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Christmas Eve dinner recommendations

Thanks for the advice. Their menu looks very interesting!

Christmas Eve dinner recommendations

The past few years, my family and I have gone to CityZen for Christmas Eve dinner -- a great experience for both the meat-eaters and vegetarians. They aren't doing Christmas Eve dinner this year, though, so we are looking for alternatives. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that's at least similar in quality of food, experience, etc, that will please even the vegetarians?

Authentic French Macaroon's?

They are in a little strip mall (Shoppes at Something-or-other?) on Sangamore Rd., kind of off MacArthur Blvd. In addition to the bakery, Praline is also a restaurant that I think got a very good review in WaPo.

Authentic French Macaroon's?

Praline in Bethesda does them beautifully (the best, in my opinion, in the area). My favorite is caramel!

French macaroons in SD?

I had been hoping to get some from Opera while here (home for the holidays!), but was sad to see that they are closed for now. Does anyone have recs for other places in the area where I can find yummy French macaroons? Thanks!

Dec 22, 2007
jenmari26 in California

Day of the Dead

Ok, thanks for the suggestions. I'm going on the hunt tomorrow. If I find the sugar skulls, I'll be sure to give an update.

Day of the Dead

Does anyone know where I would (most likely) be able to at the last minute pick up sugar skulls and pan de muerte in the DC area? Thanks.

Sunday Buffet Brunch - VA or DC

I second Normandie Farms. They have popovers!

Chocolate Cake at Daily Grill

I have. It's pretty tasty if you're looking for something simple. It is very rich, and very chocolatey. I'm a big fan of both. Actually, the chocolate cake at Buca de Beppo is also very good (good cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate sambuca sauce).

Restaurant week for vegetarians?

I've never done the restaurant week thing, and was wondering how it works for vegetarians. Do most restaurants offer vegetarian options?