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Expensive and Ugly looking French Pastries at 'Patisserie La Cigogne!

+1 for Petit Thuet - i had a very good pain au chocolat at the Rosedale location a few months back. i've heard EPI has good croissants, but haven't tried them yet

Mid-range dinner in Yorkville; No steak, no sushi

always great to read the outcome of the recommendations, especially for places i haven't been to (but long on the list - L'Unita, back patio at Caren's etc). i haven't been to Lola's Kitchen in well over a year, and sad to read about your experience, will think longer on going back there in the near future. thanks for the report!

White Squirrel Snack Shop

thanks for the report! i noticed the place on my way to bahn mi boys and made a mental note to see if anyone had tried their food :)

regarding the kimchi fried rice - i'm curious about what 'vegetarian' they are going for (my definition of vegetarian means no meat or seafood), as i'd assume kimchi has shrimp and fish sauce (unless this is special kimchi?!)

and lastly, thanks - i'm now hungry for that ice cream sandwich! :)


good to know and what a relief! thanks for the update :) that month or so was probably when i read about the news.


i thought Stone Road Grille closed?

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Cafe Cogo is rebranded to Skyview now, apparently their kitchen staff that did dim sum at dragon boat are now at Skyview.

O'Mei 'Giant Lobster 5 Ways' Chowmeet - A Brief Summary!

good to know. though my last meal of peking duck there left me unimpressed as well (it has been great before, but perhaps not consistent?), so i'm not sure i'd go all the way there just for the donuts.

O'Mei 'Giant Lobster 5 Ways' Chowmeet - A Brief Summary!

great report! hopefully i can meet you at a future chow related meet!

never thought to try the egg-white donut with the red bean filling at O-mei. i love these and looking for opinions on where there best ones are. i've had the ones from Asian Legend (decent) and Ding Tai Fung (not a fan, also as they use powdered sugar on top instead of granulated)...any suggestions?

Garrison House

has anyone tried the Welsh rarebit? any good?

Weekend in Toronto: Dinner, Brunch, Dim sum?

i think Black Hoof is great. Hoof Raw Bar imo is fantastic if you like seafood. you can also have cocktails at the Cocktail bar (all 3 are on the same street)

Wow! Really Bad Asian food in Richmond Hill.

hmm does that mean we can expect a new restaurant where Celestial Court is? won't hold my breath that it'll be good, if it's associated with Pengial's owners!

alternative to Soma

agreed. earlier this year i stopped by and decided against picking up some truffles...definitely regret that now :(

alternative to Soma

just went to their website (as i was not familiar with baumkuchen) and it says they aren't in operation :(

Restaurant Chantecler - Parkdale

apparently, there will be a series of tasting menus instead of the a la carte meny starting in the new year?

Iberian Ham (Jamon Iberico) in Toronto?

wow, who knew?! now if only i could convince several people to chip in to split the costs...

Hoof Raw Bar

any update?

Momofuku Shoto (long)

agreed, esp the 2nd last paragraph, pretty much exactly

international coffee

haven't been in a couple years, but I recall Manic Coffee on College had offered some harder to find beans that you can get brewed with their Clover machine...wonder if they still do that?

if so, it's not really coffee brewed authentic to a specific culture obviously, but may give exposure to different types of beans brewed with what is supposed to be a good machine (i'm not discerning enough to be able to appreciate a cup that could run upwards of $10-15)

ISO whipping siphons and nitrous oxide cartridges

maybe Caynes Housewares, they are in Thornhill, but they appear to have online shopping

New Chowhound Design is Now Live!

is there any way to make each thread/topic smaller so i can see more on one page? there's less topics showing per page than the older format, partly due to font but also the height of the box around each topic. i tried to see if there were preferences that i could set to condense but did not find anything

Dec 10, 2012
auberginegal in Site Talk

Sukhothai New Location - RUMOUR

so i've seen that the new sukhothai location at 52 wellington st e. is now open. anyone been yet? how's the food?

December 25th near Airport – Help!

you gals beat me to it! :)

A GROOVY Tasting Menu Dinner at 'The Grove'!!

i value good service more and more and after reading about the bad service you received, i'm not as excited to try out the Grove (or won't put it as high on the priority list)...maybe will wait to see if others have more positive experiences (hopefully!)

Burger Suggestion Woodbine/Hwy 7

if you go to Prime Burger, get some fries. i don't always like thick cut fries but they do a great job with them!

Cannele in Toronto

thanks. mine are le baillardran, although i find i'm happy enough with the silicone, and it's faster to use. but it's starting to fall apart a bit so a replacement is imminent!

Cannele in Toronto

although I have not really looked in Toronto for copper molds, I don't recall seeing any. Silicon is available online but I think through U.S. distributors (maybe amazon). I gave up trying to find a place that makes decent ones in the GTA, I just make them (I bought the molds in Paris), but out of curiosity, might one day try the places suggested on this thread just to see how good (or bad) they are in comparison...would be interested to know if anyone can buy copper molds in toronto!

Momofuku Shoto (long)

does anyone know if momofuku in general (i guess the nyc locations, maybe Ko specifically) operate this way or does it just seem to be Toronto? would be interesting to know if this type of treatment with food allergies/restrictions is consistent across the chain...

Momofuku Shoto (long)

the article mentions: "It’s forward-looking, run by and for a new generation, with all of the skill and the hospitality" which from my meal there, i would disagree on the hospitality part.

i am a reasonable diner, who has eaten in fine dining restaurants in Chicago, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and even what goes to pass as the top ones in Toronto. having tasting menus or in general, paying for meals at price points similar to Shoto. there are a few foods i do not eat, and give advance notice to the restaurant of such. this has never been an issue, and i've found places to usually exceed my expectations in their concern that they don't accidentally make an error.

when Shoto calls to confirm a dinner reservation 2 days in advance of the meal, and the person reads back this list of food restrictions supplied, they have had this info for at least 2 weeks. is it not reasonable to expect that the kitchen acknowledge and make some effort to work around said restrictions when the meal takes place? amongst other questions i wonder about, is a king oyster mushroom really a fair substitute (e.g. paying the same price) for the veal cheek?

why else would a restaurant request information for food allergies/restrictions? especially to state so on their website that without advanced notice they may not be able to accommodate.

to then be given attitude about my food restrictions at the start of my meal when the chef asks (and admits to having had no prior knowledge of the information that was confirmed back just a couple days earlier) is unacceptable to me. i have never experienced this at any other restaurant i have eaten at, certainly not one that charges this amount of money for a meal.

feedback to management was equally disappointing and frustrating - the manager couldn't even acknowledge any wrong doing. this is a big fail, and has put me off from eating there again or recommending this place to others.


haven't had macarons in a while at la bamboche so that would be nice if they are improved. though likely i won't go out of my way to try them. while their croissants last year were really spectacular for a little while, it didn't last and i'm not sure why (didn't make effort to inquire i guess). now i have no reason to visit for croissants, and reading comments on that other croissant thread seems consistent with my findings, sadly.


thanks for the feedback on butter avenue. i'm not terribly fond of la bamboche (just ok for me). if/when i ever get to butter ave, i'll report back :)