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Suggestions in Williamsburg

I agree with the DuMont recommendations. The burger with bleu cheese and bacon is absolutely the best. For those not into the idea of a beefy mess, the skate is a great alternative. Start with a few dishes of mac and cheese for the table.

I've never been impressed by the burger at Relish.

And to throw in what might not be culinary genius, but a hearty, satisfying winter meal: think about Union Picnic. The food is not revolutionary - but the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens hits the spot. On the lighter side - the shrimp po boy.

Futura – A Stylish Newcomer in the South Slope

I have to say that I respectfully disagree with the favorable reviews of Futura Bistro Modern. I went last weekend with a group of friends, anticipating an exciting meal based on the kind feedback from fellow Chowhounders.

The evening started off decently. It was a full house, but we were given the cozy front area to relax and sip wine while we waited. Upon opening the bottle of (red) wine, the host/waiter sprayed me. He was apologetic and offered two glasses of wine on the house.

Once seated, we began to peruse the menu. The three vegetarians in tow were focused on the pasta entrees. I am not a vegetarian, but the host/waiter recommended the pesto highly, so I went with that. Two of the vegetarians ordered the gnocchi, and one ordered the special: ravioli with truffle oil. Our meatiest eater went with the grilled ribeye.

The host/waiter returned a few minutes later reporting that they were out of both the pesto and the gnocchi. Bummer (and it was pretty early in the night for them to be out of two entrees). I went with the ribeye, one vegetarian went with the penne in vodka sauce, and the other went with the special ravioli.

On a positive note, the bread was great: chewy and freshly baked. Although when we asked for more, we were told it was in the oven and on its way. After asking twice more to no avail, we gave up.

The entrees arrived to mixed reviews. The ribeye was nicely seasoned and perfectly grilled, but the carrot mashed potatoes on the side were cold. The penne in vodka sauce was a bit plain, but decent. The ravioli, on the other hand, had not a trace of truffle oil. As that was the selling point for those who ordered it, they were disappointed.

All of this was forgivable – until we received the check. The wine was not only incorrectly priced (more expensively of course), but not discounted as promised after the spill. The ravioli specials were also incorrectly priced (you guessed it, higher than the menu).

I approached the host/waiter and pointed out the errors. I also mentioned nicely that two glasses of wine were not deducted as he said they would be. He took the check back and returned it with the prices adjusted to match the menu, but no free wine!

We are usually very generous tippers. We left the smallest tip our consciences would allow and will not return.

Chrystie's on Flatbush new location report

Agree that the patties are delicious, however the service can be iffy. One afternoon I went in to pick up two veggie patties (old location) and was rung up for $4.00. I handed the cashier a five dollar bill. He held my change over the tip jar and said, "This is for me, right?" I probably would have tipped him anyway, but that was awkward.

Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights

Dear Chowhounders:

Does anyone know the story with Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights? The website ( looks promising and we are in dire need of Gorilla coffee and fancy treats in the neighborhood.

Last I heard, the owner is still waiting for some inspections to happen.

What's the latest?

great hamburger in brooklyn

Definitely agree with the DuMont folks - the burger there is great - especially with blue cheese and bacon.

Beast (Vanderbilt Ave in Prospect Heights) has a fantastic burger as well. I'm pretty sure its a mixture of beef, pork, and veal. Whatever it is, its tasty. Comes with blue cheese potato salad, which people either love or hate. I love.

ISO -- Haka Chinese Food

Totally understand the confusion; that's why I asked the original poster what kind of Hakka dishes she had in mind. I'm Hakka chinese, but I know that Indian-Chinese food also goes by the same name. Based on her response, it was clear that she was referencing the latter. The food is very different - I'm guessing that some of the first Chinese people to open restaurants in India were Hakka and the fusion took on the name.

Jul 26, 2006
2greenalligators in Manhattan

caribbean food in prospect heights

Ok, that will be first on my list. Thanks!

ISO -- Haka Chinese Food

Perhaps! There are two restaurants in Murray Hill, Chinese Mirch and Indo Wok, that serve Hakka food.

Both are on Lexington Ave @ 28th Street.

Chinese Mirch has better atmosphere, but Indo Wok is supposed to have more authentic fare.

Jul 25, 2006
2greenalligators in Manhattan

Best Chinatown not dim sum, not noodles, not viet

My vote is for Big Wong: Traditional Cantonese food. The roast duck is really good.

Jul 24, 2006
2greenalligators in Manhattan

caribbean food in prospect heights

I've been living in Prospect Heights for awhile now and have yet to try any of the Caribbean places in the neighborhood.

I know of a few places: The Islands, Mrs. T's, Christie's Patties, Ginger Root Cafe.

Any recommendations?


ISO -- Haka Chinese Food

What Hakka dishes do you have in mind?

Jul 24, 2006
2greenalligators in Manhattan

Brief Return to Park Slope--WIll You Comment on My Old Faves?

Not sure if the menu has changed since you were last in town, but if you do go to Tempo, definitely try the bucatini with sicilian pistachio nut pesto.