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STL- Food Delivery to Benton Park Area?

Any ideas for food delivery to the Benton Park area of STL. Not able to fly in for memorial service and flowers are a waste. (Deceased would agree.) So I'm trying to get a delivery of something to the home after tomorrow's service.



Dec 09, 2011
yvetteski in Great Plains

Good suggestions for dining (with restrictions) near Crystal City Hyatt?

In walking distance- Kebab Palace (Eads and 23 St) would likely have something to conform to our dietary restrictions. This very popular Pakistani restaurant has a weekday lunch buffet and there are vegetarian curries on the menu. Just nix the nan. The whole strip of restaurants on 23 St has a number of different restaurants which are about a 15 minute walk from the Hyatt. Nothing too vegetarian friendly. I will second Jaleo too. Took my super-strict vegetarian relatives there and we had a huge variety of tasty food. The wheat angle is a bit more tricky.

Have fun.

Underwhelmed at Willow

I'd heard such great things about Willow from everyone... and finally tried it last week as an early V-day treat. I was very disappointed in my entree, the Marseilles Seafood Stew. It came out tepid- who likes to eat lukewarm seafood? And when I sent it back it was overcooked. Now you might fault me for not speaking up again, but we had a long wait while my husband continued his fried chicken dinner which he pronounced tasty, but not deserving of the hype, and I would have ended up eating the entree alone.

In addition to the entrees we have the serviceable beet goat cheese salad, a Brussels sprouts side dish and the also too heavily hyped cake of the day. The waiter, an older gentleman gave the impression that he would rather be elsewhere, reported that the cake was a chocolate mocha torte, but it turned out to be a perfectly pleasant chocolate layer cake, with a mocha frosting that at least wasn't too sweet. I did think the portion was skimpy for $10.

The only standout was the sprouts- absolutely delicious- roasted with chunks of thick-slab bacon. I should have chucked the stew and had another side!

The low point was definitely the seafood because the overcooked fish was just one problem. The dish was not tasty. It was sitting in a scant coating of sauce and there were several slivers of garlic and I found a bit of green olive, but that was it for flavor. There was a bit of wait staff "attitude"on two occasions- once when the wine glasses were whisked away with the unspoken air of "oh those vulgarian beer drinkers" and again when I requested some lemon for the stew.

I normally would have spoken to a manager, but it was a holiday dinner and I didn't want the evening to end on a sour note. So instead I complain here. I think the dinner was over $100 dollars and we both agreed that we would have been better off going to Ravi Kebab down the street!

Willow Restaurant - Arlington
4301 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22203

glace apricot goof- any advice?

I was trying to make chocolate-dipped glace apricots using a recipe I found on line- dried apricots simmered in equal parts water, sugar and honey for 20 minutes and left to cool in the syrup.

First, the syrup was so hard that I had to heat the pan to get them out after cooling. Second, the apricots were not very tender. ( I used the apricots from a bag of Mariani Brand that I just got from Costco, so they started out fresh and tender, but did not get more tender.)
I fished them out and let them dry on a rack for several hours and they were still so sticky I abandoned the chocolate and tossed them in toasted coconut.

They taste okay, it is just that I know what the Australian ones taste like and it is not even close.

Anyone know why I failed?


Dec 23, 2009
yvetteski in Home Cooking

whole smoked turkey- where to find today near Arlington

You are correct. Cherrydale says they have them for $22 and will take back the one I bought from the Wilson Blvd store.


whole smoked turkey- where to find today near Arlington

I just realized that I bought what I thought was a smoked turkey was instead a fully cooked, roasted turkey in a brown wrapper.

Any ideas where I can find a smoked turkey close to Arlington?

Looking for reasonable party food to feed 100

The food at the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria seems a bit less expensive than Lebanese Taverna. Not as large a selection of prepared foods.

What can I eat during a week in Boise without a Car? Any half-price nights?

I'm going to be staying for a week at the Grove Hotel on South Capitol.

From previous Boise postings it seems I have a some choices- Bardenay, Bar Gernika and Addies I understand is very close.

Do the good eaters of Boise have any other current recommendations for downtown? Any recommendations worth a taxi ride?

I'm also interested in any kind of promotion or bargain involving good food- half-price burgers on Monday. I'm not a bar person but some of my fellow visitors will be. Any great happy hour deals?


Sep 17, 2009
yvetteski in Mountain States

July 4th Cookout -- Need to order sides in NOVA

How about Rocklands? I think the sides are pretty good, esp the corn pudding.

Dessert amuse at Ray's the Classics

I was there last week and I thought the server called it "Tiger Bars" which were postage stamp-sized, peanut based sweets with a chocolate drizzle. It wasn't sweet enough for me to think it was fudge.

I had the coconut cream pie for dessert and thought is was a nice ending. I liked the strawberries and whipped cream garnish, but admit the crust was a bit to dense and thick. We also had the cheesecake as well and I thought that was not at the same standard at all, but my daughter ate it without complaint.

