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Anything new in Provincetown this summer?

I always enjoy trying out new places in addition to my old stand-bys. Thanks for the information.

Indian or Thai dinner in Arlington tonight

I also recommend Thai Moon if you go with Thai. They are very friendly and the food is really flavorful.

Flight or Iris

Thanks for all the recs. We actually ended up at McEwen's on Monroe and enjoyed our meal there very much (would have chose Iris if it was open on Sunday).

Flight or Iris

Thanks in advance for advice on which to choose for a Sunday evening meal.

Il Casale vs. Dante

Yes. that is why I was asking. What is the difference and is one better at something or other than the other.

Il Casale vs. Dante

If you had to choose one, which one and why. Issues of parking or location are irrelevant. Thanks.

Near Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford

I know this may be a bit out of the way, but does anyone have any suggestions for a pre-show dining spot out that way. Thanks.

Pizzeria Posto

We gave it a try tonight after catching a movie - the food was good but the service lagged. Even after snagging some seats at the bar it took the only bartender more than 5 minutes to get to us. I asked what was on tap, she flipped over the menus to show me the list, and didn't come back again for several minutes. Beer selection is small but nice. Pricey for a 12oz glass though. We shared a salad, spaghetti and pizza which was more than enough for two. Salad was arugala with gorzonzola. Light lemony dressing and really good cheese. Spaghetti was carbanara with pancetta. Could have used a little salt and pepper and slightly bigger pieces of pancetta but a nice flavor overall. Pizza had ham, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and black and green olives. A nice combo and the crust was perfect. Overall, as others have indicated, it was a lot to spend for pizza and salad. Glad we went but it will probably not be a regular place for us because of both the price point and the slow service.

North End Birthday Dinner

Thanks for all of the suggestions. We actually ended up at Via Matta, which was lovely. I will make note of all these other fine offerings for other occasions.

North End Birthday Dinner

Looking for something nice in the North End for a birthday dinner (for 2). Would like to try someplace I haven't been. Already been to Prezza (loved!), Lucca, Davide, Pomodoro, Bricco, La Summa and Massimonos. Neither of us are big fish eaters, so looking for a restaurant that doesn't necessarily specialize in seafood. Thanks for any suggestions.

February 2010 Openings and Closings

Does anyone know the story on this?

Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms

I found some in Somerville at Rite Aid about 10 days ago. They were mighty tasty. Haven't been back since to see if they still have them.

Eat at Jumbo's - Ball Sq., Somerville

We had some the other night. Actually, we were having a City Slicker craving but they were closed on Monday so we gave the elephant a try. Got a pizza with meatball and mushrooms and a bacon cheese burger. The pizza was fine. The crust was a little soft and the sauce could have used a bit more seasoning, but the mushrooms were fresh, the meatballs tasty and they did not skimp on the toppings. The burger was passable. Again, could have used more seasoning. The fries looked like they should have been great, but they appeared to have steamed some in the container and were a bit soggy. The flavor of them was really nice. We would give them another try.

Eat at Jumbo's - Ball Sq., Somerville

Any reviews yet? Is this part of Yassir's empire?

Best bagels in Tristate area?

Does anyone remember what Bagel Power was named in the late 70s/early 80s. This is the bagel place in the Golden Horseshoe in Scarsdale. I remember getting bagels there fresh out of the oven so hot I couldn't put the bag on my lap.

Decadent Brunch

I am looking for the best decadent Sunday brunch buffet. Buffet is preferable as some of my party do not eat eggs. So far on the list is Cafe Fleuri at the Langham and the Bristol at the 4 Seasons. Thoughts/votes/other suggestions? TIA.

Best Italian sub in Somerville area

My parents are coming to town and my father insist on an italian sub for lunch. Where have you had a good one. Eons ago the best was Angelina's, which I know is still there, but is it still the best. TIA.