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Kosher gift baskets - any good ones?

I'd recommend Gimme Jimmy's Cookies' baskets of baked goods ( They package the product well, and they are very customer service oriented.

Sep 02, 2010
Shaldag in Kosher

Amazing new Indian Glatt Kosher Meat Restaurant opened in Manhattan under OK

Agreed with queenscook. Though I occasionally notice disparaging comments on here about Shalom Bombay, I went back to the dedicated thread around SB's opening and confirmed that most of the reviews have been positive. I have gone back a couple of times since my initial visits and have continued to enjoy the food and service.

Mar 01, 2010
Shaldag in Kosher

Beer Pairing for Eggplant Parmasan?

"I tend to agree. Tomato sauce and beer don't seem to work together very well"

Really? I heard there are people who like to drink beer while they eat pizza. ;-)

Jan 12, 2010
Shaldag in Beer

Chan's Glatt in Teaneck

I'll second that- the menu was big, but lacked interesting or distinctive options. It seemed nearly identical with the takeout menu at Chopstix with similar prices. Service was not great as our waitress didn't seem to be acquainted with the menu and was corrected by a colleague about the availability of the dinner special at the time I was there. The ambience was poor, thanks in part to the aforementioned mounted TVs showing Sportscenter at high volume but also due to the strong fishy smell emanating from the sushi station. The soup was lukewarm and bland and a chicken entree was okay but certainly not good enough to compensate for the other deficiencies.

Unless it improves substantially, Chan's Glatt seems unlikely to succeed, though a quality sit-down kosher Chinese place should be able to make it in Teaneck.

Jun 03, 2009
Shaldag in Kosher

Brownies/Cookies - Kosher gift to send in Manhattan

I'd recommend Gimme Jimmy's Cookies, which are certified by the OU.

Feb 24, 2009
Shaldag in Kosher

Rosa's pizza - Empire State Bldg.

The entrance is on the 33rd St. side opposite Circa-NY.

The food is good, but nothing to get too excited about, with your basic pizza and pasta offerings and a salad bar. The place is clean and the prices are about what you'd expect given the location. The word seems to have gotten out as they seem to be attracting a good lunch crowd but the line moves well and there is adequate seating.

Feb 20, 2009
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Indian Comes To Teaneck

A follow up based on a subsequent visit during which I got to sample some additional menu items-
- the tandoori chicken was exceptional- tender and juicy and very flavorful. I was initially skeptical of any and all dishes that were made with pareve sour cream or yogurt but this was executed nicely
- the keema naan, a bread stuffed with ground lamb and seasonings was tasty and filling
- jeera rice, a fluffy basmati rice with cumin seeds, provided a nice accompaniment, though I found it needed a little bit of salt, which led me to notice the salt mill on the table- a nice touch

I am looking forward to returning again- the menu is expansive enough and the different dishes distinct enough from one another that it will take several visits to experience the full range of Shalom Bombay's offerings.

Dec 26, 2008
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Indian Comes To Teaneck

I dined in there last night and enjoyed the experience immensely. Judging from the crowd, there is a bit of buzz around this place as the restaurant was pretty full despite it being a snowy Tuesday evening. Service was attentive and quick (not only for the food- my water glass was refilled almost continuously) and I found the prices reasonable, if not cheap.

We enjoyed the small appetizer plate and assorted sauces and chutneys placed on our table upon arrival and then got the bread basket we ordered ($12) which included three different varieties- naan, an oilier, flakier flatbread whose name I don't recall, and a really excellent onion filled bread that was a real standout.

We shared two entrees, the lamb vindaloo ($20) and chicken kali mirch ($18). Having read the earlier reviews, I was not surprised when the waiter warned us that the dishes were very spicy, and I made sure to assure him that we wanted them that way so they wouldn't be bland. I didn't find either to be all that spicy when I tasted them- both were flavorful and had a little bit of heat, but were hardly overwhelming. The textures were pleasing and the presentation simple, but appealing. When the dishes first arrived, I thought that the portions seemed a bit small, but they turned out to be just right. As we didn't have much time, we didn't try of the desserts but I will certainly be back again and I'll look forward to experiencing more of the menu at a later date.

Dec 17, 2008
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Steak Frites in Paris

Restaurant Les Ailes, 34 Rue Richer in the 9th Arrondissement is a pleasant place that fits the bill.

Jun 17, 2008
Shaldag in Kosher

good quality kosher frozen chicken nuggets

It's not a packaged brand, but if you're in the Teaneck, NJ area, Best Glatt on Cedar Lane makes its own white meat chicken nuggets that are excellent.

Dec 31, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Best Kosher Bakery in the world? Willing to travel!!

I know the original post was specifically seeking European pastries, but I had to share the rave reviews I am hearing for the European-style breads from a bakery that just went kosher in Sarasota, FL called Bavarian Bread. The post did say "willing to travel..."

Nov 07, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Royal Persian Grill: Teaneck, NJ

I happened to notice an ad for Royal Persian this weekend advertising a Sukkot special now with $5 shwarma and schnitzels for take-out.

Has anybody tried the shwarma there? How does it rate?

Oct 01, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Do Kosher Sausage Casings Exist?

The casings they are selling on that site are Walsroder fibrous sausage casings. These are apparently under CRC supervision- see here:

Jun 15, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Teaneck's Mexican Place

"All it takes" is 8-15 hours, huh?

