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Fab's Hot Dogs Westwood.......breaking news

This is Joe Fabrocini, owner of Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda. The Westwood store has been closed by the City because of a disagreement concerning the construction and permitted use of the patio that we installed earlier this year. This is a franchised store and the franchisee is meeting with the City to determine if they can resolve the problem. I will update this discussion when I have more news. Thank you and please visit our locations in Reseda and Valencia.

Fab's Hot Dogs in Reseda

I am happy to report that Fab Hot Dogs is installing a soda machine with ice as we speak. The installation should be complete by next week this time.
Thank you
Joe Fabrocini

Jul 22, 2009
JFabrocini in Los Angeles Area

Fab's in Van Nuys -- Finally Open!

I want to say for the record that Fab's Italian Kitchen in Sherman Oaks is in no way affiliated with Fabrocini's Italian Kitchen Beverly Glen or Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda which both come seperatly from the sons of the original Chef / Owner of Fab's, Vincent V. Fabrocini (1923-1986)

Sep 07, 2008
JFabrocini in Los Angeles Area