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Please help all you chowhounders!

My boyfriend & I and another couple are planning a trip in November. Late 20s/Early 30s.. looking for fun & casual (maybe somewhat trendy) places to dine and drink... Great atmosphere, good bar crowd, solid food. (No seafood)

Staying in Soho for 5 nights. Need suggestions for brunch, dinner, and late-night dining options. Money is not really an object, but not wanting to get too fancy. Here are a couple places I have in mind..

Brunch (good food, and also good bloody marys and mimosas):
Five Points

The Red Cat
Bar Blanc
Strip House
Blue Ribbon

I am open to all suggestions and critques.. as always, thanks for you help!! :)

Oct 01, 2008
nicob in Manhattan

Santa Barbara Restaurant Help....

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Santa Barbara for 3 nights in June. We will be staying at the Canary downtown and would prefer to walk or take a short cab ride to most places, but we will have a car. Would also like areas with options for pre/post dinner drinks, and maybe places with live music, if possible. We are in our late 20s/early 30s. We would like one romantic/fancy night, one fun/casual, and one maybe somewhere in between. I've been looking into the following (but am open to suggestions)!! My boyfriend is a little picky (no seafood, unless they have steak) and price is not really an issue.

Olio e Limone
Palace Grill
Blue Agave
Square One

Thanks for your help!! :)

Apr 03, 2008
nicob in California

Help with me choose....

Thanks for the replies... can anyone tell me a little bit about the menu at Musha, I've just read good things about it, but my boyfriend is a little picky, so I want to make sure he finds something there.

Also, I just read my post title..... Ooops.. I meant 'help me choose' =)

Mar 31, 2008
nicob in Los Angeles Area

Help with me choose....

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Santa Monica for two nights (Friday & Saturday) and need help choosing places to eat. From my research here's what I've come up with so far:


I would like one night to be somewhat fancy, romantic and maybe the other to be a little more casual. We will be staying at the Casa Del Mar and will have a car, but I would rather walk, if possible. Would also like a place with options for pre/post dinner drinks.

Thanks for your help.....Looking forward to our trip

Mar 31, 2008
nicob in Los Angeles Area

Rec's for NYC weekend

Hello all....

My boyfriend and I are meeting in NYC next weekend for some time away from his two week business trip.

We will be arriving in the afternoon on Friday and will do some walking around and shopping in Soho (we are staying at the Soho Grand, by the way). Friday night we have reservations at Stanton Social at 10:30. I would like to get wine/drinks and maybe an app before dinner and then wander our way to the LES. I was thinking possibly Public would fit the bill??? I could also use suggestions for after dinner. We like trendy, fun places that aren't too much of a scene.

Saturday we are going to be doing some walking around in Central Park, and the Village. My boyfriend wanted to get some good pizza, so we may either go to John's on Bleecker or walk across the Bridge to Grimaldi's.

Saturday night we are going to catch a Rangers hockey game (my b/f is originally from NY). I would like to get some pre-game drinks (suggestions?? not necessarily near MSG). And then we plan on doing dinner after the game, which should end around 9:30 - 10:00. Please critique the following restaurants I had in mind....

The Spotted Pig
Blue Ribbon

Any other suggestions or help would be great, (no asian food, please).


Oct 24, 2007
nicob in Manhattan

HELP PLEASE!!! Trip to Atlanta

Has anyone tried Spice Restaurant since the new chef came in?? I looked at the website and the menu was not updated. Just wanted to see if this was possibly in the direction I was looking for.

Aug 04, 2006
nicob in General South Archive

HELP PLEASE!!! Trip to Atlanta

Hey thanks Therese for the advice. It is a little difficult to work around his pickiness!! :)

Jul 25, 2006
nicob in General South Archive

HELP PLEASE!!! Trip to Atlanta

I am planning a birthday trip to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend with my boyfriend. We have tickets for the GA Tech vs. Notre Dame football game for Saturday night. We will be arriving early Friday and plan on staying in the midtown area, probably either at the Hotel Indigo or The Georgian Terrace. (And we will have a car)

We are in our late 20s/early 30s and are looking for a fun/trendy night on Friday around midtown. I am thinking early drinks at maybe Bazzaar and then going for a nice (think under $30) dinner before going out for the night. I am up for all kinds of food, but my boyfriend is not very adventurous. I have narrowed it down to the following...please feel free to suggest/comment!!

-MidCity Cuisine
-Two.Urban Licks
-Lobby at Twelve
-The Globe (I really wanna go here, but I don't think he will find much on the menu)

Also, if u have any suggestions on lounges/bars to go around the area that would be great!

Saturday we will probably do some shopping and then lunch at Fado's Irish Pub to catch some early football games.

Sunday I need a suggestion for brunch, before going to the High Museum that day. I have looked at the menu for Table1280 and I already know he will disapprove! Sunday night I was thinking something casual maybe either Baronda or Piebar.

Feel free to comment!! Thanks for all your help, and I will report back! :)

Jul 24, 2006
nicob in General South Archive