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Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

Have always wanted to try the nacho appetizer at Annabel Lee Tavern in Highlandtown (or upper Canton, whatever..) BBQ Chicken nachos with Applewood smoked bacon- YUM! They wafted by me last time I was there and had regretted not trying them. PS- everything is scrumptious there so I am endorsing them without having tried them. They also have the traditional nacho option if one must be traditional...

Metropolitan Wine Bar

Go to Spoons instead. Right around the corner, great brunch, no outdoor seating but the coffee is better IMO. No booze...but they're working on that from what I hear.

Farmer's Market at UMB

Times on Tuesday? 10:30-2? Just checking...

El Torito Mexican Mt. Vernon

I love love love this place and feel exactly the same way as all of you. Is there something we can do to enhance the appeal for others? Is it just so far off the beaten path that people just don't know its there? I have not dined in ever as I am more often than not, the only person in the restaurant. Most authentic Mexican cuisine I have found in Baltimore as of yet. Taco selections are great, enchiladas to die for, chicken soup was tremendous as well. Don't expect any guac as they don't purchase avocados anymore since business has become inconsistent. Recently changed their name to El Guapito in case anyone has been searching for it online.


fish tacos in Baltimore

Holy Frijoles has some bangin fish tacos. I had a platter of them with rice and beans just two weeks ago and was blown away. Standard cabbage fixin's atop fresh non-bredded fish, with a mild and surprisingly light cheese sauce on top. And there guacamole is to die for...if they aren't out of it. Price is oh so right.