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Havre aux Glaces: the thread

At Havre aux Glaces this weekend, Atwater edition. Small selection of flavours (maybe 10?) but tasty none the less. Grapefruit (very tart and true to the fruit), mango masai (mango, passion fruit, nutmeg...), brulée d'erable (good, very brulée, but tasty), expresso (why do people do that? it's espresso. sigh. No coffee bitterness, nice light coffee flavour), chocolat noir (deliciously creamy, complex flavour), poire cidre (REALLY worth trying - pear. Very true pear taste), vanille (good. a really nice creamy flavour).

Not JTM selection, but, a chance happening. Lucky to have a fraction of the bounty so close to home! Highly recommended, we had three scoops each, approx 3... something. It was a little over ten dollars for the three of us. Reasonable prices for such quality.

Can I get someone's take on Liverpool House?

Just to add my two cents worth, though I think it's all pretty much been said, went to LH for the first time tonight. Live in the neighbourhood, figured that we should support the locals (we often go to Limon, the Burgundy Lion, Quoi de n'Ouef for breakfast...) Anyhow... as for the Italian/nouveau italian/ north-south italian questions... it's not really Italian, at all. It's market food. Fresh, in season ingredients. What's fresh is what you are getting, or so it would seem. A decent range, decently prepared, fresh tasting food. Nothing over the top, nothing overly complex, simple and good. If you are looking for 'cuisine', or a flashy experience, this is not it. There are pasta and meat dishes on the menu - the menu does not seem to skew particularly French OR Italian. It's local, and seasonal, and uses good quality ingredients. There are the foodies, there are the once in a blue moon this is a special occasion crowd, and there is a contingent of people who come there to drop cash like it's going out of style... I think that is due in part to the relaxed atmosphere of the place. It does not come across as pretentious, and so people can come as they are (don't forget your wallet though).

For two of us, a shared appetizer of salmon and beets (simple, underdressed/flavoured for my taste, though fish was excellent - $18- hmmm), steak, green salad, and AMAZING potatoes (pan fried? baked? crispy, golden and delicious) and salmon w/celeriac purée (a bit too much, could have had another veg or something...). A glass of red each ($12/glass - seriously?), and an amazingly fresh (again, I know) dessert of strawberry icecream with milk chocolate... creme? sauce? it was like killer crème anglaise, or a really soft pot au chocolat with fresh strawberries... I loved it. oh, and amazing bread. Total bill was $120, which I find a bit steep for a basic dinner for two.

Perhaps because we were at an individual table in the corner (by the window), we didn't have to deal with tight tables and overheard conversations. The service was amazing, unobtrusive, helpful when requested, and very gracious overall. I was really impressed (and not just because of what I had read). I ask a lot of questions, am not a total foodie,not particularly knowledgeable, and I found they were very patient with questions, and helpful with wines (tastings without question. Try before you buy ;) )

Overall, great experience, but, a bit outside of my price range for it to become a regular hangout....

*** I was impressed at the offering of meals for two - whole deboned duck for $30, with an app or two could be a nice meal. Also, a pork (I believe!) dish for a little bit more than that (for two ppl) presented on an impressive platter. No printed menu.

Boston hounds need help for Montreal visit

Rosa and Aux Vivres are definitely far an above Le Commensal!

Good places in Verdun?

Chez Linda has the BEST breakfast. Busy on the weekends, but sooo good, and so not expensive!

Montreal--for serious foodies/beerfans/travelers??

Meh. With all the other beer choices in town, McCauslan is sort of a 'white bread' option. It's really good white bread, but, not as much substance as many of the other options. Plus, it's not really anywhere near the rest of the suggestions. It's a nice, quiet location, and they seem to be constantly working to improve the terrasse, but... unless you feel like taking a nice scenic bike ride, there is not too much to see there. 3-4 McCauslan beers on tap (unless it's a holiday weekend... things run out more quickly!). I believe they are open till 11 pm, weekends.

Brunoise Experience

Yeah... that wouldn't really work! It has nothing to do with snobbism, or any of that. It really is that the restaurant is just that popular. They book the space at the bar because... people want to eat there badly enough that they are willing to book a spot at the bar. Seriously. Not uncommon here. L'Express is another example of this. 'Just sitting at the bar' is not going to get you anywhere, unfortunately. Most of these types of restaurants work like a well oiled machine, because they are so busy, they have to.

Jul 29, 2008
gokkusagi in Not About Food