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Alternative to Market Basket for cheap lobsters

Actually, the opposite in my experience. Probably trying to get the MB customers in now while the opportunity is hot and hope they'll become long-term customers.

Both Stop & Shop and Hannaford in my metro-west area have 6.99/lb chix at the moment.

Looking for Prime Bone-In Thick Cut Ribeye or Portehouse Steaks

Wegman's in Northborough usually has in house dry aged prime and will cut to order.

Sources for an Aquavit tasting?

As a half Dane, I've always kept my eye out for interesting aquavit, but never found anything beyond Aalborg and Linie around here.

A few years ago we did do a 'Mockuavit' binge, playing around with flavoring plain vodkas with spices and herbs. Lots of recipes on the internets. The first few we tried were very good. I don't remember the rest :)

Anniversary Dinner in Metrowest

You definitely won't find it using GPS if you plug in Oregon Street in Framingham, since it's on Oregon Road in Ashland :)

Salem End Road turns into Oregon road at the border. Interesting historical trivia: Salem End is where Judge Danforth set up many of those involved in the Salem witch trials with homes. Contrary to what you may read in the play, he actually was very critical of the trials.

Anniversary Dinner in Metrowest

Sticking to just Framingham and bordering towns:

Maxwell's 148 on Route 135 in Natick
Tommasso Trattoria on Route 9 in Southborough
Bullfinchs on Route 20 in Sudbury

Post-Marathon meal between Boston and Northeast suburbs

Getting into the city is actually pretty easy on Marathon Monday, especially after 3 or 4. The 100 Clarendon garage in Copley usually has lots of spaces.

In my experience, in addition to stairs, you want to avoid standing waiting for the T. But if you do take the T wear your finisher medal - they'll usually let you ride for free, even on the commuter rail.

What kind of meal are you looking for? We generally go for a higher end celebratory dinner. (hey, if you don't deserve to splurge after running 26.2 miles, when do you deserve it?). Sorellina's is right across from the Westin and Lucca Back Bay is on Huntington - Both are both excellent and ground floor places.

A bit more affordable, Brasserie Jo on Huntington does excellent hearty classic french - very satisfying post Marathon!

Saturday Brunch west

Tomasso's in Southborough is actually only open on Sundays for brunch.

Portland, ME pre-marathon dinner: pasta, please!

We decided on Pai Men Miyake, and it was exactly what we were looking for. I had the paitan and orders of short rib, tongue and chicken skin yakatori. All of it delicious. It seemed particularly perfect for what turned out to be a rainy weekend. In fact, we enjoyed the ramen so much the night before the marathon, that we stopped in after the marathon before heading home and got some for take out to share with the kids.

FYI - They do take reservations for their tables, but we ended up sitting at the bar, because, well, there was room and ramen and yakatori are best enjoyed at the bar!

Portland, ME pre-marathon dinner: pasta, please!

Both my wife and I are running this year, and Pho or Udon noodle soup are our favorite pre-marathon meals! Lots of carbs and soothing to both the soul and belly without leaving you feeling overstuffed. Thanh Thanh 2 - how's their pho? Any Japanese recs for udon or sushi? Would we need reservations at these places for the Saturday night before the marathon (omg- only two weeks away)?

Myrtle Beach birthday dinner

We're coming to Myrtle Beach for their "Mini" Marathon at the end of October to celebrate my wife's [insert milestone number here] birthday. I'd like to also bring her somewhere special for her birthday dinner. Doesn't have to be white tablecloth - I only hope that within this tourist area there's someone proudly representing S. Carolina (or at least Southeastern U.S.) cuisine. We're staying at Marina Inn Grand Dunes, but will have a car and are very willing to risk getting lost for something special. Priorities are 1 - High quality food that we wouldn't find at home (Boston), and 2 - a memorable dining experience (wow service or amazing location or funky environment).

Sep 12, 2012
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Grocery food items that are unique to Boston/New England?

