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MTL - Where to eat this wknd with parents and a toddler? Help!

Thanks all for the feedback!

Is Maison Kam Fung good for dinner too? Or is it better for dim sum?

MTL - Where to eat this wknd with parents and a toddler? Help!

Also forgot to add that we'll be taking Schwartz's for the car ride home so we'll have our Montreal Smoked Meat craving satisfied ....

MTL - Where to eat this wknd with parents and a toddler? Help!

Hi! I will be visiting Montreal this weekend (from Fri - Tues)...something my husband and I usually REALLY look forward to because we love the city (I was born here) and love, love, love eating our way around the city.

This time - I'm not so sure..... We're coming with my parents, who are older (70-80 yrs old) and not too adventurous with food and more price-conscious, and we will also have our toddler (13 months) with us. We're staying in the Plateau area. So, where can we eat with a family of 5 that can still allow us to enjoy the foodie experience that we love so much about Montreal?!

I really need chowhounder help on this, please! My thoughts so far are:

Napoletana - casual, family-friendly, BYO, and my parents can do pasta/pizza fine, as can baby.
Marche Jean-Talon (for some munchies) - Perfect fit and variety, so I'm actually looking forward to taking the whole family here.
Au Cinquième Péché - We LOVE this place and previously had early dinner here with the baby and it worked out fine. So we plan on eating here again, with early dinner right when they open.
Olive et Gourmando - for some take out sandwiches if we're in Vieux Montreal.
Byblos - for breakfast
Reservoir - for lunch/brunch
Some place in Chinatown - either for great dim sum or a nice dinner? Any recommendations?
Milos - for lunch

However, there are a bunch of places that I want to either try or go back to, and I'm not sure if it will work with our crowd. Will it be a bad idea to go to these places?

APDC again (loved it before!) but I don't know if it might be a bad idea with parents and baby in tow.
Le P’tit Plateau - have been meaning to go there but it's always closed when we've gone by - maybe this time?
Laloux - only a 5 minute walk from where we are staying!
Pintxo - also a 5 minute walk
Kitchen Gallerie - based on Carswell's rec
Les 3 Petits Bouchons?

I think we can probably get my parents to babysit for one evening so husband and I can go for a nice meal on our own - Which one of the above or any other recommendations for our *ONE* really great meal out?!

Thank you so much - I'd really appreciate any help here.

1 Sat nt Dinner, Alone - Incanto, Canteen or Perbacco?

Thanks for your feedback everyone...

I'm female btw, so if I'm going to try for let's say a 9:15 seating at Canteen or dinner at a similar time at Incanto, will it be okay for me to try walking back to the hotel? I'm not familiar with areas I would theoretically 'avoid' walking alone at night in the city, if there are any.


1 Sat nt Dinner, Alone - Incanto, Canteen or Perbacco?

Hi SF Chowhounds! Please help me to make a decision...

I will be visiting soon for only 1 night (Saturday) and would like to have a memorable dinner in SF for the short time I'm here.....

Will be staying around Union Square and I'm dining alone! So...
Which of the following should I choose to have dinner - I'd ideally like to feel comfortable, so if any of these are good for dining at the bar, etc. or are set up for solo dining, that'd be great.

Also, if there are other suggestions other than Incanto, Canteen or Perbacco that you think I should choose instead, please comment.

Thanks so much in advance....
Looking forward to yummy eats!

Not to miss Buffalo eats next weekend?!


I'm planning a trip to Buffalo next weekend and would love some feedback on the best places to eat in Buffalo - anything and everything that you fellow hounds want to recommend just because it can't be missed!.

Also, I have some specifici requests for the best places for:
Beef on Weck
Foot Longs

Thanks in advance!

Best pre-made pizza dough for thin crust pizza?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows where to buy the best pre-made pizza dough for thin crust pizza in Toronto...any feedback would be appreciated!


Best of Guelph

I believe Bin 23 is open on Monday nights for dinner, and it's a pretty nice restaurant. We had a great meal there during the summer, the food was deliscious (the party at the table next to us kept talking about how much they loved what they were eating, but we didn't mind since we agreed!), the service was great, and we were recommended a very good value red wine to go with our meal that was fabulous. I would definitely go back there. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's priced really well for what you get: Dinner appetizers, $5 to $9. Mains $14 to $24. Their address is is 6 Carden Street, and their telephone is 519-780-2246. Hope this helps!

