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Private room in Washington, DC restaurants near the convention centre

I've hosted events like this: try Carmines, the Caucus Room, Clydes. Assume you meant to say not new or trendy. None of them are. The food is good solid consistent but not great, however they cater to private meeting and have the spaces that you want, are appropriate for business, are not loud in the meeting rooms, are a few blocks from the convention center, and will run, with wine, about 40 to 50 a person. I don't know if Corduroy has this kind of space.

new BBQ discussion needed

I've always liked Rocklands, and there is one not too far away from the RHB in Courthouse. Very much a DC unique style BBQ- vinegary sweet saus. As others have said, Hill Country is very good, Texas style (even though they are from NYC) and expensive and DCity is quite good but a crappy location with no seating...

Montreal Flavor in DC

Try Googling Singers Significant Meats- great stuff...

Fresh Un-shucked Oysters? Local market or mail order suggestions?

On Facebook search for Maryland Crabs Delivered. They have a truck that goes around the Baltimore area each weekend. In the winter (now) they also have oysters and clams. All are local. Best quality and good prices. Closest to DC is Bowie, about 15 minutes from NY Ave/50 Annapolis.

Red Hen in DC- Report

I had the hen. Figured hey, red hen, gotta be good right? It was fine, but very small, seemed to be a brined small Cornish hen. Impossible to eat with a fork and knife and not a full meal. For 23 bucks I expected more. On the whole, it was a nice experience but I'm not pining to go back.


No, I don't think that is his style- thanks though...


Ok, my dad is coming to town for his 75th. We live downtown. He loves cream puffs, cassata cake, other whipped cream type desserts. Who makes the best in the area? Suggestions?

best place in DC/VA/MD to buy live 3, 4 or 5-pound lobsters? (cooking for mother's day)

Up in Chantilly try Lobster Mainia:

JFX 2014

The annual question- when does JFX start for the year- any new vendors, or old ones not returning. New crops, new people, new dishes, new facts to know?

bagels + lox?

And how do you know Bethesda Bagels uses "bagel conditioners?" I've made bagels myself and come from a town with good bagels myself and have had many New York made bagels and few are no better than the ones I've had at Bethesda Bagels or Bialys in Cleveland.

Is it still blue crab season? OR What are all the crab house posts 10 years old?

Oh, the Quarterdeck... went there last week... out of XL, out of Jumbos, and the large were like 70 a dozen and we were told it would take like 45 minutes. We got the crabcakes. Mediocre... unless you want a beer at the bar save your time and money and go elsewhere...

Sunday Brunch in DC not costing an arm and a leg...

These replies are embarassing coming from such distinguished chowhownders. How about the W Hotel, the Willard or the Occidental, which all are open Sundays. At a lower price point Old Ebbitt, Del Frisco, even Aria are all probably open Sunday for bruch and are better than Chef Geoff, Le Pain Quotiden or Busboys and Poets which isn't even near there...

Range - new Bryan Voltaggio place in Chevy Chase

Any other reviews? Good value?

best korean bbq in DC area

FYI while Woo Lae Oak is quite good, it is a chain with locations in California and Korea. The location in Crystal City is closed.

FrIed belly clams and steamers recommendations in DC area

Blech, couldn't disagree more. A waste of time and money from my experience.

bagels + lox?

Well, now we know where they were "just visiting" from: apparently for New Yawker nothin's as good as New York. Sigh.

In Search of Fried Chicken

Dosen't Majestic have a Sunday Fried Chicken Dinner- I don't know what it works out to per person but I've heard it is very good...

Cheap Lobster- Where?

Read in the NYT that it is now lobster season and soft shelled lobsters are selling retail for as little as $4 a pound ($2.50 wholesale at the docks). So where is the cheap lobster at (or less expensive better/larger lobsters)? Even H Mart which is usually the least expensive I can find is around $8.00 a pound. I know we won't see $4 here but $6? I want to have a lobster fest!

Moving to DC from NYC, help!

No I think grilled cheezy means it. You know- she'll come down, nothing will be good enough, she'll pine for pizza, the deli the you name it that "is just not as good" and then she'll go back or continue to complain how "nuthins' as gowad as it is in New Yak." And that will be that.

Business Dinner with Maryland blue crab?

My guess is that what he means is local seafood, including crabs. As other posters have indicated, you are probably better off with a place that serves nice crab cakes. Some good spots- in particular since it is on someone elses dime and (I'm assuming here) a bit of a history buff maybe 1789? Also since it is on someone elses wallet, Kinkaids which is no bargain but has great local seafood in a white tablecloth setting. Other places would be a private room at Blacksalt or Old Ebbitt (don't hold your nose, those who are snobs!) depending on where you are staying.

America Eats

If you are expecting excellent traditional versions of old time historical favorites your expectations will not be met. It is IMHO very interesting, but it is modern deconstructions of historical dishes as monkey said- generally small portions. It is a really neat experience and the cocktails are special, but adjust your expectations accordingly....

Moving to Pentagon City-a summary, please

I don't know. All I do know is that my reaction when I went to the sit down place was the same as yours, but the take away place has been consistently good. And the take away place is consistently busy while the other not so much. I've peeked back at the kitchen and they do not look the same nor does it look to be from the back but I could be wrong.

Oval Room, Vidalia, Proof, Blue Duck Tavern, Acadiana, or somewhere else?

Yea, but this lady would be ok with Red Lobster, so Oval Room or Blue Duck it sounds like she would not appreciate it and frankly might consider $50 for lunch a bit of a waste. That said, Georgia Browns is also quite good (though there is a wide variety of opinion on that) and they have good southern style food. Just a thought.

Moving to Pentagon City-a summary, please

You are incorrect. Different owners, different food. The one with the yellow awning, for what it is, is great. The one with the blue awning, as ME says, is meh.

Moving to Pentagon City-a summary, please

You went to the wrong one. There are two. Kabob Palace does not have steam trays- everything is made to order.

Room 11?

Could you do a review? I'm totally unfamiliar with the place...

Desperately seeking bay scallops

This is silly (unless you were seeking fresh, not frozen- then it is a different story). Go to Costco, H-T, Giant, Safeway...two pound bag 20ish dollars.

Fresh Seafood Dinner in DC: Hank's, Pearl Dive, or somewhere else?

Kinkeaids is very good old school service, nice fresh fish, but not a great value. For just lobster/shrimp/crab rolls really one of the best if not the best is Lukes but it is small and very casual. Also worth considering it Old Ebbitt- it is consistent and good, even if overly busy and touristy.

Soft Shell Crabs in DC

Incorrect. It started three weeks ago. They are available- usually for a heck of a lot less than 16.00 each (retail).

GOOD store bought Steaks

OMG if you are in the Annapolis area, try My Butcher and More. Always great meat, helpful friendly service. Not the cheapest by far but the quality for choice, prime and American Kobe is always top notch.