San Diego restaurants and tortillas

I'm in SD for 4 days starting tomorrow and I have a car. It appears that the hotel is in a culinary no man's land- Country Inn and Suites (Mira Mesa near the 805 and El Camino Memorial Park) I've done some map questing and it seems that the places that come up as must visits are fairly far away. (While I do drive in DC it is all local, so the whole freeway thing is rather vexing, but faced with Chili's in the parking lot I will learn to merge!)

I plan on Izakaya Sakura and Super Cochina. My 13 y/o and I plan to drive from this location down to the Zoo. Is there anything near the Zoo? I'd like to go to the aquarium in LaJolla, but I recall having only mediocre food up there.

I've noticed few mentions of Indian or Thai (our favorites) in the Chow posts on things you must eat in SD. Any advice or recommendations?

Also, any recs for things to bring back to the East Coast? I'm originally from AZ so I usually bring tortillas back from there. Anything ideas for food gifts that travel well?


Apr 06, 2009
yvetteski in San Diego

Heart Healthy Chow in Arlington?

Why is pho off limits if you are watching cholesterol? With the eye round, there is not too much meat and it is not fatty. Cholesterol is found in animal products only, so you could try a tofu pho, but it is not low fat because the tofu is deep-fat fried (and yummy!). I suppose you should ask whether to limit triglycerides, saturated and trans fats, and sodium too.

Sodium would be a really bummer because it would limit almost all Asian cuisines.

Probably like many on this board I splurge on meals out and cook at home to have greater control what I'm eating. That said, what about the grilled fish sandwich at Big Buns in Ballston? but watch the condiments! It is in Alexandria but I love the vegetarian combo at the Afghan Restaurant- spinach, pumpkin, and eggplant with rice or naan. Tasty and cholesterol free.

Current recommendations in Hampton Roads?

Please save me from Chili's. My family will be staying in the Hampton Roads/Newport News area this weekend and it seems that many of the discussions were a bit dated.

We prefer ethnic, e.g., Thai, Indian, Korean, but we will have been at a softball tournament all day and will likely be a bit windblown and my daughter will be in uniform, so nothing formal. I can't parallel park well so I'm not sure if the "downtown" is out for us.

It is supposed to be cold so a place with ton kha gai or tasty pho would be welcomed.

Any suggestions?


Orange Bitters- where to purchase locally?

I need orange bitters for a potluck cocktail party this weekend, so I don't have time to order them from Amazon. The ABC store didn't have them. Does anyone know where to find them in the Metro area?


Food Gifts from St Louis?

I asked my cousin about gooey butter cake after seeing the posts here, but she asserted that there were no good bakeries left making the cake. She said home made was the only way to go.

I was thinking about some kind of sausage?

My mom and dad grew up there and would reminisce about street corner pretzels, Christmas stollen, and Hodges chili, but they were not foodies. A Wash U alum asked for some Ted Drewes, b/s she said they only shipped overnight for a $90 fee. I can't see lugging all that.

I just gave a Mark McGuire floor mat to Goodwill from another visit so I'd like to stick to edible gifts.

Dec 03, 2008
yvetteski in Great Plains

Food Gifts from St Louis?

I'm going to STL tomorrow thru Mon for a 98th birthday celebration. I'm bringing Virginia peanuts- I hope the birthday girl's teeth can handle them...

So my Q What can I bring back in the way of food gifts from STL? I'm staying in South St Louis near Benton Park, but I'll have my own rental car. I don't plan to check luggage, so no liquids. Last time I visited I brought back pretzels from a place around the corner but they were stale by the time they got to the recipients.

My husband wants a doggy bag from Cunetto's but I'm eating there tomorrow night.



Dec 03, 2008
yvetteski in Great Plains

Thanksgiving day diasters. Yours?

My first TD in my own apt. and I was cooking dinner for my BF and his parents... This was the before I knew about food safety, so I had put the frozen bird in the sink to finish defrosting while I went out to run some errands.

When I returned home, I found my cats had attacked the turkey, torn through the plastic and and eaten off the wing tips. When I walked in one (Zbigniew- it was the Carter era) was still lapping at the frozen breast with fierce determination. I ended up washing it and trimming the wings and soldiering on.

So it wasn't really that much a of a disaster. It is amazing how good-natured people can be about bad food. During that same time, I taught myself to make pecan pie. My first came out looking like something from a tar pit. I sent it off with the same BF when he went camping with his friends. Everyone assured me it was delicious, but perhaps everything tastes better when you're camping (and high if I knew them).

Nov 26, 2008
yvetteski in Home Cooking

Family friendly steak in falls church?