Native Roadilander, but not familiar with Soupie. Continuing the meat in tube form vein, maybe you meant Saugys? Definitely a unique regional hotdog: http://www.saugy.net/. I've seen them off and on through the years at Stop & Shop and Shaws as far north from RI as Framingham, but I don't recall having seen them recently.

Spalla's/ Culinary delights in Natick

Spallas <> Beezers. Beezers was an ice cream/hot dog stand in Northborough that had been around for years before their landlord kicked them out so he could open a bad pizza joint. Trombetta's (a Marlborough garden shop and ice cream stand, among other things) Just opened a new location in Northborough (up the street from the high school - location location location!) In this location they're also providing space for Beezers to sell their Chicago Italian beef sandwiches and dogs.

I haven't tried anything from the "new" Beezers, but they had a pretty good rep here and around for their Chicago dogs. I hope they do well in their new incarnation.

Where can I buy fresh duck?

Poultry flesh freezes at 26 F, so the presence of ice crystals does not definitively mean that the bird itself had been frozen.


Best coffee shops near red line T-stops in Cambridge

Voltage, on 3rd street in Kendall Square.

December 2011 Openings and Closings

Kika Tapas, next to EVOO in Kendall Sq, is planning to open Monday (the 12th).

October 2011 Openings and Closings

Close, it's going to be a Spanish tapas joint called Kika Tapas.

Looking for Quail Eggs

I haven't been in a couple of months, but I've seen them very often at Russo's in the past.

Metro West - is it really as hopeless as I think?

Given your list of favored Boston restaurants, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by Tomasso's. The mixed reviews generally come from folk who are expecting more of the Tavolino/Allora experience - large portions of decent food at decent prices. Lots of my neighbors think it's way too expensive for what you get. But you get what you pay for. Tomasso's is much closer to an urban restaurant - elegant but casual, a regularly changing menu, very high quality ingredients and expert preparation but with smaller portions, and a great wine list. It wouldn't be out of place in the South End, and does seem a bit out of place (but very welcome) here in the burbs.

Sichuan Gourmet - Framingham - Questions and What to order?

The cold wood ears appetizer. It's not always on the menu, but they always seem to have it when I ask.


I've purchased whole pig several times over the years from John Dewar's and have always been pleased.

ISO Kenyon's Stone Ground Johnny Cake White Corn Meal

I see it regularly at several Stop & Shops out here in MetroWest, most recently (yesterday) at the one in Westborough. They had both the corn meal (the blue box) and clamcake mix (the red box).

ISO Plugra Butter in Massachusetts, the sad story of its TJ disappearance

I've seen it regularly, as recently as this weekend, at the Whole Foods in Framingham and the Roche Brothers in Westborough. At WF it was actually in their regular butter/dairy area. At RB it was in their cheese area.

Metro west Mexican

Mi Ranchito (not sure of the spelling) in downtown Marlborough closed this summer. La Tapatia is still very much alive.

Metro west Mexican

La Tapatia in Marlboro. It's been around for years, though we only recently discovered it. It's a great family run dinerish type place. Both my wife and I agree that it's the best Mexican we've ever had outside of Mexico.

New Bedford Lunch

I'm running the New Bedford half marathon this Sunday, and was wondering what the best place would be for post-race lunch with the family. Quality Portuguese food is a priority. Oh, and after 13.1 miles, I'm definitely looking for sit-down, not take-out!

Fancy SprMkt Chain?? to open in Boston Burbs

The developer says the Northborough Wegman's opening will be Feb 2011: http://www.wickedlocal.com/northborou...

Not sure how much of that is just hopeful guess, though.

where to buy a whole Goose?

I've gotten mine for Christmas for the past couple of years at the Whole Foods in Framingham. I don't remember seeing Goose before Thanksgiving, though.

Fat Tire Beer?

I've purchased some earlier this year at Julio's in Westborough. Don't know if they always have it in stock, though.

Gotta get me some Ting!

They regularly carry it at the Stop and Shop on Temple Street in Framingham. But, I haven't seen it at any of the other S&S's in the my area.