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Asheville help needed ASAP

I'm glad y'all found something that will work, but yeah, that's unfortunate regarding The Admiral. And unlike them. Enjoy Cucina 24 though.

Apr 11, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville help needed ASAP

Leepa - yes. Great idea.

Apr 11, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville itinerary consultation

Apr 11, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville help needed ASAP

I believe Cucina 24 has a private room that might work... There's also a smaller space in the back of Bouchon, but it might be too small. Man, 23 is a lot...

Apr 11, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Downtown Roanoke

Headed there for a night this weekend, anything new & interesting happening downtown? My two choices for dinner on Saturday are currently Lucky and The River & Rail. Thanks!

Mar 25, 2014
JKidd in Mid-Atlantic

Another two nights in Asheville

The Junction is located in the River Arts District alongside a string of studios (and Pizza Pura). Bull & Beggar is also located in the River Arts District. It's pretty great too, started by the owner of the Admiral & the former co-chef at Table in downtown Asheville. I think they have a website now, too...

Jan 24, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Another two nights in Asheville

Check out The Junction's menu, as well


Jan 22, 2014
JKidd in Southeast

Ashville NC and Greeneville SC

there are tons of discussions already on the board that I think would be really useful for you, just search for Asheville and Greenville in the top right-hand corner of the CHOW page

Sep 03, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Good news for Asheville Little Bee Thai fans

Pretty thrilled with this

Sep 02, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Ben's Tune Up (Asheville) now open!

Aug 28, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Breakfast and Lunch in Asheville

I concur wholeheartedly with the Over Easy recommendation. I can get on board with Tupelo Honey and Curate too, but I always feel like Over Easy is sometimes forgotten about so I try to sing their praises as often as possible.

Aug 23, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Anniversary in Asheville

I second your recommendations of The Junction and The Bull & Beggar. I'm not as familiar with B&Bs beer list, but I know the food at both would suit your interests. Let us know where you end up and enjoy Asheville!

Jul 29, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Ben's Tune Up (Asheville) now open!

Had a fun time last night for dinner. We ordered a few items: shashimi, macaroni, beef yakatori, chicken yakatori, and the ramen bowl. Food tasted great, clean.

Just about everything we ordered came out within 5 minutes, but it was their 2nd night open, so I totally expect little hiccups like that, and didn't take issue with it at all.

I had their gin cocktail, "Hearts A Fire," I think. Not bad, they had another drink with jalapenos that sounded more interesting, I'll definitely give it a try soon.

We sat in the enclosed space between the bar & kitchen. It did get a tad warm, and I think we regretted our choice after we walked through the open air section of the restaurant after dinner, it felt great. The space as a whole is really unique and fun, seems like a great place for dinner or simply drinks, tons of seating "outside." I'll be interested to see how they handle rain, however.

Unique in its space and its offerings, I think Ben's is another terrific addition to our restaurant scene. I look forward to going back, and to hearing what the rest of y'all think.

Here's a terrific and accurate write-up from the Mountain Xpress a few days ago:


Jun 27, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Returning to Asheville

Might be the first time I've seen someone recommend not getting the tartare. Bad experience with it at The Admiral?

Jun 06, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Biscuit Head, West Asheville

Just had some lunch there: this place should do quite well. The comparison I can give you is White Duck with biscuits instead of tacos, which works out beautifully for me, and hopefully many more.

I had the pulled pork biscuit with a side of the coconut-stewed collards, which were great. And Leepa's friend was correct: large portions. It's a heavy meal, and not one that I could handle daily, but I anticipate going back many more times.

I didn't get a chance to try it, but their gravy of the day was blueberry Sriracha, which sounded pretty interesting. I'm pretty happy to add Biscuit Head to the neighborhood, y'all try it when you get a chance.

May 28, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Indian in Asheville.... which one?

Throw Chai Pani into the mix, as well.

Apr 30, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Hot Cross Buns in Asheville/Hendersonville/Brevard NC

I ate one from West End Bakery on Haywood Rd. in West Asheville yesterday.

Mar 28, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Seven Sows Bourbon and Larder, Asheville

Yeah... this will be awesome.

Feb 18, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville ~ Admiral ~ gets a new chef

I have little concern about a dip in quality. Learning from Drew Maykuth, as the article referred to, isn't a bad thing, in my opinion.

Feb 13, 2013
JKidd in Southeast

Raleigh's Hibernian is no more

Sad news. It was a terrific bar.

Dec 26, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

The Admiral in Asheville - Anyone else think it's the most overrated place in town?

"In my opinion they are completely different experiences, both are excellent, neither should be perceived as a "value" restaurant, nor do they probably want to be...and why should they?"


