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LES and Theatre District - reasonable and classic

I'm coming back to the city next month and although I'll be staying in the LES, we're reviewing a lot of shows so will be spending a lot of time in the theatre district. I'm coming with someone who's never been to New York before and would love some recommendations. It will be weekdays and would like

Breakfasts in LES or walkable from there
Ideas for pre theatre snacks or post theatre dinners

reasonably priced - 20 an entree?

Any ideas? Thank you

Oct 02, 2011
j999 in Manhattan

Vegetarian Restaurants

Gobo is my favourite but if it's an upscale business dinner then I'd go for one of the great restaurants that do vegetarian tasting or something, aureole or something. Worth calling a few to see what the options are

Dec 29, 2006
j999 in Manhattan

Is there good, reasonably priced sushi in London?

I am a long term fan of itsu in Wardour street. It's a covveyer belt affaitr but always really fresh and well made. It can be hard to get a seat at peak times but it's worth it.

Also a tiny and brilliant place if you're near St James Park/Buckinham Palace is Ichi Riki on a tiny pedestrian street called Strutton Ground. It's just a doorway and down some stairs. You might have to wait but they do great sushi, especially soft shell crab.

Oct 18, 2006
j999 in U.K./Ireland

First Anniversary Dinner Recs

andrew edmunds is excellent, really great value, cosy and romantic. the tables are a little close together but it's a small price to pay. I wouldn't necessarily say it was a push the boat out special occasion kind of place but a great choice none the less. Ask for a table downstairs though and admire eachother in the candlelight

Oct 18, 2006
j999 in U.K./Ireland

Tasting menus - Fish/Vegetarian

Any ideas for fabulous tasting menus specialising in fish/seafood/vegetarian? Price isn't too much of a factor but atmosphere is...?

Jul 24, 2006
j999 in Manhattan

Favorite Vegetarian

Counter's pretty good but favourite was always Gobo. The foos there always manages to surprise me, especially the appetisers.

Jul 24, 2006
j999 in Manhattan