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delux on ossington

why would a french bistro be serving bok choi.


oh they're so good!

i remember the first one. we're all at a bar one night, drinking a ton of beer and at the end of the night the bartender pulls out a jar and handed them out. it was absolutely perfect, and i've loved them ever since.

thanks for the pusateri's info, that's well within the downtown core!!

25th birthday dinner

So my friend's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I'd like to take him for a really nice dinner. The only thing is, he's a chef, and I also work in the hospitality industry so we're very picky about where we eat, and I want this to be as ideal a dinner as possible.

Obviously, I want somewhere where the food is fantastic first, but also somewhere where service corresponds with price, and where service staff has adequate knowledge of the wine list. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money, but it's a birthday dinner, so it's got to be nice.

He's really into Canadian cuisine, and game especially I think so I was thinking of the following places, but was wondering what would be the best option or if there is something I haven't thought of?

Amuse Bouche
Niagara St. Cafe
Nota Bene (neither of us has been yet)
Cowbell (i heard service was bad, but maybe it's gotten better?)
Lucien (i think both of us have a chef crush on Scot Woods)

Thanks for your help!


I am looking for somewhere (anywhere!) that I can buy Moishe's Kosher Dills in downtown Toronto. I am sure I could travel up north to find them, but if anyone knows a place downtown it'd be greatly appreciated.


Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

Had dinner at Libretto last Friday, and to be honest, it wasn't great. I'll probably be stoned for this, but I would way rather go to Terroni and spend the same amount of money there.

Service was pretty terrible, not in terms of how they handled us, that was fine, but our server seemed to be on speed. He kept gesturing and using his pen to point to things on the menu frantically, and quite honestly, it made me nervous. I know the place has a high energy vibe, but this guy was over the top. Also, when we asked another employee about the grape breakdown in our wine, he actually picked up the bottle and started reading the back!

I wouldn't normally have a problem with this, but the grapes weren't listed on the back. And it was written in Italian, which he clearly didn't understand because he just read off some random words telling us that those were the grapes. If you don't know, GET SOMEONE WHO DOES. Don't stand there trying to fumble your way through it. Our server did come back at one point and explained that it was one single grape, but for me, it was a huge faux-pas.

In terms of food, things were okay. I say this hesitatingly because our appetizer , a warm white bean and pancetta (i think) salad was just kind of bland. There was nothing wrong with it, but there also wasn't anything memorable. Then I had the wild mushroom pizza with tallegio, and my friend had the house made sausage with caramelized onion pizza. Both of which were good, perfectly done, and the tallegio was an excellent call. I also heard, secondhand, that both were amazing the next day when eaten cold.

But overall, I wasn't terribly impressed. Even though I find Terroni to be hit or miss, I have had some excellent meals there, surpassing Libretto by far. I should also note that we went quite late, around 11pm, so understandably, that could have been why things weren't amazing.

I actually felt really bad about going in so late and expecting to eat dinner, but on the other hand, if you're going to extend your service until 12am, then you should be on your game, from the time service starts til it finishes. Also, it wasn't as if we were the only table in there, the restaurant was quite busy, even when we left.

And everything was well priced for sure. We had a bottle of wine with dinner and still got out of there for around 110$ including tax and tip. Not a huge fan of the decor, I think it looks like it's trying too much though. I will return, and hopefully next time things will be better, but I still think it did not live up to all the hype surrounding it.

2007 Niagara Vintage - 1st Impression - Over-rated!

from what i've read, 2007 has been a great year for niagara winemakers because the unique weather events have led to some great potential for making wines. from what i know of niagara wines/wineries in the past few years is that they've greatly improved.

i am from niagara and have always been quick to hate on their wine offerings. but more and more i am being convinced that they are capable of offering quality wines. maybe the featherstone riesling wasn't on par with the german one, but niagara is still a very young wine region, especially compared with old world varieties. i'd like to see the region develop and evolve for a few more years before anyone starts seriously judging what the area is capable of.

also, germany's name is almost entirely predicated on their ability to produce fantastic rieslings, so i don't know if that's such a fair comparison.

Sep 16, 2008
petitaubergine in Wine

Stampede Bison Grill

ive been to stampede twice now and had the veggie burger (twice now). the first time it was really undercooked, and so everything kinda fell apart and subsequently, tasted awful.

the second time, however; was excellent. the patty was cooked through and had a nice char on the outside, which made me appreciate the uniqueness of the veggie patty they use. most places use a requisite yves-style all tofu burger, which is not only flavourless, but a huge amount of tofu to digest. stampede's veggie burg had a combination of nuts and grains and veggies i think, with almost no discernible tofu.

also, it was topped with sprouts and a slice of roasted red pepper, and for 4.50 you can't really go wrong.

i would highly recommend it to vegetarians and meat eaters alike, because it has a lot of flavour that both sets would enjoy.

Lemon Tarts in TO

i know attitudes bakery on queen east does a really beautiful lemon tart, but it is a full sized one, not meant for one individual's consumption.

Niagara on the Lake's Best

i hear the riverbend inn, which is on the main strip in niagara on the lake, is supposed to have a fantastic chef and beautiful dinners.

i haven't been yet, but i plan on checking it out sunday. i have lots of friends from niagara and all of them have been talking about this place recently.

Best place for French-style pastries?

i just wanted to say that i went to the atelier yesterday and found it extremely disappointing. i spent close to forty dollars for two pastries, a baguette and summer vegetables, and although everything was delicious i thought their prices were completely unreasonable.

also, i had to wait for fifteen minutes (which was fine because it was my first time and i wanted to look around) for someone to ask me what i wanted because they were clearly understaffed.

i was hoping i would be able to find worthwhile french pastries that were affordable (and so close to home too!), but that was not the case.