeses?

I visited the 5th Town shop in PEC recently and they told me that the Leslieville Cheese shop on Queen E also carries their products. I haven't checked it out for myself yet...
So far every 5th town cheese I've tried has been delicious!

Aug 20, 2009
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

searching for a wild boar vendor at the local farmers markets

While not a farmer's market, Blackstone on the Danforth was selling wild boar sausage as part of Taste of the Danforth. Not sure if they carry it as a regular item, but I know they do special orders.

Aug 14, 2009
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto-Vegetarian/vegan and family friendly restaurants

Although not exclusively vegetarian, here are some vegetarian (unfortunately I don't know if they have any vegan options) and kid friendly options:
In the East end, try Lil Baci for pizza (Queen East near Logan) or Mimi's Vietnamese (Gerard E. near Broadview). Both are very kid friendly (we take our 2.5 and 4.5 yr old girls there frequently) and Mimi's platters allow everyone to choose what they want to put in their rice wraps..the staff at Mimi's were particularly nice to us one day when our 4 year old had such a bad meltdown we had to take our dinner to go (luckily we live nearby)!

Terroni on Adelaide (near Yonge) is also kid friendly Italian if you go for an early dinner (although, beware of their (in)famous "no substitutions" policy on their menu items - search this board to find more info.)

Aug 14, 2009
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Advent calenders

Laura Secord has them - I saw them earlier this week at either the TD centre or exchange tower location.

Nov 25, 2008
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Raspberry Picking near Toronto

I was also up at Organics Farm on Sunday and got some great berries. They told me the season usually lasts 6 or 7 weeks (and it started a couple of weeks ago). They also have great fruit pies (cooked in a wood buring oven) on the weekends, but you need to arrive early for the pies - we got there around 3 pm and they had sold the last pie 5 minutes earlier.

Jul 29, 2008
piptal in Ontario (inc. Toronto)