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Where to buy the best steak?

Wow, that's a resoundingly bold thumbs up for cumbrae's. I am a fan of sanagan's but I'll confess that while it's my preference it's not in the same echelon as cumbrae's (which, if we're playing the cross-continental comparison card, pales noticeably to uruguayan and argentinian imho ;P ).

Hot Chicken (a la Prince's of Nashville)

That was easy, haha! Thank you for the heads up.

Hot Chicken (a la Prince's of Nashville)

Born of Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, undoubtedly the evolution of fried chicken, no?

Coupled with our struggle to achieve / sustain decent low country BBQ food eats here, I'm guessing there's nowhere in Toronto that does this remotely close huh?

If any of you kind folks DO know of a place that even dabbles with trying to replicate, please don't be shy :)

Caruso Gourmet Pizza --- Closed --- Bolton

I could stab for airport pizza it is that good. Some of the best I have ever had, anywhere.

cevap and burek in Toronto

How about Livno or Croatia meats?

Canada's Top 100?

I'm curious, what makes it laughable? And what is your opinion of what would reflect a truer, objective (ie. minimal corporate shilling and glad-handing), and genuinely conclusive list that represents *the* top 100 as best they/we can?

It's just another list, yes, but is there more harm in trying to make a definitive one? I, for one, would like a strong, objective, and reputable list that sticks.

Would it be better if this is more publicly trumpeted/backed by san pellegrino's firepower, or do we need michelin in this country?

Bar Isabel - Must Tries?

Does anyone know what's happening next with (now former) CDC Brandon Olsen?

Grant van Gameren's new restaurant at College/Palmerston

San Sebastien style tapas bar? Be still my heart! When are we anticipating to know more?

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

I tried searching but couldn't find anything - I noticed Blowfish at King/Bathurst is being gutted or renovated.

Food you can't find in Toronto.

- pan de yuca (ecuadorian style, not the slightly more available pan de quesos found along dufferin / north york)

- brazilian bobo de camarao

- (even pseudo) authentic uruguayan / argentinian parillas

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

care to explain the lack of surprise? i take it you're not a fan at all.....i for one am sad to hear they're closing as i really like A-Ok

The porchetta sandwich at The Sausage King in the SLM

had the oliffe porchetta sammy today. while it was very good, i've got to say porchetta and co's blows it away.

Square Scottish Sausages in GTA ?

But N' Ben in scarboro

also, allen's scottish butchers on weston rd near lawrence.

Advice from fellow TO 'hounders on the best Manhattan Sushi [moved from Ontario]

Hi All,

I'd like to know your opinion on the best sushi / sushi experience in NYC (it's for lunch, mind you). Price isn't really an option, either. Of course, I've been trawling the NYC-based forums, but I'd like to know who here has gone, where you'd advise I go - in general, I'm looking for a Torontonians take on the best sushi in Manhattan. I'm told to go for something along the lines of Kurmuazushi, 15 East, Masa, Yasuda types.


Mar 11, 2011
Sam I Am in Manhattan

St. Patricks Day Festivites....

THE best place by a mile is the brampton irish centre (the cultural irish society).....but, it's in brampton, and among the industrial sprawl. however, easily the best., hands down.

otherwise, authentic and good = tara inn, mcveighs, mccarthy's, shamrock & thistle, dora keough to name a few.

Guu - Second location opening in the Annex!!

The wood paneling has been taken down as of last night. looks ready to go.

David Chang x Shangri La ... here's hoping!

Whoa, this would be a very high-profile grab for the city's culinary scene.

Boho Closing???

Just heard from an inside source. That this weekend might be final service. Anyone confirm?

Shawarmas in Toronto

I love Anoush. My buddy and I go all the time and we're pretty chummy with the owner, who is a complete legend and Cumberland foodcourt player. We're convinced he's Marcelino (from the Seinfeld rooster episode) or his twin brother.

Good food in Caledon

for pizza - very casual - 'airport pizza' is a must. best pepperoni ive ever had. on airport rd, in mono road just south of caledon east.

Robbie Burns Day

fellow chowhounders a few of us are looking for an authentic as possible (see: food and just as important atmosphere and ability to have pints) robbie burns dinner.

ive heard the usual, abbott on the hill, brazen head, etc but any and all thoughts would be appreciated - even off the beaten path suggestions and more 'private' (but not exclusive, obviously) ones.


BOHO/ Liverbird Pub

The pies are awesome. Homemade from scratch and it shows. None of the typical frozen british pies from some cannery-style plant in Hamilton.

Best Jamaican Patties - GTA

this might sound dumb, but the newstand in the jones subway station has patties that aren't half bad.

Blue Fin Toro @ Kokyo

The GF and I went to Kokyo Sushi at Yonge/Alexander last Friday night, randomly, and noticed they had Blue Fin Tuna in (wild blue fin, I may add). Just before that supply ran out, in just under 2 days, we snagged a couple pieces of otoro. Good God, what have I been missing out on?!?! I would eat a whole plate of that stuff every week if I could afford it and if it were available to me.

Anyways, they said - not surprisingly - they only get it in a few times a year but the next would be on a weekend before christmas sometime.

El Yucateco Mayan hot sauce

Any of the little latin bodega's in Kensington Market will carry El Yucateco - the brown one, right?

As a gringo, they're surprised when i go in asking for hotter than that (not believing i can handle that amount of heat). I've found some deadly, deadly hot sauces at Cajun Corner on queen st. w - many that i can't handle, which is what i want.

Aging Beef at Home?

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to dry age beef at home to get something close to the aging that restaurants do?


Mar 12, 2007
Sam I Am in Home Cooking

st patricks day

hands down, the best st. paddy's day experience in the GTA is not at a pub, but going to the brampton irish centre which is tucked away in an industrial area. i imagine the food - if they even have it - wouldn't be terrific but the atmosphere is second to none!

Planet Kensington???

that really REALLY SUCKS!!!

st patricks day

McVeigh's at Jarvis and Richmond (i think)

Planet Kensington???

Does anyone know what will become of the recently deceased Planet Kensington (R.I.P.)??

I loved this watering hole in the middle of that cultural stew, and will sorrily miss it. I would love to know if it will re-open, have new management, re-locate or is it really dead for good?