Montreal for 8 days over New Years - Best Quality/Value ratio & Holiday eats

Hi all,

Two of us will be visiting Montreal for 8 days from Dec 26 to Jan 3. I have a couple questions that I'd appreciate some suggestions for. We're going to be spending a lot of time eating great food (the key goal of this trip, along with some R&R of course!) and based on all the reviews and recommendations and trying to get a wide variety in, we've narrow it down to some not-to-be-missed: Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Au Pied de Cochon, Joe Beef, Leméac, Via Dante, Le Jolifou, Olive & Gourmando, Raza, Montée de Lait, Au Petit Extra, Reservoir (for brunch), Byblos (for brunch), takeout Schwartz’s, Jean-Talon market and Au Pain Dore on the way home.

However, since we're also on a budget and will in Montreal during a holiday season, my questions are -

1) What are best 'deals' in terms of value to price ratio to be had in Montreal? I guess I'm asking for a really good food experience, but where there might be a better value to be had if we eat after 10 pm (like at Lemeac) or between 5-7 or restaurants that have really good value table d'hotes, lunch deals, etc. We don't mind working our schedule around that if it means we can sample as much of the restaurants as we can and still afford the gas to drive home!


2) Which are the restaurants (along the lines of the above or similar) that will be open for dining on Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? Any ideas?

Comments on the list above are also welcome. Thanks so much in advance!

Anyone been to Peridot on Bloor east?

Just noticed this and I think it underwent the restaurant makeover thing and the menu is focusing more broadly on Mediterranean offering rather than just Greek (which is what the previous Ithaca was, and it's still the same owners I believe).

It's close by where I work and I'm wondering if it's worth checking out....

Prince Edward County - Top 3

Thanks for all the tips everyone! Everything sounds so good my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I can't wait to go now. I'll make sure to get to all the places everyone's been so kind to recommend....

Afternoon tea alternative to Windsor Arms

I just went for afternoon tea with friends this past weekend at the King Eddy (we spent 3 hours there!), and it was really good.

I've only had tea at Windsor Arms and the King Eddy so can't comment on the Four Seasons, but I would say that I slightly prefer the ambience and the actual teas at the Windsor Arms, but liked the food better at the King Eddy (though mind you I haven't been to Windsor Arms for tea in a while...).

Our tea at the King Eddy was at 'the Restaurant', but the actual seating is in the lobby, off to the side. It doesn't feel as private and opulent as the setting at Windsor Arms, where I love sitting in the booths or at the low tables, but it is still quite nice and is far enough away from the front-desk area so as not to feel intrusive. The area is just outside the restaurant and cordoned off....

We had the King's Tea ($28), which included one of each of the following per person: a refreshing plum compote to whet the appetite, 2 mini raisin scones with jam and clotted cream, smoked salmon and creme fraiche on a blini, a mini tourtiere (yummy!), a dilled shrimp salad sandwich in a mini croissant (really yummy!), cucumber tea sandwich, roast beef tea sandwich, mini chai creme brulee, assorted other sweets (madeleine, mini butter tart, etc.).

There's a little more food per tea at the King Eddy since I couldn't even finish all the sweets while I alwasy finish the entire tea at the Windsor Arms.

You must try the Lady Grey tea too, but without milk or sugar - it's best enjoyed on its own.

Prince Edward County - Top 3

Hi everyone,

I know there have been some posts about this already, but a few of us are going on a little 'foodie trip' to the county over the long weekend, so I wanted to get some current input on the best, not-to-be-missed, places to eat.

We'll have a few nights I want to fit in some really nice dinners, and based on what I've gathered from the site, I've narrowed it down to:
1) Merrill Inn in Picton
2) Angeline's in Bloomfield
3) Carriage House (Bloomfield) OR Harvest (Picton)

Also going to definitely fit in a trip to Slicker's Ice Cream. And fitting in a cycling tour to a handful of wineries, so please let me know if there are better ones to go to for sampling some nice County-produced wines.

Anyone have any feedback on my choices and/or want to recommend alternatives? I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice on why/why not to go to certain places.

Thanks a lot.

Best restaurant for a great dinner in Guelph

Hello all,

I will be visiting Guelph this weekend and would appreciate any advice on the best restaurant for a great dinner....price is no object. Most important criteria are: really great, 'gourmet' food experience, a reasonably-priced wine list, and an intimate, fun and non-stuffy ambience.

The ones I've read about and are considering are:
Bin 23
Babel Fish Bistro
Bistro Six

I read somewhere on this site before about Georgian Creeds too, but it sounded more traditional and less innovative than what I'm looking for - but please correct me if I'm mistaken! I wouldn't want to miss a great meal based on an incorrect perception of something I read.

A recommendation for a more casual meal (if we can fit it in) would be great too. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for Carden Street Cafe.

Thanks everyone!