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Shopping in Grand Rapids

surprised that no one has mentioned Frank's Market on Fulton near straight (west side of town) been there since the 30s GREAT kielbasa.. hot shots (peppered beef stick) kracki (a garlic loaded ham type lunch meat) also 2 good bakeries in town SWealthy Street Bakery and Nantucket Bakery (which is next door to Martha's Vineyard which was lsited earlier)

Also good coffee at Herman's Boy in Rockford (try the Pantlind Blend)

Feb 12, 2012
prison cook in Great Lakes

Is the anything GOOD in Fort Myers!!??

we ate at buon appetito last year when we were down for a week and we thought they did a good job. Very friendly and accommodating. Plan to hit it again when we are down in January.

The other place that we go out of our way for is a breakfast and lunch place called skillets in a plaza just east of the intersection of 41 and bonita beach road. Good jojoba brand coffee and great service. Wish we had a place that does as nice a job up here in the midwest.

We like traders on sanibel as they tend to have unusual items on the menu. Have had decent meals at iguana mia. will have to try the other two mexican places that folks mentioned.

what about the big hickory nook restaurant in bonita springs? that still there? Had a decent meal a couple years ago there and was a nice setting overlooking the marina.

and while the food won't win any awards, it's hard to beat Parrot Key Caribbean Grill for drinks and appetizers and a great view of the water. We end up there at least twice while down for a week or 10 days.

Sep 06, 2009
prison cook in Florida

lunch in Grand Rapids, MI

samies is actually called The Pita House and is at 1450 Wealthy St and it does have great gyros, right off the spit, not the precut, warm on a griddle stuff from Kronos.

Grand Rapids, MI

tuscan and naya are both closed

Grand Rapids, MI Saturday Breakfast/Brunch

you're welcome. I hadn't thought to look at their web site for the bfast menu before. Thinking maybe you did? At any rate, come back after this weekend and let me know what you thought of it. Enjoy!

Grand Rapids, MI Saturday Breakfast/Brunch

haven't been there for bfast myself but have been a number of times for dinner and they do an excellent job at san chez restaurant right downtown. They do serve bfast and if it is anything like dinner it will be fabulous. If you can do w/o the bloody marys and deal w/ a more pedestrian place, the best breakfast in GR for my money is Real Food Cafe, the original on eastern between alger and 28th st or the branch location on northland drive. The northland drive location is larger so your wait would be shorter.

Another option and kind of funky and has outdoor seating as well as inside is red ball jet cafe on plainfield. Another option is Bentham's in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, which has a nice view of the Grand River and would have alcohol available.

I never eat _______ out because nobody makes it right but me.

sausage gravy - you never know what you are going to get. IF I have a hankering I will sometimes ask the waitress for a sample first. But the very best is to make your own using the white sauce recipe on the box of kentucky Kernel seasoned flour mix (in the grocery aisle with the Drake's mix, in a red and white checked box) and then add your favorite browned sausage (we use Old Folks which I can only find at Meijer stores in Michigan) We use butter or margarine to make the white sauce rather than the sausage grease in order to keep the gravy from being too greasy.

laughed at the comments re hidden items in burritos or enchiladas.. when my son was small he asked where the road kill disappeared to .. I asked if he'd ever had a burrito.. at 28 we still chuckle about that one

Aug 19, 2008
prison cook in Home Cooking

Lansing Michigan

ditto the recommends on golden harvest and emils. Nothing fancy, but decent greek diner food at Zeus on South Pennsylvania St always crowded at lunch time. Can also recommend Red Cedar Grill, the original in Williamston or the branch in Lansing Mall on West Saginaw.

Also loved Beggar's Banquet when I was a student at MSU but haven't been there in 10 yrs or so. For mexican Los Tres Amigos isn't bad (locations on west Saginaw and South Cedar.

Aug 01, 2008
prison cook in Great Lakes