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Everybody loves ________, but me

Bacon, the place is just not good. I had the chicken and waffles and the chicken tasted bland with a hint of fish. And I had to saw through the waffles since they had full strips of bacon in them.

Aug 17, 2012
Chuckster71 in Austin

Nuernberg Brauhaus: New German in Pflugerville

The Walburg beirgarten is still around, and much better then Shultzs.

Aug 15, 2012
Chuckster71 in Austin

The Egg and I in Northcross Center

My wife and I went last Saturday. I wouldn't say that it's great by means, but it is better by far than the other breakfast chains. I had the corned beef hash and was quite pleased. The staff was attentive, the food was quick and tasty. I still prefer the noble pig or cafe java, but it's good for what it is.

Feb 17, 2012
Chuckster71 in Austin


I went with the wife a few weeks ago. A few comments-if your name is Bacon, then Bacon should come with everything you order. My wife ordered the special of blueberry pancakes and eggs, Bacon was extra. And it was $2 a strip.

The food-I had the chicken and waffles and had them add the Thai bacon to the waffles, my wife ordered a side of hickory bacon on hers. Honestly, I could not tell the difference between the two. And becuase the bacon was left whole in the waffle it was incredibly hard to cut. I had to saw the darn thing to eat the waffles.

In addition the chicken tasted like it had not been seasoned. While I will say the chicken was moist the breading just tasted like fried oil.

Some of my friends really love this place, and I'm sure the name will keep folks coming in, but my experience was pretty mediocre.

Feb 02, 2012
Chuckster71 in Austin

My Server Is Stoned!

"don't rat your server out, the penalty could be severe?" what the heck, it should be severe. I live in austin where we are pretty accepting, but I wouldn't want a drunk server, I sure don't want a stoned server. They need to be fired, and if they aren't I don't ever need to eat in that place again. It would show a lack of care for their staff since a drunk/stoned server can be dangerous in a fast paced kitchen with sharp objects and hot food. And it would show a lack of concern for their customers since my guess is that those drunk/stoned would not provide the best service. Helena your knowledge of appropriate professional behavior is highly suspect at this point.

Jun 12, 2011
Chuckster71 in Features

Food Network show looking for your favorite outrageous food

The Mexican White Wings at hill's cafe or the tavern. It's unbreaded chicken strips stuffed with serrano peppers, wrapped in bacon, then deep fried and doused in a cayenne sauce. spicy, but great.

Dec 03, 2010
Chuckster71 in Austin

Iguana Grill

I have a friend who wants to go to Iguana Grill. From what I have seen in prior posts the food does not look promising. What I find disturbing is that their site online does not list prices. Is this really that expensive a place? What type of price are we looking at here?

Aug 21, 2008
Chuckster71 in Austin

Need to find the best hot dog in town

I love good hot dogs, I find it disappointing that you have to really search out a good dog in a city the size of Austin. Lucky dog is ok, but I want something a little tastier. Any suggestions?

Aug 11, 2008
Chuckster71 in Austin

Most Authentic Chinese Food Restaurant in Austin

I agree about Asia Market. Well worth the trip and cheap to boot.

Aug 10, 2008
Chuckster71 in Austin