Oct 18, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Trip Report – ASHEVILLE (long)

Great recap, I'm so glad you had a nice time here! I don't think Over Easy gets near the attention it deserves. I guess I won't complain, though: it's always so much easier to get a table there than at Tupelo Honey, Sunny Point, or Early Girl.

Aug 30, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Little Bee Thai in Asheville

For now, yes that is the case. According to the Citizen-Times over the weekend though, Little Bee is looking for a place to open a restaurant in East Asheville.


Aug 13, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville Food Blogs?

You might want to grab your reservations for Curate and the Admiral now. Have a great visit to our city!

Aug 01, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Little Bee Thai in Asheville

According to their website, they're at the French Broad Food Co-op on Wednesdays from 2-6:00

Jul 18, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Trader Joes-Asheville

here's the official press release


Trader Joe’s to Open Asheville Store Located at 120 Merrimon Avenue

The Store is Scheduled To Open in 2013

(July 12, 2012) Monrovia, CA - Trader Joe’s, a unique, neighborhood grocery store with foods and beverages from the exotic to the basic, has signed a lease to open a new store in Asheville located at 120 Merrimon Avenue. The store is scheduled to open in 2013 and is approximately 13,000 square feet in size.

The “Trader” in Trader Joe’s refers to the way the company blazed a distinct trail through the grocery industry, searching the world for great values and distinctive products. Store employees, dubbed “Crew Members,” consider themselves “traders on the culinary high seas.” Crew Members sport brightly colored Hawaiian-themed shirts, adding to the friendly and light-hearted air of the store.

Many area residents after the store opens can expect to receive a copy of the Trader Joe’s “Fearless Flyer” in their mailboxes. The Fearless Flyer is a somewhat irreverent description of a timely selection of Trader Joe’s products. It’s been called a cross between Consumer Reports and Mad Magazine. Each edition highlights a selection of Trader Joe’s products that the company buyers believe are worthy of customer interest, including comfort foods and items that are organic or have other special attributes.

Trader Joe’s carries an extensive array of domestic and imported foods and beverages including fresh baked artisan breads, Arabica bean coffees, international frozen entrées, 100% juices, fresh crop nuts, deli items, and vitamins and supplements, as well as the basics, like milk and eggs – all at honest, low prices.

Trader Joe’s is truly a grocery store unlike any other. Trader Joe’s is a “store of stories,” meaning every item in the store has its own virtues — high quality ingredients, great flavor or simply an extraordinary price — many items often feature all of those qualities. Another significant point of difference, all of Trader Joe’s prices are everyday prices. Trader Joe’s doesn’t have “sales” for a few days, only to hike the prices back up again. Their prices change only when their costs change — there are no fancy promotions, discount cards or couponing wars.

So how does Trader Joe’s offer unique groceries at prices everyone can afford? By offering more than 1000 items under the Trader Joe’s private label, which includes Trader José’s salsas, Trader Ming’s fried rice, Trader Giotto’s marinara sauces, in addition to specially purchased items.

Also, Trader Joe’s buys differently than other grocers – they purchase from manufacturers, not through distributors. They’ll take a brand name product, take out the preservatives and artificial colors and ingredients, and put it under their Trader Joe’s label to sell it at a real discount.

Trader Joe’s introduces approximately a dozen new items every week, heightening the store’s adventurous appeal. Our buyers travel around the world searching out unique products at great values. In order for an item to be sold in a Trader Joe’s store, it must pass the scrutiny of a discerning tasting panel. Thousands of items are tasted each year to find products that both appeal to the culinary adventurer and microwave aficionado.


Trader Joe’s is a chain of neighborhood grocery stores featuring high quality imported and domestic foods and beverages at honest, low prices. Trader Joe’s (www.traderjoes.com) began in 1958 in the Los Angeles area. Since then, Trader Joe’s has expanded to more than 370 stores in 33 states.

Jul 15, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Little Bee Thai in Asheville

Great news! Are they serving a full menu or just selling the sauces?

Jul 13, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Asheville - Best Farmers' Market for Visitor?

Of course there's just the WNC Farmer's Market, as well. It might not capture the essence of Asheville per se, but it's open 7 days a week, and it's quite substantial.


Jun 16, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

NYT 4/27/12 guide to Asheville - Admiral gets rave reviews

Article was originally published in October, 2010. Still a fairly accurate review, though.

Apr 28, 2012
JKidd in Southeast

Greenville to Asheville--where to eat along the way? Plus Asheville itinerary help.

There's also a new spot, WALK (West Asheville Lounge & Kitchen) across the street from The Admiral in the old Rocket Club building. I've only been there once, but it would work pretty well for late night.

Mar 20, 2012
JKidd in Southeast