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Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Fried Capers

Minor quibble: it would be difficult to reserve 6 tbsps of oil from the 1/3 cup used for the capers, since 1/3 cup is the smaller amount. Oh when will we avoid these absurdities and go metric?!

Oct 26, 2010
leberquesgue in Recipes

Lewisburg/nearby -- Looking for various things

Great, thanks! Plain old black coffee is my fix, so I'll be sure to try it. Thanks for all the suggestions, both you and the other posters! Sorry for the absentia, been a bit busy.

Plenty of farmers' markets and farm stands for me to check out, and sounds like I'll have to find my way to Williamsburg and State College, among others. I'll be sure to report back with some favourites.

Aug 27, 2008
leberquesgue in Pennsylvania

Lewisburg/nearby -- Looking for various things

Indeed, I checked out the Kind Cafe (Selinsgrove's coffee house) and it was a great improvement over the Lewisburg offerings -- though Cherry Alley will become a regular weekend breakfast place, I expect.

Aug 27, 2008
leberquesgue in Pennsylvania

Lewisburg/nearby -- Looking for various things

I recently moved to Lewisburg, PA. My main need is good groceries (Weis is useful, but pretty sad for fresh foods). I am willing to drive within reason (Sunbury, Selinsgrove Williamsport? I'm still learning the geography). Below are some specifics I am looking for, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Produce -- Susquehanna Valley Growers' Market in Lewisburg is o.k but way too small and limited. I have noticed various farm stands out in the countryside; are any recommended? Anywhere else?

Seafood -- maybe hard this far inland, but the tuna steaks at Weis looked so bad they turned my stomach (to be fair, they were gone the next day).

Meat -- looking for ethically raised meats, especially lamb. The Growers' Market seems reasonably good for pig products, and I got a lovely little 1 kilo duck there for $10.

Coffee -- the coffee shops I have tried have been awful! What gives?

Ethnic restaurants -- particularly Chinese (not too American), Thai, but anything interesting would be good. It looks like I will be able to try every option in Lewisburg pretty quickly, but suggestions further afield would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Aug 09, 2008
leberquesgue in Pennsylvania