Sounds like they won't lose too much business from people deciding to do it themselves.

May 11, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Barbeque

They certainly don't sell wine or beer themselves, not sure if they encourage or even permit bringing in your own.

Mar 30, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

New Middle Eastern in Teaneck- Jerusalem of Gold

Located on Queen Anne Rd. just south of Degraw Avenue in the old Hatikva space. Haven't tried it yet (opened this week), but from driving by it seems they put a bit of money into decorating the place- important, since the off the beaten path location (for Teaneck) will mean they'll have to work a little harder to attract diners. Fortunately, there appears to be ample parking.

Menu seems vast, with traditional Moroccan specialties such as chicken and lamb tajine and a number of North African style fish dishes, as well as the standard offerings shishkebabs, cigars, etc. that you'll find in most restaurants of this genre. I am particularly looking forward to trying the moufleta for dessert.

Pricing for dinner seems moderate, not cheap.

If anyone has been there already and has any tips, I'd love to hear them.

Mar 30, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Barbeque

I was at Smokey Joe's in Teaneck this evening for a taste of slow-cooked kosher BBQ. Here are some of my observations:

The restaurant was operating a "preview" night, so not every menu item was available (most of the desserts were not offered, a couple of the entrees were missing, and there was no iced tea), but most were. As a general comment, the wait staff wasn't quite up to snuff yet, as it was evident that some were not yet totally familiar with the menu and were still getting the hang of some of the more basic protocols, but all were certainly friendly and attentive and trying hard to please. There's no reason to believe these kinks won't be ironed out quickly, as the owners seemed to be pretty hands-on and very customer-service oriented.

The food itself was quite good, for the most part. The cornbread with onion relish that they put out to start was sweet and warm with a pleasant texture. However, some pieces had not been baked all the way through, which was a minor annoyance. Still, it is a nice departure from the standard bread basket or chips and salsa you get elsewhere in town.

The lemonade, which was a little too weak (i.e. not lemony enough) for my taste, made up what it lacked in quality with quantity, as refills were free of charge and the server was quick to fulfill requests for refills.

We ordered two of the appetizers and both were enjoyable, with subtle, not overpowering, flavors- a nice mix of sweet and savory tastes. For entrees, I had a BBQ sampler plate with generous portions of brisket, ribs, and chicken and a portion of cole slaw on the side. The heavenly aroma that greeted me when the plate was placed before me was a pleasant hint of what was to come. The smoked BBQ chicken was probably the best of the three meats. It practically melted off of the bone and had a very pleasant sweet and at the same time subtly smoky flavor. The ribs were a little short on meat, but thankfully were slathered in a delicious sauce that helped conceal that shortcoming. The brisket, a "specialty of the house," was also very good (and was the most plentiful of the three). It was a bit tougher and chewier than I expected, but with a little extra BBQ sauce (baskets of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, crayons for the kids, and moist towelettes- a nice touch- were on every table) drizzled on, it went down just fine. My companion had one of the lighter Mexican style dishes and it, too, was good and nicely presented. Portions for both main dishes were ample.

I'd say Smokey Joe's Tex Mex Barbecue is a favorable addition to the kosher dining scene in Northern NJ. It's nice to have another place that isn't serving the same old delicatessen or Middle Eastern fare and yet is reasonably priced and family friendly. This place should attract not only local diners but also kosher consumers from throughout the area who are anxious to experience a new type of cuisine that was heretofore unavailable in the area. Give it a try!

Mar 22, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Best kosher restaurant

I nominate Tierra Sur at the Baron Herzog winery in Oxnard, CA.

Fresh seasonal ingredients on a constantly changing menu and unique and innovative dishes that you don't see at other kosher restaurants- all of them very tasty. Plus, they do desserts very well, which is far from a given elsewhere. Add to that a very well chosen beverage list (not just limited to wines- they also have a nice selection of premium beers, waters, fine teas, etc.) that shows that someone who knows something about those put the time in to select beverages that would enhance the dining experience.

I am assuming from some of the other responses that we're focusing more on the food than the ambience. While Tierra Sur provides a pleasant enough atmosphere and friendly service, it is not quite serene enough to match the level of the cuisine, but I'm sensing that others are putting those considerations aside for the time being.

Feb 13, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

BBQ in NJ?

There is a "Texas BBQ" named "Smokey Joe's" coming to Cedar Lane in Teaneck (in the old Jerusalem Pizza/Cho Sun Restaurant space). Is this what you are referring to?

Feb 07, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Esme Bistro in Teaneck

Esme Bistro is located on Cedar Lane, in the old Hunan Teaneck space. It has been fixed up and the decor/ambience/menu are comparable to a nice Manhattan steakhouse- unfortunately, so are the prices. It remains to be seen whether an elegant and expensive kosher steakhouse can thrive in Teaneck without the corporate expense account crowd.

As for food quality, I can only offer you what I have heard secondhand- good, but not remarkable.

Feb 07, 2007
Shaldag in Kosher

Kosher Breakfast place near Times Square

I think your best option is a place called Milk & Honey, 22 W. 45th between 5th & 6th

They have hot and cold items as well as a selection of baked goods and are fairly reasonably priced

The place is clean and new and has plenty of seating available

Oct 27, 2006
Shaldag in Kosher