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Best Burger in Bay Area?

I too agree on Luka's in the East Bay Ten Dollar+ burger category. There is the Five Dollar category, Trueburger not to shabby therein, and there is the 7.95 er level place as well.

upscale or somewhat upscale restaurant with good, traditional American or Italian food in Oakland?

and Bellanico on Park, a wine bar and Italian moderately priced neighborhood place that is elegant

Sushi Ran last night

can you recommend a great Japanese place in San Rafael or the best restaurant of any sort in San Rafael CA?

Rang Dong Vietnamese Restaurant (Vi's old location) Oakland, Chinatown

I ate there tonight and felt that I wanted to tell everyone to try this place,an elegant yet moderately priced Vietnamese place in a more than comfortable setting attended by nice folks. I really think it is a cut above.

New Vietnamese sitdown restaurant on spot of Vi's on Webster, Oak Ctown

I really think Rang Dong has improved vastly over the last 16 months of its opening in the old Vi's spot. Many Yelp posters seem to have had bad initial impressions. Tonight I had the most elegant and "traditional" dishes offered from the raw beef carpaccio to the Chicken-Fish stock noodle soup to the excellent salt and pepper calamari (soft and gently jalapeno flavored) and was greatly impressed with the food quality and niceness of the owners and staff. Believe me this is the place to go NEXT for high quality Vietnamese in Oakland.

Mexico City

Pujol is IMO the finest and very reasonable in price
Fonda El Refugio is excellent
Ticzoncillo for tacos

Jun 22, 2007
stutzco in Mexico

Vancouver chowhound looking for unique Bay area cuisine

have you tried the new pagolac on international in oakland. I was there today and they feature fire pots and the Bo 7 course deal, so I want to return