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Thanksgiving Dinner in Raleigh

We did Irregardless last time my folks came for Thanksgiving and it was good, but would like to mix it up for this time if possible. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Thanksgiving Dinner in Raleigh

Any suggestions on where to take visiting family? Prefer Raleigh-Cary, but will entertain suggestions in Durham and CH also!


Frozen Sashimi?

Trout = spotted sea trout (or speckled trout as we call them in NC). Bluefish = bluefish. They are both ocean fish (with occasional forays into brackish). Freezing is only necessary if the fish won't be eaten quickly (to retard growth of bacteria, etc.) or for fresh water fish that might contain parasites harmful to humans. I don't think a standard freezer will even do the job of killing parasites, as the standard usually calls for -4 degrees F, which is lower than most home freezers can be set.

The fresh sashimi we had the other night was the best I've ever had, although I did slightly miss having some tuna to go along with it.

Nov 12, 2008
surffisher in General Topics

Frozen Sashimi?

Sig other here. Fresh bluefish is not dark red - it is white/gray, kind of like flounder. Of course, you cut out the fat line for sashimi (which incidentally is where most of the mercury would be found). Small bluefish are not high in mercury. Only the big ones that have bioaccumulated mercury over their years are. I, too, like to smoke bluefish or blacken them fresh, but trust me, the sashimi was wonderful. Not fishy or "bitter" (?) at all.

Nov 12, 2008
surffisher in General Topics

Best Burger in Raleigh?

We had good burgers at PR tonight, but suggest ordering them a grade more rare than you want them. My medium came medium well and my SO's medium rare came medium. Otherwise, they were great.

Best Burger in Raleigh?

I like Fat Daddy's on Glenwood, mostly for the great serve yourself fixins, but I don't claim to be a burger connoisseur. Mo's on Peace/Glenwood isn't bad either.

I need to buy a pig (whole) -- triangle area -- recommend a source?

MAE Farm in Louisburg also meets your criteria. They sell in the store at the state farmers market and should be able to hook you up with a whole pig if you give notice.

What happened to Spice and Curry????

Durbar 84 (the Nepalese place in the shopping center across 54) also has closed, sadly.

Raleigh - Peace China and other Chinese

Has anyone been to Peace China at Seaboard Station yet? It gets panned here, but seems to be based on one person's experience:

Also, has anyone heard if and when Red Palace will reopen?

Food in Kill Devil Hills

There are several recent threads on outer banks restaurants and even specifically about barbecue at the outer banks, so do a search and you should be able to find a lot of good info.

Aug 06, 2008
surffisher in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

I'm a frequent mid- and off-season visitor and in general can't stand the big family/loud kid atmosphere (no offense to anyone). I'm usually looking for relatively quick, good/consistent/fresh food in between outdoor activities. Good beer and good coffeeshops are also high priorities. Most of my time is spent from KDH south through Ocracoke. North to south, here are some of my favorites:

- Weeping Radish, Jarvisburg ( Only been one time to the new location, but the vision is ambitious and impressive, including an on-site eco-farm, focus on local farmed ingredients, on-site German butcher, and of course beer brewed on premises. The new location is on mainland Currituck County, so certainly not local to Hatteras or Ocracoke Islands or even the KH/KDH/NH area, but if you are driving in from points north via 158, you'll pass right by it.

- Front Porch Cafe. Excellent coffeeshop with a couple locations; one in KH and one in KDH/NH.

- Outer Banks Brewing Station, KDH ( Service is generally good; I've found the owners to be very cool and friendly. The food is consistently good to excellent and they are one of the most underrated breweries in the state (prolly b/c they don't bottle/distribute). There is almost always something new and unusual on tap and most of what they do is innovative and largely successful. They do sushi one afternoon-evening (I think Sunday), and a tapas thing another.

- The Dunes, NH. Massive heart-stopping breakfast buffet on weekends. LOTS of big families/loud kids. Good fresh fruit at the buffet.

- Sam and Omies, NH. A lot has already been said. I've had an underwhelming breakfast there and usually hit it for lunch "on the way in" to the banks. Best soft shell crab sandwich I've ever had and a good shrimpburger to boot. Great OB-style clam chowder. Eat (and drink) at the bar for some local flavor (esp after the comm. fishing boats are done for the day!).

- Atlantic Coast Cafe, Rodanthe ( Pretty solid place for breakfast and lunch/sandwiches.

- Pickled Steamer, Avon. Excellent blackened/seared tuna sandwich. I also like the side of black beans, rice, and salsa. Some of their other menu items (the flatbreads) aren't as impressive.

- Island Grocer, Avon, is a good place for groceries, with a wide selection of gourmet/higher end stuff. They also have decent prepared food/sandwiches.

- The new coffeeshop right at the turn on NC 12 at Cape Hatteras (Buxton) is good, but the hours are erratic. Had some amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies there, as well as good coffee.

- Orange Blossom Cafe, Buxton ( The apple uglies are indeed good, but their breakfast sandwiches are awesome as well.

- Diamond Shoals Restaurant, Buxton. Great ob-style clam chowder.

- Dancing Turtle Cafe, Hatteras Village ( Great coffeeshop all-around with super, year-round hours. Lovely place.

- Howard's Pub, Ocracoke ( Good beer selection (draft and bottle), consistent if not spectacular food, superb hours. Their shrimp cocktail is consistently good.

- Pelican, Ocracoke. Mixed reviews here. I've had an excellent dinner and good breakfast here. Cute place.

- The Back Porch, Ocracoke. Excellent food, service, and atmosphere (although the porch can be drafty and quarters are somewhat tight). Love the poke (tuna sashimi in lime wasabi) appetizer.

- Ocracoke Coffee Company. Great, though often busy, coffeeshop. Free wifi. Good fresh smoothie selection. I dig the mix of locals and tourists/travelers in the morning shift.

- Thai Moon, Ocracoke. This place is a find. All takeout (from a window/tiny room). All cooked to order. Excellent Thai at typical Asian takeout prices.

- Fig Tree, Ocracoke. I think the previous management/ownership was a bit more hip to unique local flavor but they still have pretty good breakfast sandwiches.

- El's Drive-In, Morehead City (yeah, I know not outer banks...but if you ferry from O'coke to Cedar Island and take 70 back to Raleigh, it counts :) Great shrimp and oyster burgers (order the "super") and shakes if you are into that sort of thing.

Worst eatery: Bubba's BBQ. I've eaten here twice, separated by about 14 years and the experience was similarly atrocious. Perhaps this place is better when they move some cue in-season...

Jul 27, 2008
surffisher in Southeast

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

The Back Porch is favorite restaurant on O'coke.

Jul 27, 2008
surffisher in Southeast

Knife sharpening in Raleigh

Inside the beltline, I had my knives sharpened at Capital City Grocery one Saturday afternoon, by Terry Bozon. I have his flier here in front of me. His phone is 919-779-5129 and e-mail is He does clipper blades ($5-6), knives ($1.75-3.75) and scissors ($4-5).

He was to be in Cap City Groc. one Saturday per month, but alas I forget which Saturday!

Hope this helps. He did a good job and, as you can see, his prices are very reasonable.