I wanted to warn any families away from J. Gilbert's. My husband received a gift certificate from there several years ago and it was so smoky on the 2 occasions we tried to use it that I had to leave. One time was a Friday and the other a Thursday night. The smell of cigarettes was overpowering the first time at the vestibule and the managers explained there was a problem with the ventilation. The second time it was less smoky in the waiting area but still bothersome enough in the non-smoking section to cause wheezing and I had to leave. (I am allergic to smoke, but can usually tolerate the non-smoking section.) I'm assume the food is good enough, because the parking lot is often crowded, but it smells like a bowling alley on an army base. Not family friendly to my mind.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream- Discontinued

I had been waiting for the Double Rainbow Pumpkin Ice Cream to arrive at my local (VA) TJs. When I asked a few weeks ago I was told the Pumpkin Ice Cream would be TJ's house brand but would be "just like Double Rainbow." Well today when the manager looked in the great computer he found to my shock and dismay... the item has been discontinued.

Last year I had purchased the last 6 pints and thought I had hidden 4 of them craftily behind the veggies only to find someone had excavated the freezer and found the motherload.

My husband helpfully suggested we go to Baskin Robbins or see if the Ben and Jerry's store has it... but I liked the Double Rainbow best. It has, to my taste the best combination of pumpkin flavor, spiciness and mouthfeel.

I suppose my cholesterol level should improve.

TJs was uncertain too about the fate of the seasonal peppermint marshmallows and JoJos (oreo-type cookies).


Nov 17, 2008
yvetteski in Chains

Looking for Lard, in all the wrong places...

I'm pondering making tamales for the first time this Xmas although the prospect is daunting. I've been told the key is good quality, fresh lard. Where do you tamale-makers or die-hard pie crust makers get your lard?

I'm in Arlington and I might get drummed out of the neighborhood association and/or the PTA for even considering eating it... but I'm willing to face the consequences.

Miniature Twice Baked Potatoes

You've got bacon, sour cream, light cream and butter- why skim milk?

Oct 25, 2008
yvetteski in Recipes

Banh Mi???

Second for Bahn Mi DC in Falls Church. They have several dozen kinds including 3 different veggie varieties. The best one is like a tofu jerky- yum!The prices are fair and include a buy 5 and get one free. I tried that once, but they don't save well.

Pizza Delivery in Arlington?

I would second Lost Dog and add Joe's Pasta and Pizza on Lee Highway, but don't know about delivery all way to Rosslyn. I have often wished that Italian Store would deliver- their white pizza... artery-clogging joy.

Route 11- Moved from Middletown!

Last w/e we went for our annual, autumn family activity- apple picking at Rinker's , lunch at Wayside and a visit to Route 11 for chips. Totally bummed when we found that Route 11 has moved to Mount Jackson, VA 30 miles away.

I just wanted to save any others the disappointment. I don't usually eat potato chips, but I loved the veggie chips (like Terra but local) but the crab and dill pickle are good too! I guess I'll salve my sorrow with another slice of sour cream apple pie.

Anyone know why they left or have an itinerary for fun in Mount Jackson?

Eats near Pier 6 tonite

Ale Mary's is a restaurant/pub that was recommended to me when I was going up for a concert at Pier 6, but traffic from DC was abysmal. I ended up getting a burrito at Chipotle during the opening the act.

Emjoy CAKE. The put on a great show.

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

I like Sunflower, but it is Asian vegetarian. The service can be a bit slow. There was an okay Indian place several blocks east, but the name changed and I can't recommend. Enjoy the show it is a great venue! The food at JJ is edible, I've only had the salads and veggie chili.

Bryn Mawr area- ideas for special birthday?

checked out the web site for Sweet Jazmine. Those cakes sound delectable, but they aren't open on Sunday and I don't know about getting there before they close on Saturday at 5. (We're driving from suburban VA up I95 after 1, so it can be kind of unpredicatable with traffic.) So I'm opting for Bakery House.

We're staying in King of Prussia, Sat nite, so I'll look for recommendations for that neck of the woods in the archives.

Sep 18, 2008
yvetteski in Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr area- ideas for special birthday?

We may not be able to go up Saturday. So I was advised to take her to brunch at the White Dog Cafe in the city.

Realized I should order a cake locally- looked online- seems like Testa's in Havertown or the Bakery House in Bryn Mawr for a birthday cake??? Other tasty options, esp options with pastry cream filling?

Sep 17, 2008
yvetteski in Pennsylvania

Bryn Mawr area- ideas for special birthday?

We are driving up to Bryn Mawr to take my daughter out for her 18th birthday next weekend and are not too familiar with the area. Her favorite cuisines are Thai, Indian, Afghan and Pakistani. Living in DC we have some excellent choices back home, so I would err on the side of good food versus good ambiance, but both would be nice.

I ate in a nice Indian place in Ardmore back in the Spring, but couldn't find it again last month. Suggestions? Thanks!


Sep 15, 2008
yvetteski in Pennsylvania

Costco Cukes- currently crappy?

The 3-pack of English cucumbers is a staple in my house year-round. Recently they have been bitter and seedier. They are still from CAN. Have I just had a string of bad luck?

while I'm at it, the Earthbound Farms "Spring Mix" is decidedly more mature (larger and tougher) with much less radicchio.

My Costco is in Pentagon City and there is always huge lines for returns and the "customer service" staff have been nasty about food returns.

Has anyone else noticed these changes?


Sep 12, 2008
yvetteski in Chains